New cancer centre promises jobs, hotel and free treatment for Antiguans


The government announced today that an Ioncare Cancer Treatment Center is to be established in Antigua.

It will be modeled after Ioncare Co. a cancer-treatment-center in Portugal. The company boasts of a successful and innovative method for curing cancerous tumors in the human body.

No date was given for the establishment of the centre but if completed it will serve the people of the Caribbean, citizens of South and Central America who will travel to Antigua for the special treatment. Antiguans and Barbudans will be treated free of cost; others will pay $25,000 USD.

At the moment, most treatments of cancer are invasive, requiring surgery and the injection of powerful drugs into the veins in order to kill off cancer cells.

The new approach at the Ioncare Center in Portugal utilizes radiography that is targeted at the tumor after an instrument—similar to a GPS system—identifies and precisely locates the tumors in the body.

The radio waves that destroy the cancerous tumors do not affect surrounding tissue. The WHO (World Health Organization) promotes the use of the non-invasive system to destroy cancers.

According to the government, a large hotel capable of accommodating several hundred patients and families will be built, making the Center multi-functional.

It said following Cabinet that the total investment will exceed US$250 million dollars, will employ approximately 1,000 experts and workers, who will do 24-hour shifts.

A team is expected to visit Antigua to begin the architectural and engineering drawings required.

One Antigua and Barbuda citizen—a 67-year-old male who suffered from prostate cancer has reportedly traveled to Portugal to undergo the non-invasive treatment at that special center; that operation was successful.

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  1. Glad to hear of all the jobs that cancer will create and the freebs, too. But wait! Is so many cancer people around and what happens to the Center below Mount St. John?
    Don’t tell me it’s child’s play at work here, again!.

  2. Strange how some can only focus on the promise of jobs, while the most important thing here is FREE TREATMENT for Antiguans. That is such a marvelous deal if that comes through. You know how many people suffering from cancer and do not have the means to get medical attention. Very sad how some people can be so politically blind.

    • With an ALP administration there is nothing free NADA. It is just left to time to see what was the quid pro quo.

      Wow for a dunce my language is becoming diverse!!!!!

  3. The jamaicans must be excited to hear this, more employment for them in antigua

    antigua the cartoon country where there are two cancer centers and no doctors in the casualty ward at the hospital

    • Lastone that is indeed how Cartoon Countries operate. Thank you very much for your poignant recognition of a description so befitting of this place. I think they are misguided as to the real cancer that needs treatment here in Antigua…ie Corruption!!!!

  4. With all of the unfulfilled promises made by the ABLP government since 2014, and their history of attracting investors of ill-repute, it’s really hard to get excited about any announcements made by this government.

    • You really do your name proud. A dunce and a bat at the same time.
      meanwhile the wagon moves on. We have a country to run. Poor people cannot afford healthcare. Now they are getting free Eye Glasses, Free cataract surgery, Free Dialysis at MSJMC. Free Kidney Transplant. All those things were only available foe the rich. Thank God for Laour Party.

      • Free, free, free… question is, where do all medical benefits taxes go to?? There are MANY also that have been paying for years but NEVER use public health services……oh yes!!! I forgot medical benefits was RAPED years ago and no accountability

        • Oh you remember that it was raped years ago, but you do not remember how many millions it lost in the CLICO Investment and in the ABDB. Those millions do not count.

  5. Blah blah blah you peoplr sickening now. Y’all bitch and cry about every damn thing. I’m convince y’all nah love no good for antigua cause y’all party not in power. If the UPP so so good please explian why they were beaten so serverly in 2014 and even worst in 2018 and please dont say that is becasue the people were boight cause the UPP lost the election in an almost 2-1 ratio so please…..

    • Mmmmm. They cannot explain that. They are still bitter. They just cannot get over it. No problem they have five years to complain and cry.

      • Sidelines no point in arguing with these people they are just bitter and angry caused their party lost TWO elections in row with each draft getting worst. Just leave them they need an outlet to let out all their fustrations.

  6. When I see it in operation, then I’ll believe it. Too many promises and nothing of substance to show.

  7. We will withhold our congratulations until we see the project as we have heard many promises before . Did not know there were so many wealthy people willing to pay $25,000 us. Hope Ioncare is not perpetuating a hoax as this could open the government to malpractice lawsuits especially if Americans are involved. Due diligence on the government’s part is required.

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