New bracelet tracks two people leaving quarantine

Quarantine bracelet being used in Antigua

Cabinet Notes: The Minister of Information and Technology informed that 300 additional tracking bracelets have arrived Antigua and are to be deployed for use to encourage those arriving passengers in self-isolation or in quarantine to be traceable to the location specified.


A total of 500 bracelets are therefore deployable immediately.


Already, two persons who were wearing the bracelets decided to go shopping and the bracelets signaled to the Command Center that the persons had gone beyond the borders of the quarantine center.


Those persons were identified, and punitive action will likely be taken by a Magistrate for having disobeyed the terms of the quarantine.


More of these bracelets will be deployed to discourage mixing and the possible spread of the infectious virus.



  1. Or more likely did the government not even bother to test them and of course not contract trace who they came in contact with

    What a bungling pandemic management response thus far.

  2. If two people of the first dozen with devices (who are aware of the consequences and who pre-planned to come in country) in the first day breach quarantine, it means one or all of 4 things (1) quarantine is a joke in many of our travellers minds (2) people think Antigua is a joke city (3) Antigua is a joke city (4) people in quarantine either become crazy&need mental evaluation

  3. Stop believing the lies they are lying to us, nobody leave no where. Them too lie, “nobody died from covid recently”the health Minister said then the PM said someone died after if they could lie for simple things what else will they lie for


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