New Antigua Airways will soon be permitted to operate flights from West Africa directly to Antigua


Cabinet Notes:

A new airline called Antigua Airways will soon be permitted to operate flights from West Africa directly to Antigua.

The company is financed by wealthy Africans who wish to open a new route between the African continent and the Eastern Caribbean.

The firm is hoping to collaborate with LIAT, flying passengers north and south of Antigua who have come from West Africa on Antigua Airways.

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  1. U r so fool of what the human body doesn’t want. I wonder which part you live on the twin island state. Lol

  2. Flying from Africa to Antigua would be very costly.Is the Antigua and Barbuda Government going to subsidize those flights.We the taxpayers into the Government coffers want to know the details.Do not put chit onto our plates and tell us it is Caviar eat it.

  3. What has happen to that Nigerian man. The one whom it was said would buy LIAT. He was suppose to have flights from Nigeria to Antigua. His airline is Air Peace in Nigeria. I am fully aware he was indicted in the United States for money laundering and bank fraud. That case is set to begin in August,2022.

  4. Looks good, sound good but,

    I have to wonder if plenty money coming in on the flights to help out with the election, some African investors,obeah man, and some voters.

    I can recall once when Bsh Stewart was coming in a plane to Antigua the PM mention he was trying to bring money to help campaign for the UPP so they had to take measures that it don’t happen.

    They cannot handle liat a regional, how they will handle international?

  5. @Gg
    Africa get the blame for sickness but they don’t the blame for making other countries wealthy.
    Africa is not full of all sickness like how the media potray. They have the poverty stricken area and wealthy area like any other countries.

    The health officials have to be active on both end to keep the citizens safe, so the leaders would not blame the importation of any illness on the citizens like how they did in the past

  6. Lard of mercy! THE BIG RED MACHINE DUN CRANK UP!!! No wonder Diesel price DROP. Wha next? Wealthy Africans bringing a African Theme Resort to Antigua and Barbuda shores…..waiting on lie-no-hell and Mel-no-lie to make that pronouncement.

    • Welcome my family that’s going to boost our economy and increase our knowledge of our ancestors and culture. That’s a great move to put antigua forward.

  7. This is rather vague, not even a country named for them to depart west Africa from. Ghana and Nigeria being the most likely suspects, as they have more money than most.

    What is the busisness model though? Only direct flights between the two? A hub and spoke model, with the hub in west Africa (then why is the name Antigua airways)? 5th freedom flights via Europe, or ANU to USA?

    Honestly, the only African airlines i currently trust, and have flown with are Egypt Air, Kenya Airways and Ethopian airlines. Rich men need to employ the correct, experienced people to manage an airline. They also need to not get hurt when these people tell them what needs to be done to keep it running

  8. UPP. “Big BIUE WAVE “ go seize up da BIG RED MACHINE engine.

    “We have Dem.” We not idiots or fools…..

  9. Was this an African prince email that someone senior took seriously, and is now frantically sending money via western union or bitcoin to?

  10. There was once an Antigua Airways. What happened to that again? The same fate would be fall this one before it even starts to fly.

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