New ALP Administration is a ‘Government of nine with its foot on a banana peel,’ observes UPP Chair about the Legislature


REAL NEWS: The new Antigua Labour Party (ALP) Administration is “a government of nine with its foot on a banana peel,” says United Progressive Party Chairman D. Gisele Isaac, in describing the election results.

Isaac’s comment refers to the Browne Administration’s one-seat majority in the House of Representatives, as there are now eight members on the opposition benches, including a former member of the ALP-turned-independent candidate.

She notes, too, that several of the Government MPs are up in age and, therefore, have certain frailties.

In order to pass a Bill through the House, she says that all ALP members will now need to be present.  A sitting cannot be held if a member of the Government bench is sick or out of the country, as has been the case in the past, Isaac says.

Meanwhile, Sir Robin Yearwood has been placed on the back bench for the first time in his almost 50 years as a parliamentarian.

In accordance with the Constitution, which requires that the Deputy Speaker be an elected member, Yearwood has been appointed to this position, which many residents consider a shocking demotion.

If the Speaker of the House, Sir Gerald Watt, is absent, or must leave the chair during debates – as has happened before – the Government bench would be reduced to eight, since Sir Robin would have to take the chair.

This would create an equal number of members on the floor: eight on the opposition benches and eight on the government side.

Accordingly, Isaac says, the Browne Administration will have to manage the process and avoid holding sittings when a member is out of the country and when a vote is being taken, since the “Ayes” have it.

However, there are ways of getting around this, she says, since the Deputy Speaker, being an elected member of the House, can vote to break a tie.

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  1. You guy’s lost and you continue to dream, not only that your lost gave the man a record that has never, ever been achieved before in Wadadl. This is like kids playing sports, where you tried your hardest to win by giving it your all, but continue coming up short, so what’s the coach best sentence “it’s not about winning” but how many seats you can get in Parliament.The ABLP will be running this country for another term and yes you have a few more sitting in Parliament and they will be doing their job I hope by making noise on the issues, but at the end who will have it? Asot might be sitting on the other side, but this is a very smart and skilful politician, who still believes he is RED.

    • @Carvaa. If you give the article some serious thought, there is a lot of facts in the content. IMO the result of the election should prove to be a good thing for several reasons; the biggest ones in my mind being that the UPP will have to work for their suppers instead of perhaps some of them getting control and instantly just grabbing at the freebees that (unfortunately for this financially broke country) accompany that job. Also, one would have to assume that the 13 years of corruption, rags to riches and land grabbing will be easier to expose…the people are expecting this to happen!
      If Asot Michael does not know by now that he has been very publicly shafted and humiliated, he would have to be extremely stupid, which he may be many things, positive and negative, but stupid is definitely not one of them. He appears to have an ability to be very focused and he needs to stay that way and perform for the betterment of the country. Obsessing over whether one is red or blue doesn’t achieve anything for the country or the individual. Obsessing over how much money one can acquire and milk the country for is nothing more than destructive…good, clean and respectful governance is the best solution for success.

  2. Well said Ms Gisele Isaacs, I said the same said thing only a couple of days ago after the ABLP SCRAPED through in this last General Election – not forgetting – with the help of NON-NATIONALS, ILLEGALS given amnesty by Gaston Browne and the DIASPORA that flew into Antigua and then flew back out again days later.

    Keep up the good work Party Chair, in continuing to hold these ABLP desperado’s to account, today, tomorrow and the not too distant future.


    • UPP lost the ELECTION. . Stop blaming Others.. Go in the corner and eat your cereal. ABLP for the next 10 years.

      • Hey PETE, I pay my taxes and I’d like to think I am a fair employer; and I believe – as a patriot – that gives me the right to air my views.

        You may not like an opposing viewpoint, but that’s life boss.

        Oh, by the way, didn’t you win?

        Remember, when Brixtonian comments, the ABLP acolytes reacts in kind … beautiful, just beautiful!

  3. @ Carvaa

    UPP did not lose, from all appearances it seems like they won because the ABLP is not showing any enthusiasm. Since he has won, Gaston has been the one complaining and spewing sour grapes…….does that sound like a winner.

    ABLP did not win, they BOUGHT THE ELECTORATE WITH MONEY….TENS UPON TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, because Antiguans are low……Gaston trodded to Barbuda twice in one day last week….he travelled to Nut Grove, Urlings to name a few, just to prop up the candidates!!!!
    THE ABLP has never won an election on merit in Antigua…..and that’s the main reason they lost the election in 2014, because according to Asot and Gaston- they were broke.
    BTW……VC Bird has won more than 3 consecutive elections in ANTIGUA, so I do not know which record GASTON AND HIS MINIONS TALKING ABOUT!

  4. Mr. Speaker! I the Right Honorable Member. The Independent Member of this Honorable House for the people of St. Peter and all those Constituencies that did not support Gaston Alphonso Browne. Call for a VOTE of NO CONFIDENCE in the Prime Minister and his elected majority. Based on his utterances on his radio program RUM SHOP RADIO;,THAT HE WOULD NOT BE GIVING ANY PRIORITY TO ANY CONSTITUENCY DELOPMENT THAY DID NOT SUPPORT HIM.

    SATURDAY 21/012023. A mere seventy two hours after the election. MURDA! Freetown a go get naught!! No water supply, landlines service irregular, cellphone signal in and out , Wi-Fi(what can I say), cable tv service spotty, road’s terrible, Half Moon Bay derelict, electricity whenever…..Barbuda(feel for them),St. Mary’s South…country people done.

    Knight play the TAPE from Saturday.

    I see a bi-election or a snap election soon!!

    As much as you mentioned the “ALPHABET BOYS” on Saturday on your program. You know what’s on the horizon. Just let me know when you flying up to the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. I want to be on the flight. Your new set of JEWELRY awaits you. God speed!

    • What the hell, that means All Saints and Barbuda in BIG BIG TROUBLE @ Freetownson … whoy yoy!!!

      It’s true what people have been saying over the last several years, Gaston don’t like indigenous or autochthonous Antiguans … whoy you!!!

  5. Brixtonian. The ink is still wet and you up again with your non nationals and ILLEGALS given amnesty. When will you all stop the hatred against non nationals in this country. Do you know how many non nationals who voted for the UPP in this election ?. It’s time to stop that foolishness. Embrace everyone and don’t wait for when it is election time to call them caribbean brothers and sisters. Whether it is good or bad everyone feel the squeeze. Look so many non nationals campaigning for the UPP and because the party didn’t win, non nationals thrown in the garbage bin again and come next by election or election, you ask for their help again. Stop being childish.

    • You have to excuse that one dey. Gaston Brown and ABLP live in his mind rent free. He is only trying to hide his hurt because up to election day he swore it would be the end of “Bridsim” and “Browneism” now the 🤡 trying clean the eggs of his face because he gotta eat his words

    • Just dealing with facts @ Little johnny … not hatred just facts!

      I thought you guys were happy that you won?

  6. A well put together article from the mind of a thinker. There is trouble brewing on the near horizon for ALP. The security agents from developed countries will not sit idly by and allow ALP to continue its criminal trend. Antiguans failed to kick this awful administration to the curb and all rational thinking citizens must now rely on the international community to initiate the rescue process. How horribly stupid we are as a people, to accept pennies, for that is what it amount to in the long run, from this corrupt, incompetent, self-enriching lot, instead of resigning them to the dustbin of history where they rightfully belong. This government did not fall, as it should have, so the country will pay the price. The idiot has once again control of the country’s purse, and will continue to borrow us into oblivion. We failed to stop him, but when it reaches its full, he will be stopped. Sooner rather than later.

    • Well said @ Watching, these ABLP acolytes want people like us to go away and hide under a bushel. No way boss!

      I pay my taxes (and never late), and I will hold this self-enrichment government to account.

      The ABLP supporters make mi laugh so till, wait until Parliament re-starts and the opposition pulls the government apart for their lack of action and promises to the citizens of the country 🇦🇬

      Enjoy your day boss … 🤜🤛

  7. I thought Pearl said we have our foots on you all necks. Now it’s a banana peel. Make up you all mind nuh

  8. Pearl “FOOTS” Quinn didn’t even get a Senate gig. She will remain UNEMPLOYED or wipe down sweaty gym equipment???

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