Negotiations over Jolly Beach not yet a done deal, says PM Browne

Rob Barratt

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says any deal for Jolly Beach must result in a portion of severance payments being made to staff.

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  1. How can a prospective buyer be responsible for a prior owner severance….EXPLAIN THIS…ISNT THE PREVIOUS OWNERS OWE THE WORKERS THEIR SEVERANCE…


  2. If that’s the case …the asking price should be dropped so low that I pay dem severance and renovation gets done for free by GASTON CONSTRUCTION….then I make sure I fense that shit so good its it’s a whole new road beach vendor’s will need to access the beach ….

  3. Bring back Jolly Beach. Pay the workers what they are owed and move forward. We vacationed there for many years and have missed the people and the beautiful beach. We would love to visit again and see the many smiling faces we have missed.

  4. Gaston, do you know anything about Mr. Barrett bringing in Filipinos to staff his hotels? Are you in agreement that Antiguans are denied job?

    • @ asking
      Go down to Perry Bay Supermarket you will see plenty ah them there packing shelves. Them things could only happen in Antigua.
      Barrat can’t believe how easy things are for him inna Antigua. All the black nearga and dem, including the top darg nearga, bowing down to him and the local white nearga wid the goats. Everything ah for the two ah dem and de darg.

      Let them enjoy it now. Things will change. They have to change. If not by will then by might.

  5. Mr. Barrett will most likely get what he wants. He and his partners in the government, including a certain minister, will just add Jolly Beach to their collection of hotels. Gaston, a who a run things around here? The same people you said you told to cease and desist at Long Bay but the construction continues. The same people who got government lands at Devils bridge at a rip-off?

    • @Asking…they also got a Quarry, which produced materials to help build the establishment.

      Allegedly, a restroom and other facilities to accommodate, the vendors and visitors to the National Park, to replace the five(5) tamarind tree post, wrapped in the colors of the Nation’s Flag, to hide a modern day #Shit_House, latrine, potto pottjkmk

  6. … Will the indigenous entrepreneurs, businessmen and women on the island 🏝 get the same said concessions from Gaston ‘Gassy’ Browne and the ABLP government as well?

    I HOPE SO!

    #againjustaskingforafriend …

    • Never. We never do. People want to criticize the white businessmen for getting concessions and perks. They did nothing wrong, except play the game like everybody. The problem is at the top. Locals, even prominent local businesses, are shunned, own color people. Sad.

    • Won’t happen because they won’t pay a bribe to some politicians or make a contribution to the Labour Party.

  7. @Telling
    They don’t do corruption with locals cause they talk they say and they money small and in EC$.

  8. I dont know why Antiguans even complain about things like this. They are the ones that create their own demise. They are like cult members who accept anything their party does. This is nothing new. Antiguans don’t mind being second class citizens in their own country, as long as their party is in power.

    • @ l, as much as this criticism and observation about us hurts, I cannot totally disagree with you when you say: “Antiguans don’t mind being second class citizens in their own country … ”

      I have always said that our ACHILLES HEEL is that our politicians are making progress and improving THEIR lives to the detriment of our own – yet we just seem to accept this. Why?

      To be fair though, I do think that Antiguans are now waking up to this unfairness, however, the proof of the pudding will be at the ballot box 🗳 at the next General Election … I HOPE WE PROVE YOU WRONG – FROM A NERVOUS CITIZEN!

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