Negative Result Received For Soldier Who Tested For COVID-19


The Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force Headquarters (ABDF HQ) has received a negative result of a PCR Test of our soldier who was thought to have contracted COVID 19 after the results of a rapid testing method at a local lab was received.  The solider received the rapid COVID19 test a few days ago while donating blood.

In accordance with ABDF guidelines for responding to such situation, the soldier presented himself to the Force Medical Corps personnel and the protocol of testing, using the approved PCR Test method, and quarantine were immediately activated.  In accordance with our policy, that soldier will remain on quarantine, as a precaution, while the other members of the department, who were also in quarantine will return to work.

The public can be assured that we follow all directives and protocols established by the Ministry of Health to best protect the members of the force, our civilian staff, and the public at large.

We urge the citizens to do the same as we are all in the fight against this pandemic together.