Negative impact of cryptocurrency on economy




Cryptocurrency is an emerging financial technology in this modern Bitcoin Era. If you are ever considering investments in digital currency, cryptocurrency is the best option. Just like there are two sides for a coin, Buying Bitcoin has two sides too- a positive and a negative side. Financial market and sector has direct impacts on the economic state of a place- a country. Are you aware of the impacts cryptocurrency has on the economy? In this article, we will see the negative impacts of cryptocurrency on economy:


What are the negative impacts of cryptocurrency on the economy?


Cryptocurrency has both positive and negative impacts on the economy. Focusing on the negative impacts of cryptocurrency on the economy, there are some. To make it more clear, take mobile phones and the internet for instance. Though there are many advantages in using them, there are some cons too. Every aspect in life has altered with the internet coming into our lives. The same way, cryptocurrency’s technology is still developing, adn needs many features to be added, to give the best results.


Since, cryptocurrency technology is in the developing phase, lack of trust may become a reason and a con. Many sources convey that lack of regulating authority is the main reason behind the con of cryptocurrency. Other researchers say that cryptocurrency being democratic is because of the atypical regulations framed.


Many corporations accepted cryptocurrency for a main reason- decrease in regulatory oversight. Many users find it simple to work, and transact. When it comes to transition, issues may arise. Eventually, we must adapt to these modern technologies in the financial sector, especially in cryptocurrency.


Depending upon the process and transaction histories, it is in our hands if cryptocurrency shows positive or negative impacts on the society or economy. There may be few disadvantages in every step eventually. Online or digital currency has a complaint in protection factors. The main aim of any digital business must be to protect the customers and buyer. But in the case of digital currency, special care must be given to the investors. Scamming may occur, if left carelessly by the investors. So, if you are planning on investing in cryptocurrency, make sure to stay knowledgeable about every specifics in cryptocurrency.


As we all know, from Day-1 cryptocurrency has been a trending financial technology in society. Being a viable source of currency, cryptocurrency has made its way to the whole world. Cryptocurrency has become a more convenient way or method to exchange and complete transactions.


Unfortunately, there are certain negative impacts of cryptocurrency on the economy. Let us see what they are:


  • Volatility factor:


Bitcoin value and other cryptocurrencies keep changing every now and then. In the year 2018, Bitcoi’s value was $17000, but it became $7000 in a month. This instability is a great disadvantage.


  • Anonymity:


Though the transaction details and other specifics are visible in public ledgers, location and name of the investors are encrypted. Regulations, when in frame, end in various issues on fraud protection.


  • Cyber security:


Everything has become digital, even financial fields. Cryptocurrency in its digital form has its own benefits and disadvantages. To authenticate transactions, ownership proof is quite limited. Hence, hackers are increasing in numbers when it comes to hacking cryptocurrency accounts.




In conclusion, knowledge about cryptocurrency and its impacts on society is significant. Everyday technology is growing, just like cryptocurrency is growing on people’s minds. Knowing what are the impacts of cryptocurrency on the economy is vital, giving people clear cut ideas of what is what in cryptocurrency. So, make sure to be aware of the after effects and the whole process of the cryptocurrency transactions.


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