Nearly 300 vehicles stopped and searched on Friday as Police and Defence Force step up measures to arrest spiraling crime


REAL NEWS: Several people were arrested during stop-and-search operations conducted by the Police on Friday, May 19, and are expected to appear before a court this week.

According to reports, at least five people were taken into custody for various offences, while more than 30 traffic tickets were issued during the snap exercise.

Further reports say that officers from various stations and departments, along with members of the Defence Force, took part in the nationwide operation that is geared at reducing the spiraling rate of crime.

Reportedly, the law-enforcement officers stopped and searched 285 vehicles, three of which were impounded at the Government Motor Pool for not being licensed and insured.

During the operation, the Police executed several search warrants in Bolans, which resulted in two people being detained and taken into custody. They face allegations of house break-in and larceny.

Meanwhile, officers have confirmed that two other people were arrested for traffic violations, while one man was charged for possession of cannabis.

The operations were a part of the ongoing crime-fighting and security initiatives that are being implemented by the Police to arrest the rising crime.

The law-enforcement agency is assuring the public that more of these strategically planned exercises are in the pipeline, especially for the upcoming Carnival season and after.

Therefore, an appeal is being made for the public’s full cooperation and support as officers say they continue to offer the best-quality security services to the Nation.

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  1. Now the police and Defence Force need to do more foot and nighttime patrols to let the criminal fraternity know that they mean business.

    Let’s put them on the backfoot and meet them with a force that they’ve NEVER witnessed before.

    3-6 months solid policing will let these VERMIN know they will not destroy my beloved country.

    Good start, now complete the MISSION!

    • 3-6 months is the problem. It needs to be a permanent exercise, however they need to get creative. The exercise did not yield enough results and comes off like more of a desperate move, rather than something well thought out. You can’t turn a blind eye to crime for years and then solve the problem in 6 months.

      • I hear you @ Antigua First, but what I was trying to convey that like a military operation, Commissioner Rodney will needs to attack these criminals hard hard hard in the initial onslaught (hence my 3-6 months quote) to curtail what’s happening in the country.

        Hopefully, once peace and safety is fully restored, then the commissioner can put in place 24 hour policing, so this criminality and wickedness can be nipped in the bud.

      • Although we welcome the news I dont think stop and search vehicles are effective enough to address the root of problem which is armed robbery. As we can see most of the offense is traffic violation and herb. Not finding any guns….. most of these robbers are not driving but walking….. come on police… please have a more effective strategy and stop trying to just show that u are doing something

  2. Now imagine after stopping 300 vehicles and that one person or two- or even 3 people still on the run comitiing crimes such as robbery, rape or even murders still out there because the police force can’t solve crimes.. my question is has anyone been held in connection with any robberies? Has tinted vehicles yall like to strip has linked to any robberies yall just stop wasting people’s time.

    • @SMH!!…exactly my thoughts! Meanwhile, barrels full of drugs at the Port being shipped to and cleared by anonymous and faceless people…or being seized before they are claimed…NO ARRESTS!!!

  3. Why don’t we just let the police go house to house and find all the crime ? Surely this will be more effective at reducing crime then a gestapo checkpoint

  4. So no guns were seized, no dangerous weapons, nothing that society would deem dangerous, but cannabis possession is the headline? It’s not like the police don’t know who the guns dealers are. The man on the street knows so how come we aren’t using the police and military to go into the homes of the real criminals and get those guns?
    I don’t trust the police anymore to keep us safe when it seems they are the ones protecting the biggest arms runner/ drug dealer in Antigua.

  5. The guidelines are in place, it just need the Attorney General and the justice to say enough is enough and send out the force to carry out those measures. You only go as far as the head goes, so I don’t know what these leaders are doing? Smh. Just crazy how a woman and her daughter can be just victimized in
    broad daylight, and we don’t even have one arrest as yet? There is a big out cry from the voters of Antigua for crime to be curtailed, but yet still we have leaders dragging their feet and talking about road block, who’s play book are they following, because that strategy has not worked in Jamaica or any other troubled island nations that’s infested with crime at the moment. I’m not Jamaican, ‘but bwoi it rough out a john shop’deh’.

  6. Forewarned is forearmed. After announcing that stop and search was going to be implemented, which hardened criminal would decide to go driving to commit their crimes? Not even once, did it occur to law enforcement, to use the element of surprise and see what they would catch. The criminals are smarter that those who are supposed to be trying to control crime. It’s nothing more than a feel good strategy.

  7. @Smh, spot on. Cutie Benjamin in opposition said he knew where the ,”hotspots,” were. Where is he today? Stopping cars is not the solution here. Robberies, assaults, rapes are occurring in broad daylight mostly around the St.Johns area.
    What is needed is a strong police presence in and around St. Johns. Two dozen armed cops patrolling the streets would go a long way as a preventative measure. This is scary and if it persist, it will not be long before Antigua fi ds itself on a list of destinations to avoid.

  8. how do y’all expect to be successfull if you only gather in one area all the time? When doing stop and search spread all over the island so they don’t get to escape on a by road. Have unidentified officers spread along the road so when they attempt to turn around you stop them because people are broadcasting when you are doing checks.

    May not catch everyone but don’t give anyone a reason to escape because if they were not doing anything illegal or have illegal things in their possession they would not be turning around suddenly and go in hiding until the search stops.

    Cobbs Cross
    Horseford Hill
    Liberta by the roundabout
    Ya So So corner
    Roman Hill
    Swetes Village by the Wesslyan Church
    Swetes down by the short cut from John Hughes
    Buckleys School area and those roads that lead to Montula.
    Smokey in All Saints
    All Saints Cross Road
    Midway Gas Station
    Jonas road coming out of Freeman’s Village
    Mount Joy Gas Station
    Pares to Willikies
    Seaview Farm Road
    Factory Road
    American Road
    Bendals Cross road and the list goes on.
    Cover every junction possible and have officers spread along for any suspicious movements.

    Plenty a people a travel with cutlasses and guns


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