Nearly 1200 immigrants granted amnesty in Antigua and Barbuda

Residents during immigration amnesty announcement March 2022


A team from the Department of Immigration updated the Cabinet on the progress of the amnesty programme.


Inter alia, the Cabinet was informed that 1,166 applications have already been approved, with the Department processing about 110 applications daily.


The process requires the filling of a secure application form which is accompanied by a passport and application fee of $200.00.


Forms have been distributed to consulates in Antigua that represent some of the larger immigrant communities, viz., Jamaica, Guyana, and the Dominican Republic.


This is to make the forms easily accessible to applicants. Under the programme, applicants who have been residing in Antigua and Barbuda for four years or more and who may have gaps in their residency are eligible to apply to regularize their immigration status.


The Cabinet commended the Chief Immigration Officer and her Department on the excellent job in the management of the programme, now into its twentieth day.

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  1. Hi all,
    I applied on first day of amnesty program but my application is not approved yet. When I called immigration department they said they did not approved any application yet. Then why the news saying 1166 amnesty applications approved? Who is lying news or immigration department?

    • Them no say u deny them say them no approve you yet. U can’t read. Them fu deny u know cause antigua no need no more dunce ppl in deh. Maybe ur application was 1500. Or your background check a tek longer than the 1200. It a privilege not a right so shut up and wait

  2. And the management of Immigration that is responsible for this mess is still employed?

    What is the plan to prevent a reoccurence of this embarrassing fiasco?

    How much did this amnesty cost the tax payers?

  3. Please, can someone explain to me why this has been allowed to happen, with an election imminent.

    Because 99.9% of these 1,166 immigrants will vote 🗳 for ABLP without a shadow of a doubt.

    The prime minister never showed any inkling in the past about this, however as soon as there are whispers about calling an election, the government gives an amnesty to illegals – SURELY THIS CANNOT BE RIGHT IN EYES OF THE INDIGENOUS POPULATION OF ANTIGUA?

    A survey/poll needs to be carried out independently (after the elections) to find out if it is the case that the immigrants given amnesty voted 🗳 in high numbers for the ABLP, then the election should be classified as null and void.

    How is this BLATANT and CALCULATED move fair to the other contesting political parties?

  4. Sad to see this typical stupid racist comments… you all can do better ! Been waiting for Citizen ship 15 years always legal here paying taxes and pumping my money into the economy !!

    • There is a difference between racist and bias/ ignorant. Antigua has been know to use foreigners to aid in political gain for decades. So some of the comments are actually validated.

    • It’s not racist to voice an opinion about this serious topic. What I get from the responses so far, is more about the TIMING than anything to do with racism … WHY GO DOWN THAT LINE @ Sad foreigner?

      You sad indeed!!!

    • Name another Caribbean country that has amnesty for illegals? None. There are many Antiguans that want to get rid of the labour government and all labour does is buy votes at election time to stay in power with amnesty and gifts.
      When Antiguans or other people go to USA, Canada, England or Europe and stay illegally, when they are caught, they are deported.
      Antiguans don’t hate anybody, we just want to elect the Government we want and not have illegals determine who win the election.
      Why after fifteen years you are not a citizen. The law allows you to apply after seven years legally in the country. I guess you don’t think it was worth paying for.
      Let this happen in Jamaica, Guyana, or Dominion Republic and see what would happen to all those mostly illegals standing in line. Just think a Guyanese telling me that in some constituencies, non nationals determine the outcome of the elections. The present Guyana and Dominion Republic governments don’t even want black Haitians in their country.



    UPP 12 SEATS
    BPM 1 SEAT


  6. The UPP will not say a dam thing about this so called amnesty, on the eve of an election because they are afraid to tutch the subject like a plague, for fear of being labeled as anti-foreigners.

    What they don’t know, is weather they say anything or not, they will still be called anti-foreigners and many of these people will be trying to register to vote ALP, thinking they owe them their allegiance.

  7. I really do not see how this amnesty programme can be equated to citizenship. Only citizens can vote in an election. The amnesty is to regularize the immigration status of those people who have gaps in their residency. The regularization of such gaps does not automatically make you a citizen. There is a process to become a citizen. In the circumstances, I hope the law is followed and no person whose gap is being regularized is allowed to vote. The issue with respect to Commonwealth citizens residing here for seven years will have to be closely looked at because that is where the abuse of the process can occur by the Authorities.

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