National Parks Authority purses action against ‘graffiti hikers’


The National Parks Authority wishes to express its utter shock and dismay at the deliberate and unconscionable actions of some hikers who have travelled the Carpenter Rock trail that leads to the Pillars of Hercules and the pool formation known as Mermaid Gardens.

Names and messages have been carved into the popular rock formations at the Pillars of Hercules.

The National Parks has observed an obvious increase in traffic on the trails ever since the authorities curtailed activities that usually attract large numbers as a necessary measure to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

As the restrictions relaxed, many have been making use of Park trails as an option to escape the confines of their homes to enjoythe outdoors and get some exercise after the prolonged period of a lockdown.

“But never would we have thought that it would have come to this,” declared Parks Commissioner Ann Marie Martin after receiving reports that the Pillars of Hercules have been defaced with graffiti.

“This is not only a major national landmark, but also one of the most prominent features of our beautiful coastline that visitors sailing to Antigua will see. First it was the litter on the trails now this,” declared Mrs. Martin in disappointment.

The National Park is a protected area in Antigua and Barbuda and its natural assets are safeguarded by legislation.

The defacing, destroying or removal of the natural (including taking plants) or cultural (including heritage) assets of the Park is a punishable act under the law. Anyone found in violation can be fined up to $5000 or serve six months in jail.

The National Park Authority has since reported the matter to the Police and is now considering other measures to put a halt to the unfortunate and regrettable practice of some persons.



  1. This writing on pillars of Hercules was there for ages and only now being talked about.. yes it is wrong to vandalize but come on no one there is doing there work !

  2. That writing has NOT been there for ages! IT HASN’T!

    It’s sad to say but Locals take pride in Nothing. I am a part of a hiking group for years now and that writing has never been there.

    Not only did we hike but we had clean up days..

    Since the covid shutdown.. every Tom dick and Harry hiking and some people have no pride at all.

    In one of the pictures it’s VERY CLEAR TO SEE STONEWALL written. A team from stone wall has recently become avid hikers! And them and children get up there and deface the property!
    They should be fined!

    They have all the pics on their Facebook of them hiking and now the name stonewall is written big and bold! How childish! Come on investigators! Fine then! Send a message or we will have nothing left!

    It’s good to enjoy the island but sometime you can’t give local people access to nothing! It’s like they not accustom!

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