National Parks Authority Launches Visitor Passes


The National Parks Authority is bringing a new level of convenience and access to the services and attractions of the country’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site by making Visitor Passes available to all members of the public.

As part of a special offer to coincide with the ongoing celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Antigua Naval Dockyard, the passes are being made available to all visitors to the National Park at a special rate.

The passes come in various categories based on the purposes for which a visitor or resident requires entry into the yachting facilities of the Dockyard or to the main attractions throughout the National Park.

As part of the special one-time anniversary deal, residents are being offered a one year pass for only EC$50.00 while a Family Pass for up to six persons is going for EC$200.

The special will run for the duration of the 60th anniversary celebrations.

A season pass has been created for visitors that expires at the end of the yachting season. It goes for US$100 while a daily pass for visitors is US$15.

The initiative brings major benefits to the holder of the pass as it would help to reduce wait times on high traffic days and brings convenience to anyone who visits the national park on a regular basis for pleasure or business.

Business clients will find it particularly convenient as a quick turn-around time may be all they require in achieving the purpose for their visit.

The Passes are now available and can be purchased from Guest Services at the entrance of the Dockyard. Interested persons are being asked to present a valid ID if they wish to purchase a pass.

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    Are YOU going to allow this BS to stand?
    These are PUBLIC areas that belong to WE THE PEOPLE, and should not become private enterprise’s controlled by outsiders [UNESCO]

    Once again, the GLOBALISTS are attempting to further drive YOU into slavery and to be under their control.

    • Its not UNESCO charging the fee, its the NPA looking for any excuse to make some money – even off of the local population. Yes, it costs money for upkeep to the National Park Areas, but they don’t get enough off of the tourists?! People who live here in Antigua shouldn’t have to pay to access areas in our backyard! The Dockyard especially is a vital part of daily life for people living in the English Harbour area. The National Parks should be inclusive not exclusive, open for all locals to enjoy! Ridiculous, and its not a good look for you NPA!

      “As long as greed is stronger than compassion, there will always be suffering”

  2. So it was free and now your charging people to go to Dockyard? So this is bringing a new level of convenience and access to the services and attractions? NO what it will do is reduce local participation. Can’t see how this is good to do. Been there a ton of times and not sure I would pay anything to go there.

  3. My great great grandfather help build that place (received no pay), now I’m forced to pay to enter?! What madness is this!!

  4. This is a bad idea. It is a recreational area that belongs to Antiguan’s. I see this as a way to keep out locals. The locals are not going to pay this fee, and they know that. The plot is devious.

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