National Firm Makes Proposal To Cabinet For Covid-19 App

After first turning to Jamaica, the government is now considering using a national company  to build its coronavirus tracking APP.
Information Minister Melford Nicholas reported earlier that experts from Jamaica, where the app is already in use will be assisting Antigua & Barbuda to track person who self-quarantine.
The announcement was met by much criticism from individuals in Antigua & Barbuda who say the skill is available in the country.
Following the Cabinet meeting yesterday an expert computer programmer was invited to make a pitch for utilizing his national firm for the writing of an app that would assist with tracking and contact-tracing of visitors to Antigua, and of nationals returning home from abroad.
The expert informed the Cabinet of the utility of certain functions, and the best applications which the Ministry of Health could incorporate into an app programming, in order to make the app as useful as possible.
The idea of using a telephone loaded with an app in order to track the movement of a visitor to Antigua is not highly regarded by the expert. Without local roaming, the system does not work unless Wi-Fi is available. Additionally, the visitor would be required to keep his/her cellphone on his /her person at all times.
This has proven to be very difficult and even impractical. He advised against this approach. The idea of a bracelet that contains tracking technology was deemed superior.
The expert also demonstrated the wisdom of placing in a single hub all the publications, laws and other regulations governing the Covid-19 crisis, the protocols that have been established.
The expert explained that the hub differs from a website because all the information will be found under a single space, rather than requiring skipping from one website to another to learn of the various publications. He advanced a cost and a monthly maintenance fee which it was agreed could be negotiated.



  1. Ah lang time me know A & B youths have potential….if only our politicians can utilize their talents instead of bypassing them for outside talent where they the politicians can manipulate the imported talent. Keep reaching for the sky YOUTHS!……we the older generation appreciates your contribution of talents/skill sets.

    • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! “Where ideas begin and Innovation starts” – So touts the vaunted CEO of Antigua Barbuda Science Innovation Park!

      GoAB has provided the vehicle! Te Driver was sleeping at the wheel with the keys in the ignition and the engine running!

      This mere voice was paralyzed with fear from wanton “Rona” and gallivanting “Covid” to hear that not even the crisis was leading to innovation and hence GoAB was seeking outside help for everything!

      Who shook the Minister of Information!

      Didn’t a local IT and Tech Firm create and develop a program for the so called “Mock Elections!” it is lamentable that the Covid Dashboard from the Ministry of Health is updated three times weekly! Why don’t they go to the local IT and Tech Firm above to have this updated in Real Time! How Difficult is that!

      The Sargassum Weed is slowly choking the life out of the inshore fishery and tourism from the North East to the South East of the Island! Where are the Innovators! A St. Lucian Lad has won worldwide acclaim for his innovation with the weed! Where is the CEO of Antigua Barbuda Science Innovation Park!

      GoAB has provided the Vehicle. Is the Antigua Barbuda Science Innovation Park stuck on neutral or in reverse! Oh Gad! When will it go from Innovation to Incubation!

      In this the International Decade for People of African descent 2015 – 2024 with wanton “Rona” and gallivanting “Covid” sowing death and destruction, who among the People of African Descent resident in Antigua and Barbuda will bring this Nimbleness and Sense of Urgency to National Growth and Development towards building a Caribbean Civilization as the Prime Minister so ably, efficiently and effectively demonstrates!

      “The national bourgeoisie discovers its historical mission as intermediary. As we have seen, its vocation is not to transform the nation but prosaically serve as a conveyor belt for capitalism, forced to camouflage itself behind the mask of neocolonialism. The national bourgeoisie, with no misgivings and with great pride, revels in the role of agent in its dealings with the Western bourgeoisie. This lucrative role, this function as small-time racketeer, this narrow-mindedness and lack of ambition are symptomatic of the incapacity of the national bourgeoisie to fulfil its historic role as bourgeoisie. The dynamic, pioneering aspect, the inventive, discoverer-of-new-worlds aspect common to every national bourgeoisie is here lamentably absent. At the core of the national bourgeoisie of the colonial countries a hedonistic mentality prevails—because on a psychological level it identifies with the Western bourgeoisie from which it has slurped every lesson. It mimics the Western bourgeoisie in its negative and decadent aspects without having accomplished the initial phases of exploration and invention that are the assets of this Western bourgeoisie whatever the circumstances. In its early days the national bourgeoisie of the colonial countries identifies with the last stages of the Western bourgeoisie. Don’t believe it is taking short cuts. In fact it starts at the end. It is already senile, having experienced neither the exuberance nor the brazen determination of youth and adolescence.” ― Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth!

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