Nathaniel David Simons Charged With Murder Of Phillip Lugg

Nathaniel David Simons

The police have charge Nathaniel David Simons of Potters for the alleged murder of Phillip Lugg of Potters.

He was served with a copy of the charge on Tuesday 9th June, and is expected to appear in Court (Today) Wednesday.

Lugg was pronounced dead by a medical doctor at Mount St. John Medical Center on Sunday 7th June, following an incident at Potters where he was allegedly stabbed.

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  1. Once found guilty, let’s not waste any money on this guy by placing him in our prison to eat free, he killed a fellow Jamaican, send him back to the Jamaica and let the authorities there deal with him

      • we don’t care he stabbed someone already I was deported how did he get back here. We don’t need these kinda ppl here

    • He came to Antigua as a little boy grow up and educated here to. He should have handled the situation with his family member differently. It is sad too see that he grow up Antigua and still behave like a Yardie. I read several times in the online news that family members killed each other all the times in Jamaica.

  2. The Devil is a liar 😂 I can’t believe it get this far knowing how loving and caring Nathan is to his family and friends

  3. Lost in jail then deport never to return. Hate those Jamaicans. Ugly dumb violent motherfers. Hurry up dead out of ANTIGUA

    • Dutty gyal/bwoy we jamaicans nuh like u either stinking bwoy/gyal go….. big dutty renking…. bwoyy/gyal 😡

    • “Hate those Jamaicans”.
      @Sensible, We don’t have to hate. There are some really good Jamaicans in our society.
      It is just that we let some criminal minded ones in.
      Many of the criminal minded one come to Antigua for refuge.
      Many of the young Jamaican migrants in Antigua are criminals in Jamaica.
      But is it really a Jamaican issue? I think not!
      These young men, Jamaicans and Antiguans, lack self control.
      It is about pushing up their chest to prove stupidity to the masses that are watching the altercation.

  4. It’s time to stop all immigration from Jamaica and D.R. ASAP! It is amazing that Antigua can continue to have this growth in crime and bad problems caused from these troublemakers coming in from Jamaica and D.R.

    The next candidate for Antigua Prime Minister that runs a platform of stopping immigration from Jamaica and D.R. and withdrawing from CARICOM – they will be our next PM!

    • All your post are speaking about ppl from Jamaica and DR ….I guess All Antiguans are saints! They mention the other day that the number one cause of mental illness is due to marihuana use, and you started blaming it also on foreigners……you need to be documented before speaking such foolishness! Marihuana is not in Anu because ppl from DR,get your facts straight!!!! On the other note….all countries needs immigrants, to balance the economy…you have no idea what I are saying….that they need to be legal…..? Yes!that Antigua must protect their country…..yes!!! But please get your facts straight, and come again!!!!!! Everybody needs to take account for their actions.

  5. ….you’ll hate on regional brothers and sisters (locals kill each other all THE time)

    guess it’s okay IN THOSE
    SHUT UP!!

    • And they are the same one crying about black lives matter…. come on ppl need to stop discriminating their own black man base on where they come from…. the bad , good and indifference come from every nation

  6. ….you’ll hate on regional brothers and sisters (locals kill each other all THE time)

    guess it’s okay IN THOSE case’s
    SHUT UP!!

  7. Im amazed at the comments here talking about hate Jamaicans .. i pray none yall arguing about the racism in America, cause y’all worse off, cursing yall own race.. oh by the way im Antiguan born and bred

    • Well said CJ sad for real we are all one you have good jamaicans not saying the guy that does the stabbing is bad, things happen to the best of us, am jamaican I dont see the bashing from some of these people, if they no not love they know not God, because God is love

    • You’re really dumb enough to compare systematic racism to the callous killings and violence done by Jamaicans? Antiguans talking about the bad behavior Jamaicans show and black people being killed innocently and with impunity are two different things ya dumb fuck

      • I’m a born Antiguan….wasn’t aware of systematic racism existing here ….I’m aware of our people failing to accept foreigners (Antigua definition of foreigners- Jamaicans, Guyanese, Dominicans… Syrians) but we (Antiguans) migrate to the states at the first opportunity given….

  8. Disappointed in these comments all Jamaicans are not bad ……. Antiguans commit crime in other countries to…and before y’all come at me a Antigua me from

  9. They hate the Caribbean and embraced the Syrian and Chinese that’s taking their heritage

    • Syrians and Chinese are not committing crimes and making our country looks like shantytown.

  10. I the police and soldier who killed the Antiguan guy is Jamaican as well y’all shut the hell up if y’all don’t have anything to say all those murder that is commit in Antigua is Antiguan commit the man that chop his neice and sister where he come from lest we forget if you spit in the sky it fall ina u eyes a the same wicked men dem all u a two and married to bear this in mind he kill he own not that it is ok but y’all attitude is as if it’s one y’all died hop off a Jamaican now a industrious people we be he is here since age 17 so is Antiguan culture he adopts so y’all are muderers as well and for y’all information am jamtiguan deport me if uall can

    • ” …for y’all information am jamtiguan…”
      First I am hearing this one, “jamtiguan”. Really cool!

    • Even some Antiguans born of Jamaican parents have that criminal mindsets….again only some.

  11. If we do a survey, we found that a small percentage of Antiguans and Barbudans committed a crime overseas compare to Jamaican nationals.
    Do Antigua have any statistics data of any Antiguan nationals committed murder and theft crimes in Jamaica?

    • I agree. We don’t make waves where we go Antiguans, mind their business and work hard. Compared to Jamaicans

  12. I’m all for country. Deport all Jamaicans and see our crime rate go down. Deport all Guyanese and see sex crimes go down. Deport Syrians and Chinese and the government will catch a fit. Cause no more money flow for them. This government don’t care about us as locals. And all den foreigners vote for labour so that’s why we have it how we have it now.

  13. The only thing antigua have over jamaica is a stronger money, it hurt how jamaican treat foreigners bk home…. Ppl need to understand that a blood run through everyone. God is love, and i ask God to create in all of us a clean heart and mind…

  14. Only good salvation last forever…. And weather we ready r not father God is coming bk again, so enuh continue try take the bleam from ur brother and sister eyes and dnt take it from ur own eyes to see that all this have to come to pass…. Am sorry a life have to go like that and i also sorry barber couldnt escape this nightmare…. But God.
    Father God plz heal the broken hearts, and cover each and every family near and far under ur blood, forgive us Lord.

  15. You Antiguans are hilarious. How you racist against people that look like you. Cut the shit out. I wish you had a taste of real hate as we black Americans have lived with for centuries.

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