Nanny Jailed for Molesting Child


Osuide Simpson, 22 was sentenced to 18 months in prison Friday after pleading guilty to serious indecency on a minor.

The court heard, the woman committed the offence on a 3-year-old while working as a nanny at a home in 2016.

The incident came to light after photographs that were taken during the commission of the offense were revealed to the mother of the child.

Simpson later confessed she was under the influence of drugs at the time of the offense.

A psychiatric evaluation done prior to sentencing revealed she suffers from bi-polar and substance abuse disorders.

The judge who initially started with a 6-year prison sentence gradually reduced the penalty to 18 months after considering various mitigating factors.

These included Simpson’s guilty plea, her detention for 6 months at the psychiatric hospital pending trial and delays in the process.

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  1. Why would a Judge send this young woman to prison. This is an outrage. Anyone who knows this young woman, knows that no one has been more abused because of her mental condition. Instead of lending a helping hand to a mentally challenged person, they are actually compounding this issue.

    Only a few weeks ago, we heard of Mental Health Month, in which school children were sensitized to this very serious condition, only to read this story. This is an abomination!

    Shame! Shame! Shame!

    • Someone should rape/molest your family and then say they have a mental problem and see how you feel. Just must be served!

    • She can sue ANR, seems like an easy case to win. The law is Clear and the picture is still up and the clock is ticking.

    • She has pleaded guilty to the charges so the public is made aware by law who the guilty person is and the crime him or her commited. Man or woman we need to know after they have been found guilty and convicted. I heard about this matter before but no name was called until the guilty plea was given. Thank u ANR and JP read your law again.

  2. Free this young lady now y send her to prison u only making things worst for her Gaston or quty step in like u did for the white lady that was freed after given 1 year……

  3. So someone pleaded guilty to the crime of serious indecency on a minor and you people think she should be shown leniency on a 3 year old child? Wow! Some of you need help with your mental health issues. Is a sexual crime less of a crime because it is committed by a woman? You people are just as sick as she is!

    • I agree with you, justice should be equally applied to both women and men in Antigua. If a man with mental issues committed this crime, the lynch mob of Antigua would say to lock him up for 20 years. Because she is a woman she is supposed to get a free pass? I don’t think so. This court ruling is fair and balanced.

    • 🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇫🇦🇩🇦🇨🇦🇴🇦🇶🇦🇷🇦🇸🇦🇹🇦🇺🇧🇮🇧🇮🇧🇧🇧🇩🇧🇲🇨🇲🇨🇳🇨🇴🇨🇫🇧🇹🇧🇶🇧🇶🇧🇾🇧🇳🇨🇮 🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇫🇦🇩🇦🇨🇦🇴🇦🇶🇦🇷🇦🇸🇦🇹🇦🇺🇧🇮🇧🇮🇧🇧🇧🇩🇧🇲🇨🇲🇨🇳🇨🇴🇨🇫🇧🇹🇧🇶🇧🇶🇧🇾🇧🇳🇨🇮

      Na she have a mental problem mom/sir

    • Lockupthemras-Agreed- at least the Judge was been compassionate,she only got a fraction of what the law permits.She could have been given the maximum-20years..I believe he took her circumstances into consideration. She is diagnosed as been Bi-polar-people, Bipolar disorder isn’t exactly saying the person is Crazy,its more a sort of Psychological disorder that causes severe depression and Mood Swings, and sometimes in very severe cases,but very rare causes someone to be delusional.-it does not however excludes one from knowing right from wrong at all times.The Court would have to determine the state she was in when she committed the offense. Some years back the teacher in the US who was involved with her 15yr old student was also diagnosed as been Bi-polar,that did not prevent her from doing jail time.. I have seen many others on TV,with the same disorder,and is not excused of their crimes because of it..

  4. She needs to be deported back to Jamaica.
    3 year old girl that you was entrusted to her care?
    She has proven that she has no place in a modern society mentally ill or not.
    She got off easily she should have been given the maximum sentence.

    • first she Antiguan with Jamaica parent. she went school here from preschool to secondary. what she did was wrong very wrong. but u need to remember everywhere basically is modern so can’t say “deport her back to Jamaica because she has no place in modern society” because to my knowledge Jamaica is very much modern like the rest of us.

    • first she Antiguan with Jamaica parent, meaning only 1 of her parents is a Jamaican she went school here from preschool to secondary. what she did was wrong very wrong. but u need to remember everywhere basically is modern so can’t say “deport her back to Jamaica because she has no place in modern society” because to my knowledge Jamaica is very much modern like the rest of us.

  5. So how much jail time did the parent get for putting a child at risk by entrusting him in the care of a mentally ill person?

    Justice is upside down. The employer is the guilty one.

    The behavior of a mentally challenged person can be unstable if not under supervised medication.

    The person who endangered the child, still have custody of the child? With that type of decision making?

    This situation could have been more tragic…..

  6. If she suffers frim bi polar disoeder y is she lookin after kids…. she needs help not jail time….. antigua jail no help nobody

  7. So how they don’t call or show the church brother name, or the police ,or radio show personality,how they do her so ,and know her condition, very unfair, all them police that involved in sex crimes and not even them name the media put out but look how they take glory in showing her up,
    Yes what she did was wrong ,but remember, just remember!!!

    • None of the men you named were convicted or pleaded guilty to a crime. You can’t show their face because they have not been found guilt. She admitted to it. Know the law before you come here with your conspiracies

      • @Johnny-Could not have said it better myself.. Its always about someone having some ulterior motive,someone is always out to get someone according to some of our people..The law cannot even do it’s job these days,before the self made Judge’s Juror and executioners beat down on their decisions.. I think sometimes we appear to the outside world as been very Ignorant.People need to get their facts together before coming on the WWW and talk nonsense.Looking at the thumbs up the ignorant comments get leave one to wonder just where are we heading??

  8. No matter the gender, they both need to go to jail. To me if it were a different gender the time would have been more.I followed this csse,and she had no choice but to say she has mental health issues after she was caught.
    What sounds better?

    So hey, I am guilty I did the crime I do the time.
    I am guilty yes, but due to my mental health issues (pitty story)

    Sometimes we read an article not knowing all the facts.

    After following this case,who has suffered here and is the real victim is the family.

    Has anyone considered the child and family.

    It is a sad situation in our community,it happens way more than we know. Close family members,friends, people abusing their authority.
    Do you think a parent would bring someone around their child to hurt them? Them all of a sudden, it happens. How could such and such do this. The real victim is the child, and the parents.

    What we should do is take this sad situation happening in our community and educate our children both at home and in school.

  9. This young lady is truly mental ,I don’t know who would make her watch their child smh ..This young lady was held by 3 men in an abandoned house and they did things to her etc , she needed help then and she needs help now ….she went through A lot & I am sure she is still in pain & you can’t post people’s pictures or names if not found guilty .But she pleaded guilty and they have pictures smh #poorchild

  10. How disgustingly sick and sad that there is little mention of the little innocent baby girl who was 3 years old when she was sexually molested by this child rapist on more than one occasion, actually there are two instances in one day with 8 pictures and a video as evidence and what about the charge on her 6 year old sister that the child rapist was not prosecuted on?

    This child molester is NOT mentally ill NOR does she suffer from drug addiction and this has been established by the experts which can be verified by the contents in the deposition. Please refer to Dr James King and the foreign psychiatrist Dr Benjamin’s report

    Why was child rapist not charged with distribution of child pornography? It was her distribution of 8 pictures and a video why this horrible situation came to light

    This child molester was never held against her will by three young men after she absconded and ran away from where the court placed her for evaluation in late March 2017. She was never missing. She was hiding from the police. There was a confession for “harbouring” from one young man and the child rapist statement says and I quote “I WAS NEVER PREVENTED FROM LEAVING AND COULD HAVE LEFT AT ANYTIME. I DID NOT LEAVE BECAUSE I DID NOT WANT TO GO BACK TO CLAREVUE AND I HAD FREE ACCESS TO DRUGS (MARIJUANA).

    This child rapist is a master manipulator. A sex freak who will do anything to get attention. It matters not how outrageous , or dangerous or illegal her acts are , providing she believes she will be the center of attention, that is what excites her

    This child rapist has been admitted to msj for “attempted suicide” over the past 7 years however ALL her attempts were non life threatening and all cuts on body VERY superficial

    While on remand the child rapist tied a shoe string on her neck saying she would kill herself but as red as she is there was not even an impression left on neck. She also cut herself with a disposable razor but as usual the cut was very superficial

    This child rapist has made allegations on influential persons to include the son of a very high ranking politician and other persons in Government and it is a fact that she possesses ‘sensitive information” on influential persons (her style of manipulation).

    It is indeed LEGAL for a person charged with rape or sexual assault on a minor to be exposed (picture) providing perpetrator pleads guilty (which she did to one count) or found guilty by a jury . The victims, if minors, cannot be exposed .

    On August 29 2016 this child rapist was taken before court for serious indecency on two sisters, 6 and 3 years old . Perp was placed on remand

    In November 2016 perp was granted bail in the high court . With a loaded file of many reasons why bail should be denied, prosecutor argued none . Prosecutor could have argued

    1. Lawyers defense in Magistrates court on Aug 29 2016 saying his client has mental and drug issues.

    2. Evidence of pictures and a video

    3. Evidence of child rapist visits on porn site listing her sexual desires to include “KIDY FUCK”.

    4. Not born in Antigua. Flight risk

    Between December 2016 to March 2017 she was ordered by the Court to be placed between two institutions for an evaluation to be done . Two counselors were assigned to do this evaluation however both were not comfortable with such a responsibility and referred the Court to “the experts” hence her being placed at THE BEVON HOUSE (drugs) and CLAREVUE (mental state).

    In late March 2017 perp writes a letter saying she does not want to be at the B.H anymore and runs away

    The police should be sued for presenting child rapist to the public as MISSING because the police knew perp ran away from where court placed her and she was in total violation of her bail conditions

    On holy Thursday 2017 perp was located. And with a confession from one young man for “harbouring” clearing the other two men who were owner of house and owners friend who stopped by house at 9pm , burnt a spliff and fell as6onnthe couch, AND with a statement from perp saying she was never prevented from leaving, three innocent young men are still before the court for “unlawful confinement ” .

    ABS TV shared the police bulletin presenting young men as kidnappers and rapists who drugged child rapist and 64 comments called for these innocent young men to be hung and to rot in jail

    With 1.5 years of asking authorities why child rapist was never arrested when she was located and brought back before the court and /or returned to the institutions for evaluation to be completed up to this day I can get no explanation

    Child rapist was in violation of ALL her bail conditions for 1.5 years and nothing was done

    While child rapist remained on bail she worked at a restaurant in st johns, hung out at the Stadium every Thursday night , lymed and roamed Antigua “with no care in the world”

    On May 29th 2018 because of overwhelming evidence the defense lawyer had no choice and perp pleaded guilty to sexually molesting the 3 year old

    Lo and behold the judge sent child rapist home

    And ordered a report from social services and the psychiatrist

    (Ask yourselves why would the judge send home a child rapist who pleaded guilty after he would have seen 8 very disturbing pictures)

    The prosecution did not inform judge that

    1. Perp absconded from where court placed her and evaluation was never completed

    2. Dr James King recused himself form any dealings with this child rapist since Sept 11 2017 when he wrote a letter to relevant authority

    Child rapist continued to remain on bail for the next 5 months and 4 days

    There were 3 adjournments for sentencing

    July 31st , September 28th, October 19th

    On November 02nd 2018 during a 2.5 hour sentencing process, the child rapist committed PERJURY. When judge asked rapist if she has a porn account on a porn site she said NO. And the prosecutor said nothing. (Go figure).

    There is evidence of perps visits on porn site “porn hub”.

    This case had disaster written all over it from the beginning

    This child rapist was petted and pampered from day one .

    There is suspicion of tampering and it is possible that is because of influential persons that are compromised

    Everytime I tried to get answers to why no arguments were presented to judge for bail to be denied or why perp was never arrested after being in violation of ALL her bail conditions or why was she never returned to institutions for her evaluation to be completed, I WAS BLOCKED, SHOUTED AT SAYING “THAT IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS” and MADE TO BE THE PROBLEM.

    I continue to call for answers


    For the DPP to appeal this travesty of a sentence

    By the way if this child rapist was a man , would the public be sympathetic? Would he be petted and pampered ?

    In conclusion – where were the mental issues :

    while for a 6 month period perp was described as a “caring” nanny?

    -while she had relationships with two very influential mens sons?

    -while she had her freedom working and hanging out?

    Come on people. This master manipulating destructive self-proclaimed child rapist who is driven by getting attention needs to locked up for life and a day and yes receive whatever therapy for her issues which are NOT neurological. Bipola is not a mental issue. Bipola is the only “condition ” mentioned in the psychiatric evaluations.

  11. Some of these young ladies have more demons in them than the fallen angels that descended , very manipulative and they know who to fool.the days are really evil

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