Nadia James and Tammie Gage awarded fully paid scholarships from the Govt. of India


Congratulations to Ms. Nadia James & Ms. Tammie GageFrom Antigua & Barbuda.

They have been awarded fully paid scholarships from the Govt.of India under the ITEC program.They will be traveling to India soon.

The Honorary Consul of India to Antigua & Barbuda, Mr. Vijay Tewani congratulated the recipients and as they make their way to India, he would like to wish them a successful trip.

Hopefully this encourages other individuals to take advantage of the scholarships offered under the ITEC Program which are provided by the Govt. of India on a regular basis.

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  2. Well done and congratulations to Tammie & Nadia. These stories just gladdens my heart. Onwards and upwards for all Antiguans 🇦🇬

    • Yes Brixtonian it should gladden your heart because these have been organized under the ANLP administration

  3. Yes Brixtonian it should gladden your heart because these have been organized under the ABLP administration

    • Brixtonian thinks it happened just so. He doesn’t see the work of the Honorable Prime Minister Gaston Browne who is respected near and far, except by the haters in his country. But that won’t deter him at all. He is the Prime Minister of ALL. Whether they like it or not.

  4. congratulations ladies!

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  7. Congratulations to the recipients and thanks to the Indian government.

    The thought that the Antiguan politics has anything to do with this Indian government program is beyond me. Perhaps someday I will succumb to dementia and be able to grasp the logic so pervasive in politics.

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