N22 Billion Fraud: Imagine Global owners Ajetunmobis buy Antigua and Barbuda citizenship



Bamise and Elizabeth Ajetunmobi, the Nigerian couple on the run for duping thousands of investors to the tune of N22 billion, have obtained citizenship of the beautiful Caribbean islands of Antigua and Barbuda.

Antigua and Barbuda passports of the couple and their minor children surfaced online overnight, hours after reports emerged that they had fled Nigeria after their ponzi scheme Imagine Global Solutions Ltd collapsed, leaving thousands of investors stranded.

The passports also showed that the couple had planned their disappearance months in advance to avoid suspicion amongst investors. Data entries on their passports showed that Mr Ajetunmobi and one of their minor children procured their passports on the same day, April 29, 2021. Mrs Ajetunmobi procured her own passport a few days later on May 4, 2021. The couples were only detected to have fled Nigeria over the past weekend.

It was not immediately clear how the passports surfaced online, but journalist Jackson Ude appeared to be the first to post them on Twitter, where Peoples Gazette learnt of the development. Antigua and Barbuda has become one of the main Caribbean nations offering passports to fleeing Nigerian fraud suspects.

The countries offer different layers of passports for sale at prices that range from moderate to exorbitant, selling between $38,000 to $261,000 at St Lucia, Commonwealth of Dominica, Dominican Republic, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, amongst other islands nestled off the scenic Atlantic coast.

Federal crime suspects like former Nigerian minister Diezani Alison-Madueke and another fleeing couple Gloria Osei and Muyiwa Folorunsho have purchased passports in the Caribbean to circumvent judicial consequences of their alleged fraud.

Imagine Global, a micro lending service to small and medium businesses, offered 22 per cent as interest on loans received and 10 per cent returns to investors.

Several victims on social media detailed how they lost between low five figures to as high as N500 million. A WhatsApp group as well as a Nairaland forum had been created for those affected by the fraudulent scheme to pool resources towards recovering their investments.


Imagine Global, which was registered in 2017, stated on its website that it has a customer base of 90,000 Nigerians, but it was unclear how many of them were able to recoup their investments before the Ajetunmobis disappeared. The couple reportedly fled to London, where a branch of Imagine Global was incorporated in August 2019.

Peoples Gazette had attempted to reach the Ajetunmobis but the company’s address in Lagos had been locked and telephone numbers for the couple failed to connect on Monday morning.

A spokesman for Zuriel Consulting Limited, Imagine Global’s legal adviser, said the law firm could not comment on investors’ funds and the disappearance of the couple, adding that it neither deny nor confirm claims that the amount squandered was up to N22 billion.

Agent promotes Antigua citizenship as way to ease visa restrictions for Nigerians

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  1. Gaston fix this problem now our passport is in grave danger people in Antigua did so much for this country and can’t even get a diplomatic passport for the hard work they have done and the contribution they put in but u sell to everybody criminals, drug dealer, and pedophiles you are a sick man and need help Gaston. god bless Antigua land so dear to me.

  2. PM just mentioned on parliament that he will not harbour here and has put things in place so if he is on his way here he will be captured and be repatriated back to his home land.

    Don’t keep blaming PM such.

    • Once these people are citizens of Antigua and Barbuda they have rights just like you and me. The same way you can’t be sent to Nigeria without an extradition request then the same for these new citizens. Why do you think people buy citizenships in other countries?

  3. Again I beg Antiguans and Barbudans, hold your Nationalism close and dear to your heart. Citizenships bought can put your Nationalism in danger. For filthy lucre your birthright to free passage to places like Canada has been threatened and now costs you. There is extra scrutiny of your passports when you go to foreign shores. Why? Because greater emphasis is placed on citizenship than on Nationalism.
    Let me in full disclosure state, I am a citizen of this fair land. I chose to be a citizen of this fair land. I chose to give birth to two of my three children in this fair land. My last two children are Nationals of Antigua and Barbuda. Because of them, I have a great interest in what happens to this country when charlatans, fraudsters and the like use or rather misuse the gift that citizenship affords those of us who, born elsewhere, choose to make Antigua and Barbuda home.
    I hope, and I pray that the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Passport Division, along with the CIP offices and the Prime Minister and his officials are on this story. That the passports given to these people are declared null and void. Antigua and Barbuda does not need another Choski like scenario. Trouble is easy to get in, the saying goes, but hard to get out of.

    • Oh please! Everything is for sale even your children. Stop trying to be so noble like the land of Antigua and Barbuda has on your name. The land belongs to whoever owns and controls it. Do you have land in Antigua? How did you get land in Antigua? Nothing is wrong with paying for what you want. Fair exchange is no robbery.

  4. They can come and join choski down jelly harbor. They may even be able to get a space close to farmer brown.

  5. Sorry to voice the unpopular opinion but they are CITIZENS of A&B. Better just make some space at Royalton (or Grays Farm) for them. Seriously though, EVERY citizen has a right to a fair trial. You can’t just de-Antiguanize someone because they are accused of a crime (looking at u specific members of parliament). That is a slippery slope. If they lied about being INVESTIGATED for a crime on their application that is an automatic cancelling of their citizenship but in this case i guess they’ll just have to follow proper procedures for arresting and extraditing citizens (yes that’s what they are). That’s the sad reality of selling passports…



  8. I think it’s about time now that Antigua choose a NEW Prime Minister. All dis shit wah gine on in a small island like did, and doan talk bout ‘CRIME’ , woi.- dis iz too goddam much!- This Nigerian bizniz now, what Gaston Browne iz doing iz Aiding and Abetting blasted criminals! – dis iz wah Antigua come to, wen it ain dem, iz di Jamaykans, and dis body and di next body..ah fed up, man!

  9. VC “Gun Running” Bird; Lester “Stanford” Bird; Baldwin “Powerplant” Spencer; Gaston AKA Stone “CIP” Browne. When will this crap end? Land flipping, sand mining, drug running, money laundering, custom duties, APUA bill penny pinching, duty concessions, Dato Tan, Yida, The CCP….time or space do not allow all of SCANDALS of successive governments have been involved in to be mentioned. These are stains not even bleach, blue, government in the sunshine or back to work with labor can cleanse.

    They all need to be investigated. Where the trail ends. Those individuals need to be held accountable. Red/Blue get them all. They have all been on a slippery slope for a long time. Governing with impunity. Not accountable for the criminal actions that they have found themselves making time and time again. Enough is Enough!

    • Add #HFWL runway expansion and ADOMS run-over and kickback. For once you have given a balanced opinion.

    • Let me add to Just saying: John Ashe scandal (Moneys were sent to a sitting PM personal bank account ), Fencing scandal, Wadadli junk power plant

      • @Tenman…the day, the good god which folks like you pray to, at the #Crossroads sends leaders to lead of Nation without #Fear or #Favor to none, not even their mother nor father for the crimes committed, in the Paradise by politicians and their ass kisses will be in prison like RA Stanford and Leroy King, settling court cases like the Pedophiles of the Catholic Church, or running like these Nigerians and Choski.

        Antigua & Barbuda Passport is being sold like a high end #prostitute to the highest bidders by the Madame Parliament Prostitution and Pedophile Ring protected by #Political #Gangstaz.

          • @Tenman…you MO shines brightly like the Rainbow Halo, after it rains. You cannot character assassinate folks like me the filth which you throw at folks, trying to make you look good.
            Keep catching these politicians spit in your mouth, so as not to #Dry #Gulch their ass with your lips.

      • TENMAN I have to ask again are you really serious? Can those scandals you mention come even close to scandals such as SPACE RESEARCH, GUNS TO COLOMBIA and ODEBRECHT. Boy just wheel and come again. Even the blind and deaf would know what you are saying is pure nonsense.

  10. Corruption and greed are rife in Antigua. Black, Chinese, White or any colour of our world. People with money will always exploit the poor. I feel despair for those in poverty here and abroad. Remember Africans exploited their own to make money during the slave trade. Nothing changes!

  11. It is very clear that this government don’t give a dam about its own people but use dem fool dem drag them down and sell out the island to the rich criminals such a big shame the dignified ones already ran out of Antigua leaving their belongings behind just to have better and be valued

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