Myths About Eye Disorders and Diseases – Do You Know the Truth?


Eye Disorders Are a “Disorder” and Not a Disease

The first myth about eye diseases and disorders is that they are a “disease” and not a disorder at all. This is not the case. A disease is an abnormal condition that can be caused by a number of factors and affects many parts of the body. Eye diseases and disorders are normal parts of the eye that have become misaligned or out of whack. Eye disorders and diseases are not a sign of anything bad being inside your head. Eye diseases and disorders are based on how your eyes are working and can usually be treated effectively with medication.


Eye Exams Are for Diagnosing Eye Disorders


The second myth about eye disorders and diseases is that they cannot be detected by an eye exam. This is far from the truth. Your eye doctor can detect many problems with the eye with an eye exam, including but not limited to Diabetic eye disease


Retina Disease

Macular degeneration


Colour blindness

Optic neuritis

Anterior scleral ruffles



Thickening of the retina


There is No Test to Find Out If Your Eye Disorder is Serious

The third myth about eye disorders and diseases is that you’ll be told “Your eyes are fine, just fine, there’s no problem with them.” This is also not the case. You will almost definitely have some signs and symptoms of an eye disorder or disease even if your eyes are perfect! The proper medical evaluation should include: Blood tests to check for diabetes, an eye exam to check for vision loss, or a supplement like Sightcare and a thorough medical history. These will help your eye doctor discover if your eye problem is related to other health problems or if it is a result of your particular disorder.


Having an Eye Exam Can Be Hazardous

The last myth about eye exams is that they can be dangerous. The truth is that many eye exams are very safe and even beneficial. Many eye exams are performed without any anaesthetic or painkillers being used. The most common reasons for having an eye exam are: You have a fear of the dark You have a fear of missing out on important activities because you are too worried about getting a disease or eye disorder You have a fear of the procedure itself, especially if you are a new patient Getting an eye examination can be nerve-wracking, but it is actually one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself.


There Is No Guarantee Your Disorder Will Be Recognized on an Eye Exam


The last myth about eye exams is that you won’t be able to see any issues with your eyes if they aren’t properly examined. The truth is that you will probably be found to have many conditions that could be a problem if they are not properly monitored. If your eyes are not being properly examined and cared for by your eye doctor, you may end up with serious long-term issues as a result. Your eye doctor will be looking for things such as: Changes in your vision That cause you to have an annual eye examination You should be made aware of any changes in your vision as soon as they are detected, so you can schedule an eye exam accordingly.


What You Should Do if You Think Your Eye Disease or Disorder is Serious


If you think your eye disease or disorder is serious, the first thing to do is get it properly diagnosed. Many eye diseases and disorders are misdiagnosed or undertreated. If you think you have an eye disorder or disease, your eye doctor will want to know as soon as possible so that he or she can rule out other conditions that may be causing your symptoms. An eye examination is not a routine medical visit, and you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that your eye doctor has some serious concerns about your health.



An eye examination should be a mandatory part of your yearly health check-up. It is a good idea to have an eye exam at the same time as your dentist, ophthalmologist or doctor who specializes in eye diseases and disorders. The examination can help you identify any problems that may be causing your vision loss or other visual symptoms, as well as provide information about your eye health and its potential causes.



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