There are always some deceitful gamblers who try to “break the system” and cheat on games at land-based casinos for as long as gambling machines have existed. People tried many strategies to breach slot machines and achieve enormous prizes at the casino, ranging from high-tech tactics to low-tech frauds. To mention a few, here are some of the most common myth about cheating slots machine

Use of Cheat Codes


To appreciate whether or not cheat codes for casino slots function, you must first grasp how slots function. The objective of gambling authorities is to verify that all software developers, reelsofjoy online casino  owners, and gamers comply with the rules when enjoying betting. As a result, all games are meticulously inspected and observed during the duration of the playtime period.


However, some people will always strive to violate rules. One guy sought to control a slot machine cheat by learning the source codes. Let’s just say understanding codes is one of the “techniques,” although we’re not sure whether anyone has succeeded to exploit the system, make the money, and didn’t get caught.

Use of A Magnet


Magnetism protects slots from any form of influence currently, but back in the 1960s, slot machines were fragile, and it was feasible to use a powerful magnet to let the wheels rotate continuously and prevent them from landing where they were meant to. But how did it actually work? Once a great combination of symbols on the reels was activated, the fraudsters would withdraw the magnet and collect the reward indicated on the display.


However, using a magnet to fool a slot machine nowadays would be unfeasible since the results of each game are chosen by a random number generator.

Use of A Cell Phone


Some people utilize a cell phone while whirling the wheels of a slot machine to work out the winning combination on the reels. Following the recording and transmission of the video, the live video recipients will figure out the path by evaluating the game’s formula until they produce the perfect blend. Just about every land-based casino will let you take a video yourself while playing your favorite slots or other gambling games, but learning out how to do it will be difficult.

Use of Shaved Coins


Since their inception, slot machines have become increasingly sophisticated, even employing a light detector for payments. In most situations, the optic sensor functioned independently of the actual comparator. So, if a shaved coin was put at the same time as an object of the same shape and size, the shaved coin would be ejected while the other thing remained inside of the slot and began the game.

Use of Fake Coins


Slot machines used to accept wagers depending on the volume of coins a long time back. Having said that, some gamers were employing counterfeit coins that weighed just like real ones and were crafted of identical materials. Some of the criminals did get away, some of them didn’t. However technology has advanced to the point where it is now difficult to deceive with phony coins.

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