DEAR KATE: My sister wants her money


Dear Kate,

My sister had a friend who is a popular figure in society. She has always been there for him through thick and thin but I guess the friendship was a one-way street.

This person came with their sad story and convinced her to lend him a large amount of money and promised to pay her back after the carnival as he had many gigs in the pipeline. That was ages ago and she is still yet to be paid her money.

The sickest part of this whole situation is this individual was participating in the campaigning in the past election and was rather infuriated with my sister because she got information that he was paid heftily for being the voice of one of the parties involved.

This guy then resorted to using his privilege on the microphone to humiliate my flesh and blood by cussing her during a motorcade while passing through the village she resided in.

She has been to lawyers, police and even to his bosses. A popular voice on the morning programme of one of our well-known radio station even threatened to call his name so everyone knew what he did, and he pleaded for the secret to be held yet the monies can’t be paid back.

It’s like he has everyone in his pockets. How can anyone take another person’s kindness and make it into a stress for their own property?

You boy you nar reach nowhere in life.



Dear Sister,

Your sister may never be paid that money and that’s one of the hard truths she has to deal with.

In situations like that, without proof that she, in fact, lent him the money, the court won’t be very useful.

As a matter of fact, she may be losing more money by getting lawyers involved.

If this man went through all this just to ensure his secret is safe, then he has no intentions of paying her back.

As much as I know what I will say is not what you want to hear, I will say it anyway…Let It Go.

Karma has a way of coming back to those who deserve it and in that case, unless he repays her willingly, he will be blighted all the days of his life. And that alone should be comforting enough to you and your sister.


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  1. that’s so true kate tell your sister to leave him up god I know your sister don’t want to hear that
    but karma is very bad bitch.

  2. Welllllll…me wouldn’t wait pan Karma cos she’s a slowwww bitch….and I have NO PARIENCE….

    He humiliated you as he pass through her village campaigning…




  3. Yh never lend anyone money again people are so terrible these days. Friends family co workers no one just tell them u aint got it and move along. This is when u truly realize who you dealing with when u say NO. Lol but yeah I believe in karma fr fr.

  4. This is such an important lesson for all. People will always be people. That person will continue to do something like that until he messed with the wrong person. If he has a problem, he will do it again, and again, and then he will do it to the wrong person for the last time. Pray for him, pray for him, pray for him

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