Dear Kate: My married politician lover beats me


Dear Kate

I have been dating this prominent politician for over two years now and he started to beat me last year August. Kate, I love this man. He has changed my life. The thing is I was raised in Grays Farm and without much to go around. However, since he met me, my life has changed. He now rents a very nice apartment for me and I moved from having two pairs of shoes to a closet full of everything. But I am not happy because he cannot sleep all night with me. He sometimes leaves at 2am and its becoming frustrating because he has to go home to his wife. I just want him to leave her and be with me alone. There were times when he wouldn’t come over for weeks and I started feeling lonely and I went out with a guy friend of mine. He found out and told me I can’t see anyone except him. When I rebelled, he beat me up. Then he started hitting me of every and anything these days. Should I leave him? I am scared of going back to the girl who had nothing.


Dear Confused

Everything means nothing if you’re not happy. You can decide to stay in this situation if you are comfortable being his prostitute and his punching bag. I know we live in an era where extra marital relationships are the in-thing but wrong is wrong no matter how many people are doing it. Furthermore, you don’t seem to be even remorseful that you’re slowly destroying someone’s marriage. You are even brazen about it, saying you “just want him to leave her and be with you”. Listen Confused, there’s nothing confusing about your situation. If you love yourself get out that relation else you’re going to end up a real miserable person. And it appears that you are already on the verge of it. Make a report to the police about the abuse. But you would need to brace yourself for the publicity. It is better to be free with “nothing much” than to be in prison with everything”.


Take care


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  1. I know who. Hahajaa…oh she a get licks!!!! Take the licks…the wife getting licks every time he ontop ah you…

  2. i think dear kate was a little abrasive in her response ” if you are comfortable being his prostitute”. prostitution by definition is a person, in particular a woman, who engages in sexual activity for payment. I’m not saying what she is doing is right and its obvious she isn’t remorseful. But on the other hand we have a battered women who needs sound advise and not judged for her behavior. isn’t it possible that this woman is suffering from low self-esteem, priorities aren’t straight, a sense of worthlessness, etc? Her emotionally and physically abusive lover has successfully attempted to make her feel subservient to keep her trapped in the relationship. His controlling behavior assert dominance by controlling the finances (which she enjoys) and giving her nice things. but because she is so far gone, suffering from battered side chick syndrome. Before we get judgmental, lets look at the other side of the coin. i didn’t read anything about you saying this guy is pig, an asshole that have to resolve his problem by beating a woman. after all king solomon had 700 wives and concubine. and i don’t see anyone calling his concubines prostitute. `

    • You are wrong to be with a married man and he is a pig for using his poisition to have what he wants. You are enjoying his money and material things but there is more to life. He will
      Never leave her as he has his cake and he’s eating it. You are just a sex object to him nothing more.
      Men on this island have no respect for women.

  3. I think you should report it to the police and stand up to him because I don’t see the reason why he have to beat u so member you not his child and because he gave you vanity doesn’t mean he love you ,if he did love you, he wouldn’t take days or weeks to come see you he would be there with all the time but as for me this guy is a woman beater. If you were anything close to me I would intervene but I was wondering if he beat his wife too but you are free ,you don’t married to him so you suppose to go out if you feeling lonely. Member he has a wife and you his side chick so it your mind do what your heart

  4. Why would he leave his wife 4 YOU!!! You hv nothing to offer than freaky sex…For materialism you stay COS… he has you EXACTLY where he wants …he rescued you from poverty and now your ADDICTED…
    …GURLS N WOMEN like you make me sick he should beat you till you stiff….when you ALL not selling ur assholes 4 cash to the hightest for bags shoes n weaves how CHEAP!!! YOU should be asking 4 houses plus …a business to keep yourself then discard tape him beating you n extort his azz ..clearly you TRUPIDDDDD AF.
    Go ask Lauren Williams…how to be a paided slut… tek a few chapters from her book ….

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