My Jamaican and Guyanese teachers in Antigua were abusive, now i’m scarred for life


Dear Editor,

I would like an article to be published by your newspaper about two teachers abusive conduct against me and other students prior to becoming an attorney and millionaire.


These teachers taught me in Antigua, one was a Spanish teacher and the other a math teacher.


The Spanish teacher would make sexual remarks about what he would do to female students sexually and when I said it was inappropriate, he would beat me or have me stand on a chair with eyes close and hands up because I was always a man of law and would stand up for what is right. This teacher tortured me for years. Because I would say his actions were horrible. He was a Guyanese teacher.


The other teacher was a Jamaican teacher who comes to school drunk nearly every day, if not every day. One day I wanted to use the bathroom, and had a penis operation and he would not allow me to use it, so I was walking out the class to use the bathroom, he stopped me and started to beat me as if he is fighting a grown man, when I was about 11 years old. I fell to the ground, crying and begging and this Jamaican teacher in Antigua beat me until my skin fell off, blood all over my shirt and flesh removed from my body right in front of the class. The only student that really had some strength to be angry was Jermaine.


There was literally no one else to protect me, I fear telling my parents because they were so strict that I fear they would punish me and believe whatever the teacher says over me.


I regret not killing that Jamaican teacher and it has caused me severe emotional distress ever since. I trust no one with my child, my life is not normal. It is why most of the clients I represent are victims of crimes and abuse. Whether they have money or not, I represent them.


I need to express this pain, I need for the Government of Antigua, other students and parents to know the horrific and evil conduct those two teachers have caused me and other students.


I am psychological damaged because of those two teachers. I honestly do not know if I could just speak to any of those two teachers and not attempt to kill them, especially the math jamaican teacher that almost killed me for wanting to use the rest room because I am sick with my penis and had surgeries.


I need to express this; I cannot go on another year with this bottled inside me. These teachers are now retired with pension and social security when they have severely and substantially inflicted emotional and physical harks to former students like me.


I sometimes get so angry at my mother for not protecting me and making fear her so much that I could not tell her anything because I could be in trouble innocently.


Do you know the amount of spanking I got innocently? It is why I always stayed away from trouble. It was why everyone at valley church was in love with me as asked my mother how do you get your son to be so well behaved. It was because my mother was so strict.


I need to express the pain I got from those two teachers that was brought to Antigua to torture us little students.



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  1. From the time I started reading this I knew exactly who the writer was speaking about. It was in deed horrible with the Spanish teacher. He was always disrespectful and would pass it off as a joke. Did not know the math teacher to be that way though. He was always drunk yes but the abusive part I was not aware of. And they were not the only 2 teachers at this school that was abusive. The history teacher was also verbally abusive and would curse you stink and was not afraid to tell you where your mother got you from. Facts

    • This is crazy. Sorry you had to go through that, but those teachers should have been reported. It is never ok to treat children in that manner. I hope those teachers repent and ask God for forgiveness.

      • I just wanna know why wait till now,am not referring only to the vict who spoke out but why now shedding light

  2. @outsider looking in
    He was the Spanish teacher but he is Guyanese
    And he is not lying I was in this man’s class and he was very fresh with the female students and i am pretty sure some of the teachers and principal knew of his behaviour

  3. Alot of Nigerian teachers were racist and would say racist things about white people in class, that was really uncomfortable.

  4. Everyone need to come forward with information. I believe the best way of helping such victim is to show support and confirm his experiences.

    Come forward people, post.

  5. There is some truth in the story, maybe some exaggeration on the severity of the beating due to how long ago it may of been (I hope). But yes, that Spanish teacher was like that with females, and that math teacher always seemed to be running on rum. That school had some real characters for teachers as mentioned by another commenter, like the firey history teacher (who the principal was aware of) then who can forget when there was a male i.t. teacher there who’s sexual orientation made him (who likes to be referred to as “her” nowadays) a real character. At least there were some good teachers at that school as well.

      • I don’t know of that particular beating incident the author referred to as happening to them, but the teachers as described fit the profile of the same secondary school I attended until the mid 2000’s. Unfortunately, after looking at the comments below this story on the Facebook page where a retired commissioner of police is talking something about electronic crimes act and referring to the trouble “Mary” and “Washie” have hanging over their heads. I, like others may be a bit reluctant to give more specifics. Especially calling names. Hopefully, someone can guide the original author on how to report it or have him set up a platform to at least bring attention to issues within the school system.

  6. God help these crimes to be exposed and for those hurting on the inside because of them bring them to the light and be healed.

  7. Why do people buy into the nonsense some people write? People really do love evil. Which part of the world can a teacher beat a child where blood is visible and no one does anything? Not even the parents of that child? Look how many are asking where and when. Look how many want to know which school?
    Are these the last days? Why are people readily believing in any conspiracy theories
    that are being circulated on social media? It’s the same about the vaccines. All world leaders took the vaccines and are very much alive and well yet there are fools who continue to listen to the conspiracy theorists who have evil intentions. Many of these conspiracy theorists have secretly taken the vaccines and are encouraging their foolish listeners not to take it.
    Back to the article at hand, a teacher cannot brutalize a child especially in Antigua and there isn’t an uproar? I’ve always heard the saying that foreigners bang water to come to Antigua. This shows a little disdain for the foreigner. Hence an Antiguan parent would never accept his or her child coming home bloodied from being flogged by any teacher let alone a foreign one.
    Come on people stop believing everything you read. You have a brain and a mind of your own, think. Oh, the Bible says that you must ask God for wisdom. After all, He is your creator.

    • Why do you truly speak so ignorantly. DO you not have any empathy and commonsense? Do you not even see numerous posts corroborating even part of the story?

      Because you are a foreigner does not mean you must be on the defensive. If the abuse occurred, it occurred.

      Develop a bit of class and prudence.

    • It is why bold and strong witnesses need to come forward, to assist victims like this and prove ignorant people like that wrong.

      Even if you can only corroborate part of the story, be bold and honest, do so.

  8. This is really a horrific story and if indeed true, these teachers need to named and investigated by the relevant authorities. All students who were witnesses to these behaviours should publicly come forward to corroborate this story. All school officials who facilitated and obviously empowered these two individuals to behave with such impunity should be held accountable, no matter who they are.

  9. That school was such a mess back then and for fear of being beaten innocently by parents, it was easier to endure alot of things. It really messes with your psyche. I can relate. The Spanish teacher was in fact VERY FRESH and the math teacher was ALWAYS DRUNK.

  10. Who became the attorney and the millionaire, was it the student or the teachers?

  11. Writer, I think you need some thrrapy. If you can’t afford it, speak to friends and family. It will at least help…

  12. Are you the individual who is guilty of the act that you labelled the writer as conspiracy theorist? Everything is conspiracy theorist is this age?
    This world we live in is not a perfect place it is naive to think that.
    The wars that happen in the past and now is it conspiracy theory also?

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