My Horrific Experience After Staying At 3 Resorts In Antigua and Tipping Over EC$19,000



The views expressed in this article are based on the author’s personal experiences and opinions during their stay in Antigua and Barbuda from May 11 to May 18, 2024. These views do not necessarily reflect those of the publication or its affiliates. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and consider multiple perspectives.

Horrific service, food poisoning and nasty property from Royalton-chic Antigua and from Cocos-resort Antigua and my experience at Carlisle Bay hotel. Tipping a total of over $19,000ecd in 7 days in Antigua and Barbuda, I guess this was just my way of helping


So, I went to Antigua and Barbuda for a funeral and booked Royalton-Chic in error. I meant to book the regular Royalton but online made it seems they are the same hotel, at the same place, just a different category on the same property. It is not, they are different 

However, I got there and the next day, at breakfast, later, I got diarrhoea, and minor stomach-ache. I did not eat breakfast the day after and was okay. I then ate breakfast again, the third morning, later on, had diarrhoea and minor belly ache.  

Then another morning, I had breakfast. This time, the diarrhoea was intense (I tipped the room cleaner lady $200), sorry how messy inside the toilet was (with watery splatter) and the belly ache was excruciating. I then picked up the pattern, it was something at the breakfast at Royalton—Chic that is poisoning me.  

My stay at this hotel was horrible. The food is horrible, like the food you find at the side of the road or in the US in the rundown restaurants is what they literally serve in this “luxury” hotel they called Royalton—Chic. The must inform you the side of the road food was numerous times better. 

The food poisonings weren’t the only problem I had there. 95% of staff were not from Antigua and Barbuda (there was 0 Barbudan) and nearly no Antiguans. Most managerial positions were held by foreigners and those who speak no form of English in a hotel in Antigua and Barbuda.  

The entertainment at night were Spanish-women who only dances to music that is Spanish. In fact, they have an international night, that only focuses on Cuba, Dominican Republic and Spain. No other country has a night, not even Antigua and Barbuda in the Antigua and Barbuda hotel. No entertainment or nights are dedicated to Antigua and Barbuda culture. 

All top positions are given to someone they imported recently into the country. I was using the restaurant on the property (I paid all inclusive), and I needed bottled water and asked for it, the server said there is none and I asked her to go downstairs and get me one while I eat, she did not. I got up, left the dining table and simply went to the bar and got the 2 bottles of water and went back to the table, this is what the server could not simply do for me. So, I continued tipping the property, employees I interacted with $100 (that was generally the least tip I have given). 

I must inform you I tipped the property a total of over $16,000ecd (most workers on property together, a total of $16,000ec dollars that I promise I would do for a particular reason, the reason was that I was fired from sandals-hotel in Antigua at the age of 18 for accepting tips and I promised I am going to go all out and tip no matter how unsatisfied I was from anything while staying in an Antigua and Barbuda hotel, for my first time, which happened while I was in Antigua in May 11 to May 18, 2024. I said I would tip no matter what and it is going to be a significant amount.  First, I said $10,000, then I went to $40,000 but I actually did about $19,000 in total at all the hotels I stayed in on that visit (May 11 to 18, 2024). I even offered $4000 (not included in the $16,000ecd tips at Royalton-chic) to pay a debt of an employee of Royalton-chic (please do not think I am saying this to be boastful and I promise I will not say who you are, this is only being said to establish credibility). It is up to this particular staff to corroborate, if you want too. My spirit told me to do it and I will follow that guidance that has always steered me right. 

I was horrifically dissatisfied but I sticked to my promise as some kind of kind-loving-revenge to those who fired me for accepting tips about 3 weeks into having my first and only job in Antigua at the age of 18, many years ago. I did this, even though Royalton-chic was the worse hotel on this planet that I have gone to, the food was horrible, and so was the poisoning of me and others, the last of the 3 food-poisoning was the worse, that tore me up. I must say I got the diarrhoea and stomach pain only when I had their breakfast, the days I did not, I had no belly pain or diarrhoea and I did not eat any place but on the property of Royalton-chic when I was on Royalton-chic.   


I remember that night complaining about them (Royalton-chic) always saying sorry for horrible service and food, this was the restaurant manager saying sorry to my table (myself and a family of about 5 who I only met at the property) for the horrible food, and service. I got so upset that every day since I have been there, all they say is “sorry and try it again please, give us another chance. We will make it up to you”. When you do give them that chance, it is some other severe problem. The kind that makes you run to the toilet while taking a walk with a beautiful lady you meet on the property. Well, I met her at the airport first and said hello. 

But that night what was very upsetting was the property manager in uniform sitting there eating and ignoring our complaints and seeing us so frustrated and he did nothing. He spoke Spanish and English, and the man (Yankarlos Zapata) see us there suffering and did not intervene at all. I realized that day, I cannot take this anymore and I must switch hotels. The man right next to us was the property manager who allowed us to suffer and offered no form of empathy or care or anything, he sat there and continue doing what he was doing and did not even say he was the property manager or second in common, but property manager only speaks Spanish. 

I will say, this made me so angry with the Antigua and Barbuda current government (ABLP) for allowing a hotel (Royalton-chic) to be started in Antigua and Barbuda, where nearly all positions are filled by foreigners (mostly recently came to the country for the job in some cases) while I have family members in Antigua and Barbuda packing shelves who has relevant cxc passes and enough education to fulfil numerous positions on that property.  

I literally tell you, nearly no one at Royalton-chic is Antiguan and Barbudan. No food from Antigua and Barbuda is on the menu. I demanded they get some. No Entertainment on the property is Antiguan and Barbudan.  

I am not anti-foreigner; I love my Caribbean people. I am simply saying it is highly unfair to guest and the host country to exclude them from the tourism product and from positions that they qualify for, while they are badly in need of jobs and instead bringing in brand new people into the country for those positions that is highly needed and sought after by locals. So, instead of tourism directors and ministers in Antigua and Barbuda talk about crimes and crimes rate they are not trained to mentioned, focus on demanding local hotels are staffed at least 100% by locals. Focus dude. 

How could ABLP allow this to happen, and this is not about having any grudge against ABLP, because I would be tearing up DNA and UPP, if they were in office/power when this is allowed to occur.  Just like I was so upset when UPP increase taxes during the economic crises in about 2009, when we would be blogging and me posting my Antigua and Barbuda crime prevention strategies. Regular bloggers will remember these days.

I then left Royalton-chic and switch hotels, I was there heading to COCOS hotel, I went there 8am to check in, my stomach was killing me (Royalton-chic food-poisoning), they said that I cannot get my room until 3pm (nearly the end of day of the day I book it for), I still had diarrhoea and asked to use a bathroom. They steered me to the front desk on May 17, 2024, to the toilet near the front desk. I entered this restroom, there were literally feces, wet, recent feces all over the toilet seat and floor (there email apologizing to me confirmed this. I do respect them for acknowledging my claim to be the truth, hotels like Royalton Chic denies, denies and denies but they apologize and offered to explain how the feces were all over the toilet, floor and so forth. 

This is in the toilet right in front of the check-in lobby which is a public toilet that serves guest who are at the front desk and front restaurant and no employee check frequently enough to see this toilet right in front of the front desk is completely covered in feces. I was standing with them for over 30 minutes, and did not see anyone enter it, so it was there for about that time, minimum, and no staff frequently go into that toilet to check its status. This was at COCOS in Bolans village, Antigua, W.I.  


Anyway, back to Royalton-Chic, I arrived there on May 11, 2024, and requested toothbrush and toothpaste, I ended up getting them on about May 16, 2024. It took that long for me to get such a product, after about 50 requests. Remember this is the property I was tipping employees $100s of dollars totaling over $16,000.00ecd at Royalton from May 11 until May 16, 2024, and at Carlisle Bay from May 16 to May 18, 2024, over $3000. I wonder who has ever tipped that much? The person with an axe to grind for being fired for accepting tips decided to do such a thing as some kind of justice for himself for being fired when this person was an 18-year-old bellman at sandals hotel in Antigua in about the year 2002. I want to take the time to thank that caucasian couple to say what the hotel did was wrong and invited me in their home in the US to visit. The rest is history and now is a present. List for me any hotels guest who have tipped in 7-days as much as me? I love healthy and fair competitions.  

So, in 7 days, I was at 3 hotels in Antigua and Barbuda, and Carlisle Bay hotel won in food, and service but they did have some issues too. Like when I went to the bar, as the only black person, I was asked if I am a guess on the property while the Caucasians-guest did not get asked that question. Is it because I am black, I cannot be at the hotel as a guest? Immediately they tried making that up to me, when I mentioned it. I do not want the guy to be fired but he needs to understand how that can make a guest feels around the other Caucasian-guest. So, as another revenge, I tipped that property for the 2 days I was there over $3000 in tips. I am weird, and the moralist and legalist.


There was also a lady, who never looked my way, she only spoke and laughed with the Caucasian guest on property. Maybe she did not think I was a guest at the Carlisle Bay Hotel, but she always looks at the Caucasian guest, and smile and say hello but for me, the black guy, it is like I am non-existent. But if I had to go back to Antigua and Barbuda, and must pick from the 3 hotels, I am picking Carlisle Bay hotel.  The goat water was good, there was local entertainment (gorgeous ones too). My sister would say why on earth are you trying to find a wife in Antigua and Barbuda, and I do understand her point but I do believe a few decent ones are there., I am blaming you too, for the horrific experiences.

My point is my 7 days in Antigua were horrific. And there are more horrific things that I am leaving out like the feeling of being unsafe and lack of national security of the country that you can truly feel. My May 11, 2024 to May 18, 2024 stay was horrific in Antigua and Barbuda.  

I want to honestly know this, have there been any person in Antigua and Barbuda who have tipped that much in 7 days, while getting the most horrific service and food?


As this is being submitted, the local bank manager stated yesterday, they are going to call me today or email me pertaining to the trust account to donate $1,000,000.00 to the village of Bolans, Antigua and Barbuda (I am literally questioning myself on whether to do this for people who have leaders that are abusive and would say, I cannot help you when you are over-qualified and doing honorable things). Like I said, I have no intent to enter into politics, I am in love with my current job and ownership of offices. But I still want/wanted to give/giveback to all people/groups/communities/countries that I care for but as previously written, I have and is encountering idiots, ignorance and folks that will do anything immoral and illegal for their political party, even victimize decent people.

Disclaimer: The resources being used to help others are mine and not those of the people’s taxes and opportunities being misappropriated/embezzled or converted into one’s personal money and being spent as if you are personally making such contributions.

I was not able to donate the equipments that arrived in Antigua and Barbuda for the police force and farmers’ security because the police force has a policy that no one should enter police headquarters in shorts and must stay outside in the burning heat and not wait in the Air conditioning until whenever, to donate lifesaving equipments to the same police headquarters. 


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  1. Remember Antigua is tremendously small. Take prudent actions, maybe you will comprehend when to detect honesty. This is so specific, it can only be the truth. Nobody is that stupid to be that specific and being dishonest.

  2. All this sound like u telling us about a bad dream that u had when u was 18 yrs old,come on tell us more,I still have some popcorn left,wicked man

  3. You are 100% correct. This person posted a few random, rambling stories before and also at times some long rambling comments. They have a particular pattern to their stories and comments that I have picked up on.

    I’ve seen this person in real life and know persons who he’s interacted with and it’s almost always the same pattern.

    I just don’t understand why the editors allow stories to be posted that are so fabricated. (I do at least commend them for a disclaimer this time) But it really shouldn’t be posted on a news site.

    The author is on the spectrum and has some issues/peculiarities.

  4. He stayed at Royalton Chic from May 11 to 16; and at Carlisle Bay Hotel from May 16 to 18. So, he could not have spent any time at Cocos Hotel. I seriously question this person’s soundness of mind. I also question his claim of tipping $19,000.00 in seven days at three hotels. Sounds like a disjointed fairy tale.

  5. Sir, you sound like someone who usually comments on this site about wanting to donate to x and y but subsequently changing his mind. I guess the people at Chic can say who you are. But should you feel so inclined to, can you indicate if at any point, you sought medical attention. If you said, my eyes might have skimmed over that part of this diatribe. The staff at Chic probably didn’t realize that they were feeding your obsession each time they took your “tip”.
    Hope that you get the help that you need!

  6. he only tipped females and wanted to see how many he could sleep with by flashing money. I’m sure you may have caught a few who would do something strange for a little change$$ but you can continue shitting your guts out.

  7. Pure fiction! This person comes over as some sort of ‘Walter Mitty’ character, that enjoys creating drama, where – it seems – no drama exists.

    What ah story though – he should join the ABLP!


  8. Listen folks, the author of the article is the same person who posts comments under the name of “MY WAY OF HELPING” as I said in my other message i know/know-of the individual.

    Just look at his comment on the article even. Trying to affirm the story.

    A story which wouldn’t even be in the dollar bin at a fiction bookstore.

    He can change his screen name from “my way of helping” but I’d still know when it’s him due to his let’s just say “peculiarities”

    He even claimed to be some big lawyer in the states that will work for antiguans etc for free n blah blah blah. Because of this n that. Heck, i even saw his business card (the sight of which would make your brain twist)

    He did an actual donation through some relative of his to the police force once (thanks to that relative having connections in the force) of some ultra generic equipment. He also tries to push some world saving crime fighting strategy that only he can develop.

    The guy is on the spectrum, has issues and definitely should not have “articles” posted.

  9. 7 days three resorts not even 4 good days at any one of them since you came to Antigua and spending day one having diarrhea how could you have moved around dining and drinking in any restaurants tipping so sound just how u look dumb black and you are clearly no different that any other person trying to bring down government or the industry all together because tell me why would an Antiguan be so wicked spiteful and lie against their country. This author indeed needs helps the man has ADD looking clout and attention sir please seek help you need it no wonder u came on a 7 day stay on your own because nobody wants to be around you with all that money you claim to have and one thing we should not do is allow people to belittle us no matter who dem be your money cannot give you manners and respect the damage they did to you by turning you gay clearly messed up your head and turned you into a lonely miserable attention seeking goon u are a liar your not making sense and I wish you would get sued so you can stay off Antigua newsroom

  10. @Charlie Simon, you ever heard of cancellation? Sarcasm, it is a process in which a person change a planned action. Usually for a reason. Like when feces are spilled all over a floor and toilet for someone who need to use that toilet and was told at about 8am your room will not be ready until 3pm. So, the dude with diarrhoea rush back to his previous hotel to release from food poisoning.

    Every person that is responding negative, which I bet everything it is that one idiot using numerous name, is a supporter of ABLP and instead of accepting the truth, they attempt to victimize victims.

    I have no clearer evidence of how much you are I’m horrible hands than the ABLP post here. Competent ABLP folks would say, we understand what you went through and we will work harder but incompetent ABLP turn into victim blaming and abusing.

    Thank God all ten of them are below me.

  11. @looking on,
    I am cracking up ha ha ha ha ha. You learn these tactics in politics? They can’t work when the person is credible and have actually done what he said he did.

    This is not the begging and conniving politicians seeking employment and lying to be in office. This is a dude that do not want or need a job or votes.

    So that strategy will be highly ineffective. Try another.

  12. @ my way of helping please come back we wanna help you get the attention you need while we make tips.because your timing in your story is very off and not possible u said u left royalton chic in two days after the poisoning yet still u ask for a toothbrush on your first day of arrival 11th but got the items on the 16 on the 16-18 Carlisle bay how the maths add up to put u in cocos Carlisle bay cocos royalton anyone of you remember this clown we should think of suing his ass since he have so much money

  13. I here by authorize Antigua newsroom to publish the email from cocos confirming the facilities was how I explained and the explanation om why feces was all over the floor and toilet on that May 17th, about 8am ish.

  14. Ok Mr “my way of helping” keep proving my point that you are the same said individual, Thanks.

    Let me help you by using your style of “logic”…

    Put on a bodycam that was donated to the RPFAB, go to Clareview Hospital, let them know that you want to be admitted since you are a lawyer working on your BA&MA in BAARK fighting strategies and the ABLP have not listened to you despite you offering millions of dollars, which you made by representing the people at no cost to them, then you can tip each worker there a worthwhile amount of money (they deserve it actually) while having the evidence on camera. You can then show this video to a 100% Antiguan and Barbudan woman (i.e. 50% Antiguan & 50% Barbudan) who will automatically fall in love with you since you give to others so freely, then we can name the playing field in Boland’s after you because you finally won something in life.


  15. I understand some people financial allow them having two hotels on the same day. Mine does. I do empathize. Please publish all the evidence newsroom.

  16. Cocos..make sure look at the 7:40am camera footage before he brought the state of the toilet to your staff’s attention. He might’ve dam well been the one who used the rest room before attempting to check-in at the reception counter.

    Bro stop drinking OJ on an empty stomach especially if you have irritable bowel disease. Start taking your meds and try hypnosis for what you experienced at sandals

    Royalton may need to do some local community outreach, the Latino influence is very stark however Chic Anu is a nice property

  17. @looking, you are cracking me up. Distraction. I would say smart move, not many of the local smart enough to look past it but I see failure and I will certainly prove it. I love difficulties and motivation. Ha ha ha ha ha

  18. Haha! Well partner: What you eat don’t make anyone else shit it seems. Especially when you buy shit, and then turn around and brag about it. You are such a glutton for punishment: that I must admit, I admire your tenacity to exploit your narcissism for the benefit of learner’s of the English literature. Journalism 101 is not for everyone, @eh eh!

  19. @shyster, I waited so long for someone to say that, “that I with my diarrhoea was the one at COCOS who pooped all over”.

    No sir/ma’am, I had to ask for directions and walked right into the feces, they then sent me to another, by the taxi guys station and I couldn’t find it, got upset and rush back to my other hotel, Carlysle bay hotel, pooped, and decided, I am not leaving that hotel.

    It was a crazy experience but the Gospel truth. A dude with diarrhoea that entered a hotel bathroom with feces all over the floor and toilet, early morning.

    I was like, this cannot be happening. Why me?

  20. The property manager offered me numerous things and I refused, because I did not want folks think I claimed diarrhoea to get money back or benefits. So I took the loss and pain, and refuse their return upgrade. I want nothing. I can buy what I want unlike one of these bloggers blogging with ten different names. Use your one name Mr. Dislike me since I defended my father. You idiot.

  21. ☠️☠️☠️🦉😂😂!

    Excuse me folks, it’s time to play #SCRABBLE!

    T G S E U…guest get use Sue set!

    H W O M…how mow who

    I think I’ll need B.A.A.R.K.
    My Way Of Helping stuffed #chiwawah the Crime Dawg, to help me understand, why this author “Guest” writes and sound so much like My Way Of Helping!

    I’m clueless!
    What would be the #motive?
    I “guess, I gonna have to keep #GUESS_ING!

    But, this is a Script to behold #truth, #fact, #fiction or Reality_TV_Show!

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De’ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  22. I Crack up laughing at @ Jolly.

    I only have sex in a committed relationship. But the diarrhoea took away from my time to find a wife. I had only 7 days.

    @Jolly, thanks for joke. I wanted that ha ha ha ha ha ha. Online Crack me up. Especially that particular one.

  23. Hear ye the words of my sire, none of you are worthy to question My Way of Helping. You plebians! You peasants! The Lord My Way of Helping knows all and sees all and we mere mortals are not worthy of his grace.

    Loyal Acolyte of St. Bartholomew (aka I know I know NOTHING!)

    I was amused but now I am concerned for your metal well being and members of the Thomas family should have serious intervention with you, and this news portal is encouraging your obvious decompensation episodes.

  24. @Ras smood, it says my way of helping right in the subject. That was not hidden.

    It also said, I went to make a donation of crime fighting tools in my shorts. Only I do that. LOOK at the clue that clearly says this is “my way of helping” in the title.

  25. Focus on the part that under ABLP, this hotel has about 75% employees filled from overseas arriving into the country just for the job. Not locals.

    Go verify. Literally and no exaggeration.

  26. It seems there is some psychological problem with this guy first off u can’t eat something the said morning and get diarrhea it doesn’t work so most times plus 7 days if u was still at chic after the first two days of diarrhea wi th no tooth brush and Colgate where were u on the 14th 17 th since you was at Carlisle bay and was heard of that u went to Carlisle after chic then u to Covid please state your case at least with some truth what I gather is that you boastful bad having money is fine it gives u the luxury of life but if u do claim to have money it’s new money that u feel the need to come show off and to show how you so full of yourself you have family why go hotel why not give your family those money or go donate to your village school and looking a wife fuck that your statement Antigua people not smart enough why come here to look a wife the fact is you come from where u come from with your bad stomach and your disrespect and treated your same nation people like they are beneath you let’s hope u can take your money to the grave with you because u came flaunting money looking for sex u came from the states your a big lawyer no wife no children no girlfriend even are you sure u not just a walking time bimb looking to make people sick. Your attitude was u told the waiter go get me some water now and she didn’t move you are a narcissist and people like you don’t usually last too long remember you up today and can get very low next day and based on a chic employee your as ugly as your attitude come off Antigua back u done go way stay away

  27. It’s persons like this fool that bring down the place and pretend their care use your money and focus on yourself your story is unbelievable u did not get diarrhea here u came with your bad stomach you did not give out no 19 000 xcd tip make your calculations make sense u we’re giving 100s maybe the maid 200 but for the days you been other places as you say how much encounter would u have had to give away so much oh please lies and attention you seeked I am hoping no woman here make your ugly ass lay on them and I wish we could get a picture of you to blast it’s growing up in America that made u think u somebody mannnnn your money will bury you

  28. Hopefully, the health authorities are paying attention. I believe there was a bug causing some bad diarrhea over the last month.
    During covid, hotels were very keen on stating that they sanitized and disinfected around the clock. Surfaces that were hardlyever wiped prior, but were frequently touched, were cleaned then on the hour.
    Now, when I visit hotels, the ‘hit or miss’ cleaning has returned. I believe that’s what caused this person to have what many might consider vivid hallucinations.

  29. Now the majority of ANR readers know you for what you are and definitely are not. It’s unfortunate what happened to your uncle, however, I hear NYC’s mental care facilities are some of the best in the world.

    Like that old Michael Jordan ad says, “Stop it, get help.” and that is my way of helping.

  30. @looking on and tenman, I just saw your post about me offering $1,000,000.00 to minister (s). What if I tell you this is happening because of the opposite, not offering such and demanded? What if I say that?

    What if I believe helping the little people is better than paying up to the big people?

    What if I am just a person who can keep really good secrets? No matter what, the information will be kept to the strictest of confidence. I still have admiration.

  31. After reading all comments seems like story. Are you waiting to pick an choose which posts you reply to?? If you for real then put your right name….?

  32. After reading all comments seems like story. Are you waiting to pick an choose which posts you reply to?? If you for real then put your right name….?

  33. @look on, I do not know you, please do not claim to know me.

    $5000 that @i know I know nothing, @tenman and @looking on, is the same person.

    Using the basic bombardment and distraction tactic.

    It is so clear it is distraction the person is pretending to have solved that I, my way of helping, is the writer of the above article when it clearly says so. Ha ha ha ha.

    But your tactic may work a bit, the folks are not too intelligent to see the illogical tactics.

    Also, I sense some jealousy about me acquiring my degrees, I am sorry you do not have any. Sorry I you are upset I make money morally and need not beg your politicians for a job like I was begging them to have my application deciding timely and on the merit without me having to drive anyone. Since I strive to be a moralistic and legalistic person.

  34. When Royalton Chic first opened, it was apparent that they weren’t ready. They really werent.
    No Antiguan breakfast (room service), yet it was on the menu. An elaborate in-room menu yet some food items were UNAVAILABLE. Also, order, and all that was served were tired excuses after plenty timewasting.
    So the author isn’t lying.
    Guests were beyond tolerant, and at some points, staff and guests were indistinguishable.
    All guests who stayed within the first 2 weeks should all receive a part-refund offer ( many had to exercise ‘the patience of Job’. )
    Things might have improved after. IDK, but guests murmured amongst each other of never returning.

  35. God was like, you promise to tip high no matter what? Let me test that. Ha ha ha ha.

    That test was crazy and painful. But I believe I passed.

    In conveying this experience, I am still in the test and staying strong and truthlhful. There is usually something God is doing for the betterment of me.

    God Bless you all, even…

  36. @T.H.

    I love you whoever you are. I wished you were the first blogger and not this tenman using numerous names, I guess my nemesis.

  37. The body cams were a nice donation to the local constabulary. You are aware your court documents are online and seeking over $200 million dollars in damages? Your US court case was dismissed because your reasoning, was lengthy, repetitive and difficult to follow. You sir are a grifter.

  38. “My way of helping” is a delusional lunatic. This story has so many contradictions that a child could figure out quickly that it is a made up story.

  39. The story has some specific information that can be verified or disproved.

    The diarrhea bit if true may have other causes since the body simply does not work like that.

    The aim of the writer is unclear. The chronicle of the story is off perhaps there is an unwritten reason for this. But the time line is off.

    The story is repetitive and seems to work over time to prove credibility. Perhaps something happened we may never know. But the author is a horrible writer

  40. So today Sunday what will the topic be? Yesterday it was about a tipping fetish / failed grandopening / the runs!!
    Abortion laws, anyone? Perfect for fatherday
    Or maybe we can debate drinking kool-aid vs. drinking gatorade to beat this heat

  41. Next time don’t eat the tissues, knives and forks so that you don’t get diarrhea. Stop smoke Crack.

  42. After reading this drivel I’m convinced thus author has ALOT of serve mental issues and needs HELP. With all that resources at his disposal and being in the USA why don’t this guy or his family go seek the help he needs. Writing all this fictional tales on an internet news blog is not helping but doing the opposite. Feeding into his delusions. He needs HELP!!!!

  43. @Helping, Your story is quite interesting. I don’t know if any parts are exaggerated or not. On the topic of the cultural aspects of the tourism experience in Antigua, I do agree that we don’t really as a country have a very cohesive cultural experience everywhere here. E.g. at the last Independence food fair there were very few Antiguan dishes compared to those from other islands. But, Antigua is not the Antigua of even 20 years ago. It’s now a multicultural country with significant percentages of Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Guyanese, Jamaican, Caucasians, and others living here in addition to the “indigenous” Antiguans. This is for many reasons including the fact that many Antiguans, such as yourself, have migrated without looking back to help those left behind in any substantial way. So, persons from other countries have been invited to help build up the country using their resources. They have helped, but of course they have also helped themselves to a better life while the previous Antiguans are often still stagnating. That’s probably because newcomers are often more industrious and focused on getting ahead whilst “Antiguans” fight one another over politics and wait for the government to do everything. So, Antiguans have become more outnumbered by more affluent “foreigners” taking over everything. But that’s ok. The earth is to be shared by all. What you could do to help is to use your resources to give entrepreneurial opportunity, home ownership opportunities etc. to those Antiguans who have been left behind. Apart from that, we should just embrace the new cultural diversity, perhaps having dishes from ALL the cultures at our hotels and festivals. We should also have competitions to create new cultural dishes based on foods that actually grow here. That would help to bring people together and also present a more cohesive tourism product to visitors. We should all simply work together to create a sustainable home for everyone who lives here.

  44. If this gentleman’s narration is true, the hotel owners and management need to do all that they can to ensure that incidents like these do not reoccur.. They may also want to reach out to this guest and try to make amends. Since he published it, they may want to respond publicly too because this incident may tarnish their image and that of our country.

  45. @Peace, you are a good person. I promise you my intent is to help that country and my village, without getting a thing in return, votes or job. In fact, I refused everything the hotels offered me to compensate me to show I was acting in good faith.

    There are people who cares 0 for the locals. There number 1 decision is not the betterment of the people. And I promise you before God, the information herein is the truth.

  46. To be honest nowhere is what it was 20yrs ago.
    What is lacking now everywhere is sidework, its straight to the result. Everything is instant. $14.99 from 15 dollars is one cent but the cashier doesn’t know that, cause the calculator is used.
    Similarly to cut costs (aka cheap labor) bodies are recruited and it is hoped that all else will fall into place after a little training. It doesn’t, it cant. So the foreign (highly experienced) managers have to be present. From the bellhop to the lifeguard, their ability to troubleshoot is needed, or your “luxury” brand will suffer. Soon our Antiguan managers will be the ones traveling to other countries to be the foreign managers, or so we hope.
    Also these big all-inclusive hotel companies are offering a Caribbean experience for billions who live in the cold five months of the year. These hotels aren’t splitting hairs to represent Antigua and Barbuda, its about sun sea sand. So yes, the staff will be Jamaican, Jerk and CurryGoat will always be on the menu, and many bigspenders (black,white,mixed) might expect something strange for the USD change.

    Kudos to all who do work hard in the service industry and much appreciation to those who go above and beyond (tip or no tip).

  47. @sharon
    He says they tried to make amends
    He in my opinion just woke up one day this week and chose violence

    In general though, hotels need to do better.

  48. Never heard so much bloody rubbish in my life. This person needs to die a very quick death , sounds like he/she is really suffering. Jump….Jump…. Jump from the highest level you can find ! 😡

  49. If this person gave out $19,000 in tips was it all in cash or was some done in cheque or even credit card? Was this $19,000 in cash bought with you from overseas or did you get it at a local bank?

    Since you have family in Antigua, I’m surprise that someone as wealthy as you have allowed them to work in the menial jobs they are doing. Why not open a business and have them as managers?

    Are you a regular traveler? How could you think checking into a hotel at 8AM in the morning is a good idea? How could you check out of a hotel room then go to another hotel room only to go back to the first hotel room to use the toilet?

  50. @Paul Scales-tenman,
    Smiling. That day will come ha ha ha ha ha. For your wish to be granted.

  51. @Bilboa of all saints.

    At no time did the article said he checked out of one hotel, Carlysle bay hotel, to check into Cocos. He, me, woke up early, not normal, went to check in to that hotel so when I switch over, I would not have to do it with all my bags, it was already done.

    This is my first time staying at Antigua hotels.

    Having family in Antigua doesn’t mean you want to stay at their house.

    I am the same guy who went to open an office there and was given a temporary fire-arms license that never took effect because it requires police training that never happened, and such permit takes no effect until such. I waited for over 2 months until the fire-arms permit expired without ever being used.

    I decided I cannot invest in my type of business unless I am 100% sure I will have the tools I need for the business. It is a dangerous job, investigate dangerous crimes committed to US tourist in Antigua and the Caribbean and submit evidence to various programs in the US that provide crime victim benefits that includes cash, immigration benefits, and other public assistance to the US or lpr victim abroad or for foreigners who were victims of the same kind of crime while in visiting the US but now in Antigua or back in the Caribbean.

    This office like you smartly said, was going to hire certain family members. I was not able to do so because of the delay in granting the fire-arms that is mandatory for me to have this business which would hire family and others in the community.

    I went to the PM Browne, he said he cannot help me, he said it to me and my aunt. I only wanted him to let them know this business serves a national and international important purpose and any accommodations that can be granted should be granted. Like timely providing me with the fire-arms training they promised me with the approved fire-arms license.

    Now for your question pertaining to the bank, yes, when I ran out of the $10,000.00ec dollars I had, I went to the bank again and withdrew $30,000.00.

    The day I went, the police officer I usually see at the headquarters front desk, was there with a team because they were fixing ACB bank teller machines connected to heritage quay I think is the name of the place. I went and shook his hand and continue walking up to the banks.

    Time ran our, and I was in a rush and I have only a little over $10,200.00ecd or so I brought up from that portion of money because I did not have time to return it to the bank.

  52. Dancehall singer General Degree has a song “Cartoon character.’ Zacari also has a cslypso titled ‘Toon Town.
    I could not have been more entertained by this prevarication if I was watching TOM and JERRY. Winston Churchill would call this a terminological inexactitude.

    Mr. My Way Of Helping, the plural of equipment is equipment. No s.

    You ‘here by authorize’. That should be ‘hereby’. One word. Apparently none of your many degrees are in English.

    Why don’t you just stay home and count your millions. Tap begging job.

  53. @Ron/BJ
    Doesn’t a job require the request for pay? Doesn’t a job require require you to apply for a job for you to have requested a job?

    If there was typographical errors, blame my phone who loves switching. Next time I will use the computer so it can make my English as perfect as yours. Ha ha ha ha ha.

    What is the plural of sheep and fish? Ha ha ha ha

  54. Those of you who believed this article and accept it to be the truth, you are intelligent and wise. Those of you who are do not believe or believe but pretend to not believe because it will make your political party look incompetent, then you are not too wise, and probably should not be in any leadership roles.

    Details, such a story, could only be the truth. It can be clearly verified or proven to be false by basic investigation.

    Most people have decided it is not true because they feel it is not true and not by applying basic investigative skills. Want evidence of incompetence? Look into those who makes such conclusions without the most basic investigation, inquire.

    Also, the technique of using multiple names, to bombard, can be effective in an uneducated society. So, ABLP may have won this.

    I have patience and trust. I always win in the end.

  55. Hi there,

    Chairman of the Hotel and Tourism association here. We have no record of this and would kindly ask that you contact us directly so we can address your claims. As representatives of the private sector, we take your claims very seriously and want to ensure that this investigated.

    [email protected]

  56. @craig, when you say you have not heard of the incident as chairman of hotels and tourism associations, it make it seems as of the properties include you in everything and also that statement would make idiots think the statements in the article is not true. Is anyone in Antigua competent in customer service and victim services?

    The issue is, the locals are not accustomed to anything good, so they cannot differentiate bad and incompetent services.

    Craig just said he did not know of it while responding to an article informing him of it.

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