My Gynecologist does something to me


Dear Kate,

I’m in love with my gynecologist and it’s running me broke. He is by far the most handsome doctor I’ve ever seen. 

I was introduced to him by my aunt after I had a urinary tract infection. When I saw him It was love at first sight.

So I kept making up these false pains in my tummy and all kinds of ailments just to see him.

Of course he would do vaginal examinations and I would wait to see if he has any interest but he doesn’t seem to have any.

I would wear the sexiest underwear and he wouldn’t even remain in the room while I undress. 

I even tried to twerk on the examination table and moan whenever he would examine me. But it’s like the man blind. 

Anyway, now I realise that I’m broke. I spent hundreds; well almost $3000 going for false visits and taking false tests and won’t notice me not even once.

He asked me If I’m sure my issue isn’t mental. I’m waiting for my salary this month to go back there and just be real with him. You think that might work?

Because I really want him to just see me for who I am- A sexy young lady with an incredible body who is just ready to be his woman.


Dear Patient,

Sorry I mean impatient.

I cannot guarantee you that you will have your way with your gynecologist because I’m pretty he realises your ailments are fake.

After all he’s a professional.

You also need to realise you just made a man wealthier while running yourself broke. That seems more like desperation to me than love.
What makes you think that this doctor doesn’t already have a family and children? 

Impatient; let me be honest. Leave the doctor alone. Stop wasting money on trying to buy love. Obviously love cannot be bought.
And another thing; dont fake illnesses lest it really come upon you.


*Editor’s Note: Kate is being published twice a week until backlog of letters clears

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  1. Good answer Kate. She is selling herself cheap and short, but the buyer is not even remotely interested. “He asked me If I’m sure my issue isn’t mental”

  2. Girl the doctor already see throw u,i believe u make his day,he play along with u,he is a doctor,sometimes the doctor had seen good in you,but u turn his mind off,by doing what u do,i believe go and let him know I believe u will learn something for the rest of your life,never do that again,you are a pretty woman beauty comes from within,,

  3. I am pretty sure that kate left out the word ‘sure’.
    As for ms.impatient, you are a lunatic. Try spending that money at clarevue. Sexy underwear really! By now you must realise that most doctors are immune to come-ons from patients. We as humans feel attraction to anyone who makes us feel safe and cared for. Maybe the doctor should prescribe you some ritalin.Try making an appointment with a female doctor when your next pap is due!

  4. Strait up, this is why male doctors should have a female nurse present when examining a patient; female doctors should have a witness too.
    Strait up, this is why the #metoo era is a two edged sword.
    Strait up, this why professionals need to protect themselves i.e. documentation, disassociation etc, cause clients like these can cause plenty plenty drama. Twerking: the VERY idea!!!!!!!!!!!
    The mad thing though is that with all the empowering and the gender bending, any gender can get caught up in these types of pepperpot.

  5. Chu me get the vibe from she already know….. Come chu nex week lemme put out the fire one time. Man PROFESSION-AAL !

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