My girlfriend tries to inspect my anus


Dear Kate,

It has happened enough times that I feel the need to write to you about it. I have noticed a tendency of my girlfriend to observe my anus.
On one occasion I caught her inspecting my anus while I was asleep. She also likes to kiss my butt during sex and asks me if I like it.
I am really not sure what to make of this. Does my girlfriend think I’m gay? Can you tell me what’s behind the anus inspection and jokes?
If she doesn’t stop I fear that one day my reflex action may land a harmful blow on her.
Coming from behind


Deat Coming from behind

I am in no position to tell you what your girlfriend may be thinking or even up to.
However, this sounds like a fetish to me. Some people have some weird ones.
I think the answer to your question is right in front of you. You bypass your butt sniffing woman to ask this private question and bring it on social media?
I think you should ask your girlfriend why she’s so into your “behind”.  I would have thought this would be the first thing you do.
The inspection thing had me wondering if she’s checking to see if you’ve had anything in or out of there other than what it was made naturally to do.
Talk to your woman. But I’m getting from this letter that perhaps your aim isn’t to get the truth but to stir up some kind of discussion.
If this was anything as serious as you claim, you would have already taken the matter to her.

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  1. well the alp bow tie guy is the reason ladies would check to see what’s going on ,oh sorry y is politics in every thing sorry

        • We all know he loves Azz….cos dem ah the one who outed his razz….

          He DNT fool no one but himself…maybe if he jus said …I’m bisexual….then could accept it and moved right along…

          Many women materialistic….. DNT even care if their men is on the DL…as long as their materialism is fully met….most fool themselves into thinking they have images too keep up….smfh…

          I DNT blame any young lady that proactively takes her health into her own hands….by any means necessary…

      • And what about the St. Peter’s one that ratted out his St. Phillip’s partner.

        We all know that the St. Peter’s had a police officer back in the late 90s early 2000 breaking all kind of business glass display at a certain Shoe Store of Switzerland to escape his unwanted grasp.

        Added too, that he the St, Peter’s ratter has a tendency to transport young ladies from trinidad and southern caribbean countries to here; then he calls up a male friend to have his way with them while he himself sit AND admire in the same room how the action is going and sometimes lean over to play with the male’s golf balls to entice the male of the putting. hmmmm!

        Lest we forget.

  2. Some women like a man with a sexy ass. There’s nothing wrong with that. To each their own. Some people like sucking toes and elbows. Let her be.

  3. Why is this gentleman’s anus your lead story when we have so many important matters at hand ANR?
    Are you serious? Don’t you have a Dear Kate section?
    Do better than this.

  4. In all Honestly….Dear Kate sometimes just DELETE and dont even bother to reply and post…Cause this is just some real BS that the public could of done without…Just saying

  5. Geez man clowns keep ya nasty bs politics talk from Dear Kate if y’all nah like the stories or think them fake nah read them chupz elections soon done and some of you clowns nar go have anything to talk about.

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