My Fiancé is a fraud



I am going to get married to one of the most diabolical liars and con artists in history.

Seriously speaking. And I am beginning to think that I was tricked into this relationship.

I noticed on our first date he spent a lot of money and I was impressed. Only to find out he took out a loan to impress me… (you don’t ask me how I know).

I didn’t think anything of it. I figured to myself that he just wanted to make sure I had everything I wanted on our first date.

Then once I was settled with him, all kinds of people kept calling him about money that he owed.  I heard him say one time he had to do medical surgery and started collecting money. Kate that wasn’t true.

And the thing just kept going on. Tricking one person to another for material things. We have a lot of things at home and I don’t know where it’s coming from. I am worried I might be marrying someone that could endanger my life.


Dear Afraid,

Clearly, your life is under some kind of threat based on what you’ve said. The writing was on the wall since the first date. You have every reason to be very afraid. I suggest you reconsider your future with this man, lest you find yourself in a situation that you cannot get out of. Take my advice.


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  1. Afraid??? So why are you going to marry him?

    I’m not sure what the law in Antigua is concerning marital assets or acquiring a spouses’ debt, but you have already seen the signs; you don’t have to wait until disaster strikes to secure yourself and your future.

    Remember, the idea of getting married is wonderful! Especially after you’ve invested time getting to know the person. BUT, it’s the ‘living’ after the honeymoon that really counts. BE CAREFUL HOW YOU TREAD THIS JOURNEY!

  2. Sounds tooooo familiar… My luv run and as fast as u can… U will inherit his debts… Your peace of mind is more important than a liar, thief, scam artists… The bible clearly says, a thief comes to kill, steal and destroy.. He’s emotionally killing you; stealing your joy, peace; destroying your home, outside relationships, Morales, so again RUN and as fast as u can… Wait on God, he will give u the desire of your heart….

  3. She Shouldn’t Even have to ask nor write Kate Nothing, Girl Are You A white American Canadian Or British ???? Only white People Going to ask such a Question. westindian black girls we Already Know the Answer🤔🤔🤔🤔

  4. Remember wives are financial liable for their husbands, so think twice before entangling yourself to someone with a money problem.

  5. dont married this man think first ….investigate a little bit more to watch and see whats really taking place …dont he work???? his job can tell you how much money he is working for to see if he can afford these thing he is bring home
    dont play dumb wise up

  6. Girl trust me, move on and leave that fraud alone now. If you get married to him you will be trapping yourself and bringing shame on you as his wife. The writing is clearly on the wall, if his actions are that sleazy or questionable it is best to end things now. You should also think about protecting yourself, if you don’t feel safe now it will be worse if you marry him.
    All the best.

  7. Forgive me, but I just don’t understand women sometimes. The fact that you can be writing about this says that you are well aware of the problem. Why do you need someone to tell you it’s not good for you and that you should move away from the situation? Allot of times women allow the abuse that exists in their lives. Is it that you like the nice things that he brings that you don’t want to move on? You should really examine what is best for you and make a decision based on that.

  8. I feel your pain but, this is what happens when we get into relationships and do not get to know the person we are involved with. Trust me, I am speaking from experience because I am married to a fraud. After we got married his behavior changed drastically. We are now in the process of getting a divorce and guess what? He wants alimony, life insurance, etc. Mind you, he never came into the marriage with anything but wants to leave with his pockets filled. Lady, run for the hills and don’t look back.

  9. Why would you wid a clear conscience and admission MARRY a con artiste diabolical LIAR……WHYYYY
    and have the audacity to ask kate the ? When Cleary the facts are b4 you… you like attention 4 sounding STUPID?…but i guess the materialistic benefits outweights CHARACTER

  10. Look woman use you head and act sensible. You need somone to tell you to leave that man be when you know how he is and will continue to be? Chupz your annoying me

  11. Sister run and run fast.
    I can shear you pain cause I escape from a similar situation. So take it from me run and run fast

  12. Why are you getting married again? I thought people got married because they are in “LOVE”.
    If you don’t feel that way and you have these intuitions runnnnnn…
    It is not going to change.

  13. He Must be Volmer Cochrane. Cocky begs his son to help him, his son gives him a job and lot of money and then the man go and steal the sons client the next year and take fuhey money to nyam. Old Cocky is now back on island acting like the big man after he thief he son money.

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