My boyfriend cheated on me with a man — I felt ‘relieved’


Maitlyn Walrich, 23, said she was “relieved” to learn her boyfriend had allegedly cheated on her with a man.

“My initial reaction to finding out he cheated was relief — I felt like I was going crazy suspecting he was hiding something,” Walrich, who goes by Mae, told Jam Press.

She said she suspected her then-boyfriend for months, but as much as Walrich tried to ignore her gut instinct, her doubts crept into her dreams.

“When I had finally decided to trust him and let go of my suspicions, I asked him one last time if he had ever cheated on me, and he said, ‘no’ — but a few hours later, he sent me a long message confessing,” said Walrich, who didn’t identify her ex by name.

“The guilt began to eat him,” she continued. “I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders, and I thanked him for finally being honest with me.”

Maitlyn Walrich
The 23-year-old tried to ignore the signs, but she said her then-boyfriend eventually confirmed his infidelity.
Jam Press Vid/@maitlynwalrich

Walrich posted a TikTok to her now-defunct account, explaining to her 22,000 followers how she handled the news.

She said she “felt less crazy” after he admitted to cheating while drunk at the beginning of their relationship.

She said he “hid it from [her] for about six months.”

“My gut instinct about this man told me exactly who he was, but I didn’t listen because he told me otherwise,” she shared.

He felt like it was a “huge mistake, and he wanted to fix it.”

Walrich said her ex-beau revealed “he identified as bisexual, which didn’t bother me whatsoever because I am also bi. However, I wish he had felt comfortable enough to share it with me sooner.”

Maitlyn Walrich
Maitlyn Walrich claims her ex-boyfriend cheated on her and hid it from her for six months.
Story from Jam Press (Cheating Boyfriend)

The couple eventually reconciled and tried to put the infidelity behind them, but after a few weeks they called it quits.

“I decided to leave before I started taking out my anger on him,” Walrich confessed.

Maitlyn Walrich
Walrich appreciated his honesty and tried to make the relationship work again.
Jam Press/@maitlynwalrich
Maitlyn Walrich
She admits, “I struggle a lot more than I did before because this man’s words were so genuine and innocent.”
Jam Press/@maitlynwalrich

“Even though he cheated, no one deserves to be in a relationship where their partner is hanging something hurtful they did in the past over their head,” she added.

When she shared the news with friends and family, “they all responded with something along the lines of, ‘I knew it.’”

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The traumatic experience left Walrich with doubts.

“I struggle a lot more than I did before [with dating] because this man’s words were so genuine and innocent, but his actions weren’t,” she admitted.

“I would say this man was the best relationship I’ve experienced overall, aside from being cheated on, so when I hear other people saying the same kind of things he used to, I get a little nervous.”

Walrich is not the only woman claiming to have been deceived by a former lover.

A TikTok influencer recently reported using cruise ship security footage to catch her boyfriend cheating.

Another TikToker says she exposed her man when she accidentally stumbled upon a video of a woman allegedly primping for a date — at her own boyfriend’s house.

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