Mussington denies Cadastral survey was completed on Barbuda island; rather, land is being used for enrichment, he says


REAL NEWS –  Barbuda Councilman John Mussington is refuting claims that a Cadastral survey was recently concluded on the sister-island.


This contradicts reports that the survey – similar to one that was conducted in the early 1970s on Antigua – was completed a few months ago.


Mussington confirms that no such survey was undertaken in Barbuda and so, he says, people need to stop spreading what he calls “nonsense.”


He explains that a Cadastral survey is a multi-year detailed process.


It involves finding out whether every single plot of land on the island is owned or not; who owns it, if so; and whether there are several persons laying claim to ownership.



Then, he adds, there must be a process of hearings and adjudication to determine rightful ownership.


Mussington notes that the Cadastral survey in the 1970s was undertaken throughout all the Caribbean islands – that is, the former British colonies – to straighten out the land system.


What is now taking place in Barbuda, the Councilman says, is that persons are using lands to enrich themselves.


Meanwhile, the Browne Administration’s move to have Barbuda lands form part of the Land Registry, thus becoming Crown property, is not sitting well with Mussington.


He reiterates that Barbuda lands were never deemed to be owned by the Crown, after having been purchased by the Government, decades ago, on behalf of the people.

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  1. After they make Barbuda part of the Antigua Registry the lady incharge of Lands and the top Lady at the Land Registry can start transferring lands to their family and friends for little or nothing like they are doing in Antigua. The rest they will sell to the highest bidder. Just saying….some of these land grabbers are there for all to see. If you look in the right place.

    • When will you people stop selling your souls! One day and maybe very soon too, your grands and or great-grands might have to be renting from these same interlopers because they, more than anyone else, know the value of lands and they won’t be selling for sure, so you can continue to make a mockery of a dire situation. While you and your kind are being frivolous,the grabbers, with the effort of our government, are hoarding our lands.

    • @ Just like Justin and Giselle beat the government several times at the Privy Council with her case that caused your said government to fork out over $3,000,000.00 to settle the law suit that Michael Brown and Gaston and the ABLP make tax payers have to pay.

  2. The same stick licking the wild goat is the same licking the tame- Barbuda big developer. They were given all the sea shore lands in Barbuda. They spread out like they are the legitimate sons and daughters of the Barbudan slaves. The rich Jumby bay style of living is only for the children of the white enslavers. The children of the poor slaves are confined to Codrington- Barbuda’s 1735.
    Bitter sweet- So Maria and Family owns ( fronting for GB – always must own piece of the pie ) lots of lands on Barbuda. Now I heard that the big developer is not leaving any access for GB’s family and the two had a royal falling out.
    Yesterday Weston was on the radio going after the developer- GB don’t mind at all. The developer is now in control of Barbuda and out of control of the ABLP and even more so GB.
    So his gated community which is about half of Barbuda beach access will not allow any access to to GB’s family interest or any Antiguan or Barbudan as a matter of fact. Lessons for the wise – the rich White’s always look down on the Blacks. They use our greedy politicians to gain access to our prime resources and then dump them like trash. They normally have dirt on them because our black politicians take bribes. If we spend time and take a honest and serious look at this very issue of our politicians selling out and playing up to the the white. We will find out how marred our history is.

  3. I have a couple of questions that all of the bloggers out there and even Mussington himself should answer:

    Is Antigua & Barbuda a unitary State?
    If yes, as I know it is. Why are people from Barbuda entitled to purchase and hold land on Antigua, but people from Antigua are not entitled to the same privilege on Barbuda?

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