Murder suspect Anthony Boyd surrenders to Police

Boyd is in custody

The Jamaican man wanted for the country’s third murder for the year is now in police custody.

Murder suspect Anthony Boyd turned himself in to Police Headquarters shortly before 5 Monday morning.


Boyd is the spouse of Althea Henry who was murdered at her Cashew Hill home on Sunday evening.


She was found with several wounds and is the country’s third homicide victim since the start of the year.


In 2017 Boyd was charged with the attempted murder Henry, who was 47 at the time.

The charge was brought against Boyd, after Henry was found in a “bloody and bruised state” in Radio Range, the police said in a STRATCOM release.

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  1. And yall still let his dam ass out after hw was charge with attempted murder ??
    What the hell ia wrong with this country

  2. Yall calm down.The attempted murder back in 2017 he was to be in prison for it after he was been charged.It was Althea who in fact didnt pursue the matter any further thats why the allegations were dropped before him.Come to me like some of yall women love when man beat yall.Is like if the man dont put his hand on yall,yall dont call it love.Yall dont even love yallselves as a matter a fact.Most of these women are women that are beautiful, independendent and have they owner things but will have a man beat you up and still take care of him.Come on….

    • Your comment is insensitive and without research.

      If you never understand, then may you at least lose your judgment. It is these kind of comments that women factor in sometimes. And they are getting blamed either way.

      Look into how many professional women with their “owner” things are abused by men.

      Certain men actually love to prey on these women and ‘lock them down’ early. Tend to marry pretty quickly, and then the woman is too scared and mortified to leave, so they suffer in silence and put on a façade.

      Very sad. Much to be changed in our societt and mindsets in relationships.

  3. What manner of Mickey Mousery is this? How can you drop a charge of attempted murder? It is not for the victim to pursue but for the law to take it’s course. If someone in fact did attempt to kill someone, a law was broken and it is up to the courts to decide. The victim cannot drop the charges because the charge was not brought by the victim.

    • Antigua is a high crime, highly uneducated country.

      It isn’t your fellow poor Caribbean folks causing the problems in your country.

      It’s the fact that your government is full of con artists selling off the country’s wealth to the highest briber

      Wake up. You sound like a bigoted dupe

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