Multiple people injured after they were mowed down by a minivan on Market Street

Photo by Sadique Armstrong

Police have told Antigua Newsroom that nine pedestrians were injured after they were mowed down by a minivan on Market Street.

The injured have been taken to the hospital in ambulances.

The incident happened mid-afternoon Wednesday, as the driver of the Brownies Bakery vehicle ran into several produce stalls along the road.

According to reports, the driver had just exited the Fisheries Complex, and it is believed he had a medical emergency.

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  1. Drivers licenses should be suspended for reckless driving it’s happening to often now getting out of hand

    • @spliffy+leaks, what did he do for his license to be suspended? Did you see that he was driving recklessly? No. So please be quiet! The man suffer from seizures

    • what did he do for his license to be suspended? Did you see that he was driving recklessly? No. So please be quiet! The man suffer from seizures

    • Did you read and understand that it is believed that the driver had a medical emergency. It’s not a willful act or a simple accident.

    • The guy had a seizure. License suspended for what?? It wasn’t an intentional act! Take your brain our your ass ‼‼‼

      • So if he suffers from seizures, should he be driving though? Had anyone had died, it would have been on him regardless

      • @ ANTIGUA CITIZEN hope that happens to you too then I’ll watch people try to take your brains out of your ass. My guess is it will all be in vain at that point.

      • Because he is not fit to drive, and should not hold a permit. It is not safe for him or the people on the street. That’s why!

      • He could be your father or sugar daddy ,he is just not fit to be driving with that medical condition…Putting innocent lives at risk at any given time smfh

      • So, IF he had killed 20 people that would be okay since he suffers from epilepsy. Don’t be stupid. For his safety and the safety of the people, his permit must be permanently withdrawn. This is a matter o LIFE and DEATH.

    • You need to shut your cake hole. You have no idea. Why this accident happened. However,you are jumping to a judgement without all of the facts of this matterThere is no wonder. You are always touting and “bigging” up Gaston Browne.

  2. @spliffy+leaks, what did he do for his license to me suspended? Did you see that he was driving recklessly? No. So please be quiet! The man suffer from seizures

    • Why Brownies have him driving for the company if he is a “vehicular risk”?? Did he not disclose this to Brownies? I’m happy that there were no fatalities tho.

        • Good Job Authorities for allowing this man his driving license with his health condition. Clearly the system doesn’t care about lives lost. It is suicide to have someone in that state driving. Guess they may be working on depopulation this part of the world. This is like giving an insane man a license to an assault rifle and loosing him on Broadway.

        • A seizure is a single occurrence but if he is known to have unprovoked and unpredictable seizures,then this frequent or repeated seizures is clearly epilepsy-a neurological disorder.He needs treatment ,medication etc and for his own good and the general public he should not be driving/operating heavy duty equipment until when the seizures are under reliable control.Only a professional in that field can monitor and make that determination not himself.Get the help

  3. No serious injuries I hope.

    A…toxicology report should/would help.(btw, do law enforcement collect samples such as urine/blood at the scene of accidents from drivers?)

      • @Smh…emergency transportation such as ambulances and vans used by first responders have a private space, to accommodate pissing in a cup, right there at the scene of the accident.
        Blood can be drawn, in private too!
        The Nation is in need of #Forward and #Progressive thinking, not naysayers void of problem solving.

        Yes, #All drivers involved in any accident MUST piss in a cup and provide blood for detailed analysis

  4. He drive reckless and injured people so the best excuse is he got a seizure …think about it …he’s gonna get off and this is normal in Antigua so

    • Well at least he is not responsible for the death of:

    • Actually he does suffers from seizures this is something everyone knows… Sorry this happened to those people thank God no one died… and hope no injuries are serious

      • For his own safety and the safety of the people of Antigua, he must not have a driving permit. Next there there will be dead people all over the place. Common sense tells you he must not drive.

      • If it is known that he has seizures, then this could have been prevented.

        Brownies needs to offer him a non driving position please

    • Guess this is a WAKE UP CALL for all those roadside vendors who “ghettorize” Market Street. Didn’t SJDC say they were going to move them off the street and into the public market???

      • Let’s see if they dont move them. They take up the sidewalks and street space forcing pedestrians to walk in the streets exposing themselves to vehicular traffic. They need to move.

  5. I thought it was a taser!
    He suffered from seizure!
    I was just replying to a text!
    I only had two beers!

  6. 1. Let’s give thanks that there has been no loss of life.
    2. The law states that licence holders have a duty to report to the licencing agency any health issues that may affect their ability to drive – including seizures.
    3. Usually a person has to be seizure free for 1 year or not taking any seizure medication to be permitted to safely drive.
    4. Should the driver have knowledge of the above – they may indeed risk being disqualified from driving until they can prove that they are seizure free.
    Thought this information may clarify.

  7. Shantel I hope your bf is ok and the others in this sad incident. I think it would be good and responsible advice that he refrains from driving seeing he has this condition. I am no expert but what he has could affect him without warning. Don’t wait until he dies driving to say I wish I had….

  8. Umm… it all depends on if this poor driver reported his epilepsy to the officials when he applied for the driver’s license. (A simple search could tell) Many countries have special regulations of driver with epilepsy. God bless everyone.

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