Multi-million dollars drug bust in Caribbean Sea, suspected smugglers nabbed


(CMC) — The United States Coast Guard on Saturday reported that the crew of Coast Guard Cutter Heriberto Hernandez offloaded approximately 1,981 kilograms of cocaine and 28 kilograms of amphetamines in Puerto Rico following two separate interdictions in the Caribbean Sea.

The US Coast Guard also said that six suspected smugglers were interdicted in the operations.

The seized illegal narcotics have a wholesale value of more than US$48 million.

In its report, the coast guard said the interdictions are the result of multi-agency and international partnership efforts in support of the Miami-based US Southern Command’s enhanced counter-narcotics operations in the Western Hemisphere, the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) programme and the Caribbean Corridor Strike Force (CCSF).


  1. No doubt these idiots will get life behind bars, and rightfully so. In the Phillipines they would have been executed on sight, but this is not the Phillipines, In the Phillipines, both drug deal4s and drug users are frequently shot on sight, and it’s all quite legal. They take all of this very seriously. Wow!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful place to live. I would love if Gaston would ride around on a moped shooting criminals or throwing them from a helicopter as the Philippines president does. What is the punishment for Vampirism ?

    • You asked what is punishment for vampirism in the Philippines? Probably throw vampires into a school of blood thirsty sharks. These people don’t fool around The Philippines is not a welcome place for drug dealers, drug users or vampires, and amazingly their President has one of the highest popularity ratings in the world. Not a welcome place for killers, vampires, or drug dealers (or users), that’s for sure. Imagine, “riding around on a moped shooting criminals or throwing them from a helicopter as the Philippines president does”, and yet probably be the most popular man in his country!!!!!

  3. All these so called drug busts in the Caribbean Sea. very strange if you ask me. Lets not be distracted. America has just signed a shiprider agreement with Guyana, as they seek for a reason to invade Venezuela. All this is smoke. If Trump wins the election I’m sure this would be his first war in the Caribbean to get hold of the oil fields of Venezuela.

    • I think you are confusing Trump with Hillary and psycho Joe. US would have invaded Syria if Hillary won. Not seeing how invading Venezuela has anything to do with this ? If there was any time to act in Venezuela it would have been while Obama was President.

      • There are NO “Antiguans for Trump”, so your posting is FAKE news. Trump will soon be history. He’ll go off into retirement soon. He’s done nothing for Antigua. Are you in Miami or New York???

  4. @Maynard:How the hell would you. There are no Antiguans for Trump. I have never lived in Miami and or New York. Barack Obama was a so called Black President. What the heck did he do for Antigua and the Caribbean as a whole. Here is something both he and Biden did to Caribbean people. Obama/Biden Administrations deported more Caribbean Nationals than all of the other Administrations combined, in the history of the United States of America. I am a voter and no tells me who I should vote for. That decision is mine and mine alone. No one could pay me to vote for anyone.
    Sidelines:Seeing that you looked into your crystal ball.Could you tell me.Who penned that WhatsApp.The one the seems to incriminate the Office of the DPP.I have an idea as to the author and distributor. I like the facts.Seeing that you are a flunky of Gaston Browne.Do tell us.


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