Mugging victim undergoes life-saving surgeries

The victim of a violent attack at Grays Farm last week, seventeen-year-old Jahhym Azoo, has undergone a number of surgeries at the Mount St. John’s Medical Center (MSJMC) in pursuit of saving his life.
Doctors have previously deemed his survival chances at 50 percent due to bleeding on his brain, but with surgery they were able to control the bleeding.
The operations were lead by three doctors from Trinidad and Tobago.
Jahhym Azoo was walking in the vicinity of Greenbay Primary School Thursday evening when five males attacked him and robbed him of a pair of Adidas slippers and his cellular phone.He reportedly resisted the attack and the robbers escalated their violence. They reportedly beat the teenager to the ground and stomped him in the face repeatedly before fleeing.

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  1. I hope this young man survives. Whoever did this to him are simply awful people.

    It is time for Antigua’s government to go after criminals (especially the ones from Jamaica and Haiti) in a unrelenting way, no mercy. We need to stop CARICOM immigration now and we need to get a handle on the non-citizens that are currently running around rampant in the country. Ever since Antigua started allowing mass immigration 10 years ago, the violent crime rate has skyrocketed. Any non-citizen with a criminal history beyond a parking ticket, etc. must be deported ASAP.

    We need a Antigua National ID card with everybody’s current address on it, picture, bio-metric information, and immigration status. The police force needs higher pay and we need university educated police officers that can be smart in solving crime. We need more HD-quality CCTV throughout Antigua!

    • Shut your chupit ass, what crimes are the Haitians doing in Antigua, smfh. There’s way more Haitians in Dominica and not one ain’t committing any serious crime. They go about there business looking for work to do. You’re just a biased prejudice asshole

    • How do you know that the attackers were not Antiguans anyhow? Or a mix of nationalities. Is there something you know that you’re not telling us?

  2. Those attacker had to be demonized. I realized there are a lot evil act being committed by young people between the age of 15 to 35 in Antigua and Barbuda, and it is more among the young males population. Where are the parents of these young males that are making Havoc on mankind the nation at large? Parents please pray for your children. I believed in curse passes down to 3rd and 4th generations.

  3. A pair of adidas slippers!!! … Oh my! How evil is this world??… These young men … smh .. only God can help them . They almost killed this boy for a pair of slippers and a phone, all because they want to take people’s things. God help us, is all I can say.

    • It’s amazing how as soon as crimes take place in Antigua it has to be a foreigner cause Antiguans don’t know even know how curse a bad word as we know foreigners are the ones who teach them yall full of hot air… if you have nothing to say no say nothing it’s time to catch the perps who did it and after then you can point fingers focus on that….nonsense……
      I agree stop them from coming stop them from sending their food and everything else that they contribute here and send home all the others… Then send back all the Antiguans abroad as well🙄⚠️⚠️

  4. Has his attackers been arrested yet? The parents for these attackers should be arrested to for raising evil children.

  5. I earnestly pray that firstly this young man survives the injury done to him. Seondly, I pray that those who perpetrated this horrendous crime are caught and made to answer for their actions and thirdly that in considering punishment of those found to be guilty that the court takes into consideration that this young man could have lost his life and if God pleases and he makes it through all his surgeries that he may have a lifetime of residual effects on him. IN OTHER WORDS, PUNISHMENT TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW.

  6. I am so sorry, I truly am. No one deserve this

    I know why there are more robberies. Retired and now charged, again, hero officer, who is not afraid to investigate suspects and their suspicious behavior on people’s property they have no right to be on, are being arrested, detained unlawfully, beyond the 48 hours without being charged, and then being charged for a crime that no reasonable attorney or police officer could have at the time set a Prima Facie case of a crime and that all circumstantial evidence supported good-faith act of this hero retired officer and that there were not only reasonable suspicion, there were probable cause, to approach the suspect and then in defending his life from the suspect.

    So, criminal will continue to be in no fear. They know they are protected and they will continue burglarize, rob, kill rape and sadly you can now blame the police and prosecutors and government for this increase in crime because criminals are not afraid, they know if they are caught or shot, they will be set free and the good-samaritan instead, you the people, will be charged for protecting your friends house, your friend’s daughter and their property.

    The criminals have no fear, I am sure these criminals are back to victimizing more folks. So enjoy what encouraged, supported either expressly or impliedly. Criminology is a serious matter. You have a normlessness, people not knowing when they will truly be punished of committing crimes because they see other criminals being let go and victims being charged instead. Welcome to the world of the Anomie Theory, differential association, labeling theory, Strain Theories, Social Disorganization Theory, Social Learning Theory, Psychological Theories. A small country like Antigua and Barbuda has perfect examples of the crime theories. Instead officers do their job correctly, they prefer charging someone unjustly to cover their butt because they violated some one’s constitutional right, and allow a criminal to walk free without a charge. More criminals see this and they are on the move, they know police will not arrest and charge them, they know most people in society can not protect them-self, and they see the profits of their fellow criminals making in crimes, very low arrest and solving of crimes. Antigua is a perfect place for criminals.

    I wish there were more hero officers like this retired and criminally charged for self-defense and defense of others retired hero ASP.

  7. I want to ask a question . The attackers , Are they from Jamaica or Haiti ?
    I am in agreeable with you, to send the ones home who don’t give any contribution to the country and causing problem.
    On the other hand, you have good Jamaican and Haitian who contribue to the country.
    Are you telling me send them home too ? We live in a world where the hearts of men are desparately wicked. The bible tell us so.
    If one do a crime, they must be punish to the full length of the law but I don’t think the good must suffer for the bad.
    I lost my favorite brother in 2014, in Antigua by the hands of gun men. The case have no closer up until now.
    Am I to go around and hate . No. I want the persons who killed him, face up to there wrong doing, and get what the law requries.
    I forgave them. I want to be save in Gods kingdom.
    Let us all pray for the young man who is suffering and in pain. Lets pray for his family. Lets pray for the ones who commit the crime,that God may touch there heart, that they may give up themselves and get what is due to them.
    We have to forgive and ask God to heal our land of Antigua and Barbuda.

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