MSJMC to be renamed in Sir Lester Bird’s honour on Tuesday

Sir Lester Bird

The Mount St. John’s Medical Centre is to be renamed in Sir Lester Bird’s honour on Tuesday.

Chief of Staff in the Office of the Prime Minister, Ambassador Lionel Hurst says, the move comes as the former Prime Minister was the brainchild behind the construction of the facility.

Sir Lester, Hurst says, conceptualized the medical facility after being a patient at the Holberton Hospital.

Ambassador Hurst says, during Sir Lester’s hospitalization, he thought it was ill- equipped to efficiently serve Antiguans and Barbudans.

Sir Lester then decided to source funding from China and approached foremost medical minds to be part of the initiative.

The move to rename Mount St. John’s Medical Centre has been criticized by some who believe it should be renamed after a medical professional.

Hurst was speaking on state media on Monday.

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  1. Sir Lester B Bird is well deserving of this great honour….. His contribution to the hospital should not go unnoticed. On the other hand, Queen Elizabeth Highway should be renamed as Sir Dr. Prince Ramsey Highway, in honour of the great medical pioneer Dr. Prince Ramsey…. In addition it is full time also to have the area of the open campus of the university of WI renamed after the late great educator Dr. Bird… The area should be renamed as Dr. ??? Bird boulevard

    • Why didn’t he finish the hospital? After sitting incomplete for years, it was left for Baldwin Spencer to complete. Name it after Spencer.


    If someone was an Ambassador. Then that person is no longer an Ambassador. Why do you continue to refer to that person as Ambassador. That Hospital should not be named for Lester Bird in my opinion. Why do most things in Antigua are named for Politicians? Are they the only ones. Who have made significant contributions in the Nation? There should be a public audited statement of that Hospital’s final construction numbers. Many of you would piss your pants for sure. Not a joke. If you did see the final figures. I wondered how is it. There were no calls for an Investigation in that Project. Other than George Water Highway. What else has been name for any other Politician,not in the Labor Party.

  3. Giant Malt you deserve it. A Lot of aggregates and masonry products were used to construct the hospital. Whatever happened to Michael’s Mount and Carnival Bowl? How were they disposed of? Colombo? Do you have any ideas?

  4. Was he just discharged from there…was this where he got thr excellent care…
    No wait…
    #itnah good enough fu me

  5. There is no honour in having ur name on a complete disaster. Right now, persons who are hospitalised have to get family members to take blood to private labs to get routine tests done – and this has nothing to do with COVID. The MRI machine is never working and has been down for months. The place is a hospital in name only. Where is the honour in naming that place after anyone? Then again, with all the skulduggery that went into building the place, it is a fitting ‘honour’

  6. While I have no problem with something named after Sir Lester given his contribution to this country in politics, sports etc., I do not support the MSJMC named after him. Their are more deserving candidates whose name could replace the MSJMC. If I had anything to do with the decision of naming something after Sir Lester it would perhaps be the YASCO sporting complex for his brilliant athletic contribution. That to me would be more appropriate.

  7. ALEX I believe that you perhaps. as a learned person as well should be focusing more on content (and responding to content) rather than be fixated on grammar. The word “their” is used once in the above comment, was it used incorrectly? Please let me know Mr. Grammarian.

  8. It is my view that not only those who suffer unexpected death have their whole lives pass before their eyes; but that this also happens with the terminally ill and those suffering over a period of time. The only difference is that these last two categories get to either savor the pleasant memories of the life they lived, or regret at leisure their misdeeds and acts of willfulness and oppression.
    This particularly applies to persons who have wielded power without reservation and without mercy, especially wealthy people and politicians.
    Time and history have shown that most do not die well. Their minds and streams of regret take a harsh toll on them, and many take that last breath in agony. Nature has even designed what we call death bed confessions, for they grasp a certain hope that if they admit to their deeds and try to right their debilitating wrongs, it would go well for them.
    I also believe there is a reason for the transition stage from youth and folly into maturity and the golden years. It is designed to help us walk that path of genuine contrition.
    In this regard, we who witness that journey, can comfortably say, all is not lost. Deathbed utterances are like a purifying fire which does its work and leaves an uncluttered space for renewed growth.

    • The death bed confessions I would like to hear is that he ask his daughter to pay back Antiguan money.

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