MSJMC responds to letter for outstanding risk pay

Our response…
Mount St.  John’s Medical Centre’s top priority has always been our employees. We remain grateful for the restraint shown despite the delays with payment.

Due to the enormity of the financial obligations, outstanding risk payment was being made in tranches. However, due to the devastating impact of COVID-19 on our resources we were forced to place these payments on hold in May 2020. We had to make some tough choices. As a hospital we cannot use the all-or-none approach because of the dynamics of our operations. We are in the middle of an unprecedented crisis and so some of our recent decisions (incentive-pay to frontline staff) will reflect this. This in no way means we are minimizing our obligations to our employees, instead we are constantly evaluating our options for how we can meet these financial obligations, despite all we’re going through.

Our employees are the heart and soul of our organization and without them, we cannot fulfill our mission of making our communities healthier. MSJMC is committed to working with the respective stakeholders with the view of resolving this matter at the earliest opportunity.

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  1. I Am reading the response from MSJMC…. If that is how you feel about the employees am sorry to say your actions shows other wise…. No respect no empathy no regards for employees lives I was told the only way they see us receiving our RISK PAY is if we strike… the other employees who have already received their money didn’t have to strike so why should we… But if that’s what it takes we have been willing and ready long time ago hopefully for 2021 other than doctors and nurses other employees can receive fair treatment even the custodian

  2. This is untrue.. They treat “SOME” employees like crap. Just check the payment scale from one department to the next. We have to beg for incentives while we are essential workers and should be paid as such. They need a thorough human resources audit at that place. The pay scale is way off and unfair

    • Agreed they need to be audited …. MSJMC treat employees like crapppp all when u drap dead still no empathy… Only certain employees get perks and they pay check needs to audited… Unless your not carrying news or sleeping with a manager sorry to be blunt but it’s true u don’t get fair treatment.. it’s like they find ways to spite employees MSJMC is not a nice place to work sorry to say but it’s true it’s a war zone if yah back nah board they will demolish u… And the supervisor for the billings department where we go to get registred for the first time needs some sort of training she speaks to her staff like they are less than humans she’s childish and spiteful especially when she does not get her way with her staff she spite the schedule people must remember they have children u treat people how u would people to treat ur children unless u care not for them not saying that case but to be frank and blunt she needs some form of training I was a patient up there some time ago and I heard her spoke to one of her staff member and I couldn’t believe it I asked someone is that how she speaks to u guys and the young lady said to me I haven’t heard anything she says that she’s very spiteful and childish and speak to us like we are her children or we are dogs she raised her voice and speak down to us …. Please MSJMC look into the supervisors and manager and ensure they are treating employees fairly and treat them like human beings sometimes employees to function well at work because of the way they are been treated by Superiors and oh it’s not all employees can afford to bribe supervisors with food ppl go to work to work not to look friends hopefully 2021 will be better!

  3. Go on STRIKE!!!!!! I AM A BORN ANTIGUAN Living in the states. Working as a Nurse that deal with people on vents. Yes the states and Antigua are wayyyy different when it comes to an hospital meeting it’s financial obligations to the employees. You frontline workers are RISKING YOUR LIVES AND SHOULD BE COMPENSATED. Yes I love what I do, but if I can’t pay my mortgage my car note my everyday spending because I work and not get pay what I’m suppose to STRIKE! Yes there is a WORLDWIDE NURSE Shortage I myself was on strike refusing to work because we wasn’t getting paid our hazardous pay. I have coworkers getting sick it’s call outs left and right. So until my pay was increased and my overtime pay was increased I did not step foot in nobody hospital. When I’m dead and gone you think they gonna pay wat they owe??? Nope GO ON STRIKE. THEY NEED YOU JUST AS MUCH AS YOU NEED THEM. BUT NUH WORK FI FREE or LITTLE BIT OF MONEY IN A TIME LIKE THIS! All the money gaston getting “to fight covid”. YOU CAN’T FIGHT COVID WITHOUT HEALTHCARE WORKERS.

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