Mr Yida renounces his Chinese citizenship to be Antiguan and Barbudan exclusively

Yida agreement was signed in 2014

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says “Mr Yida has given up his Chinese citizenship and is now exclusively Antiguan and Barbudan.”

Browne said Mr Yida “is a citizen of this country and deserves the full support of all Antiguans and Barbudans.”

Amidst the backlash the Yida project is receiving in sections of the public, Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s support for the investor has not waned.

On Wednesday, during the signing of a multi-million dollar Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between Yida International Investment Antigua and Barbuda Limited and Western Imperial Capital Limited, he again made his position known and recommitted his government’s support for the Chinese businessman.

Yida Zhang (left), PM Gaston Browne (center), Vijender Singh (right)

According to the head of government, Yida Zhang deserves the support of the people of Antigua and Barbuda as he seeks to play his part in transforming the economy.

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  1. Article 9 of the Chinese nationality allow renunciation when one has acquired another nationality. Did Mr. Yida acquire Antigua and Barbuda nationality? If so, when? Lienoell I’m sure you have the facts on that to inform the public. If you don’t know then Minister of foreign affairs should know. Or are such matters routed through the Prime Minister’s Office!

  2. What will China think about this? Will this cause problems for us with the Government of China???? We don’t want to risk that.

  3. Congrats to our new Chines born Antiguan and Barbudan citizen. We welcome you as part of our nation.

    • Has Yida or Brown address the discovery that they are planning to have a brothel up there for high net worth people and will be offering same sex marriages? I just they didn’t believe anyone in antigua could read mandarin.

  4. What about MISSA KNIGHT?? Has he renounced his Antiguan citizenship? Then again he publicly declared that an Antigua and Barbuda 🇦🇬 passport is of NO VALUE to him because he has his U.S. passport and America doesn’t recognize dual citizenship.

    And then he goes on a bellicose rant pretending to care about the same Antigua 🇦🇬 🙄

    He now has the option to FedEx his USA 🇺🇸 passport to Bridgetown due to the covid-19

  5. @Well well well,Hell:
    Yida is a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda.So is Mehul Choksi.He is also a citizen,of Antigua and Barbuda.

  6. YIDA did this.YIDA did that.What is Yida going to do next Gaston.Please tell us what he eats daily.For breakfast,lunch and dinner.

  7. The govt gives them exclusive rights to waters we are banned from using. How and why do we let a govt who is supposed to represent we the people, lock we the people out from using our own resources to help save and protect the environment yet the dictator govt gives Yida full access to do as he likes in that same area? That is not the govt that should be representing we the people.

    Where are the murderers of Nigel Christian?
    Where are the murderers of Nigel Christian?
    Where are the murderers of Nigel Christian?
    Where are the murderers of Nigel Christian?


  8. Gaston Browne is an idiot just those ignorant Antiguans that elected this fool. China will own Antigua like they own Africa. Barbuda please be strong and fight. A country is identified by culture and land. You give up your land you have nothing for the future generation.

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