MP Walker says he was denied concession on Jeep while Maria Browne brought in a Porsche duty-free


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  1. They both do the same crap, I had move to USA at age 19 and move back home at age 35 and Errol Cort who was representing rural east refuse to give me duty free on my car, because my mom was ALP!!
    Antigua is about who you support/know not what is law or fair……

      • You would be jumping ship also,to get Concessions when the UPP wins the next Election. Why do you people like so much FREEBS?

    • Antiguans, enough is enough. The only tool in our box right now is to NOT vote for the same party more than once unless they are doing good for the country and not just for themselves. If a group with common sense AND LOVE FOR THE COUNTRY build a new party, give them a chance. Stop voting along party line, these actors are corrupt and destructive. Vote for what is best for the country and all the citizens. It is time to vote out the corrupt, dictator Browne and Browne and all the politicians who make laws to enrich themselves.

  2. So Gaston and Maria driving around in fancy bmw’s and wranglers and now Porsche. What a life they live. Poor poor Antiguan ppl can barely live month to month and here is the pm and his wife living the big life and rubbing it in our faces, so sad

    • Trust me. Don’t worry your mind at all about the luxury vehicles….

      The roads so effing bad, them same vehicles will get lick up just like our little Toyota and Nissan. The cost to repair is more for them luxury vehicle.

      Maybe with them high end cars they’ll fix the rass roads so they can drive comfortably, and maybe we can get ah benefit from driving the same roads too…. Just maybe!

      We can only hope

  3. Millionaires squabbling over who get more than who. It should be law that elected officials should NOT be allowed to give themselves concession or waivers of taxes or land at peppercorn prices or anything like that. It is a conflict of interest. They already give themselves free utilities, free government cars, free gas,l and when they retire from Parliament, they get salary for life. How much more they want?

  4. How many concessions does Trevor Walker need? He has stated before that he got concession before. His gas station not in operation anymore?

    • @Really: How many concessions do the Browne Family gets? ALL Parliamentarians gets concessions on Cars and other things. There are guidelines for all of them to follow.If Trevor Walker was within that time frame given to all,he should have gotten that concession on the car.Maria Browne is allowed a concession on a car once in every 5 years as all others,in Parliament.It has nothing to do with partisan politics.It is the rule of the Parliament designed for Parliamentarians.If you want to have those privileges, run for Political Office and win your seat.

  5. Right is right and wrong Is wrong . I don't do cartwheels over no politi So many on here because of political tribalism can't even mutter a simple "that was wrong" . per law he's entitled to it once every 5 years come on man Right is right and wrong Is wrong . I don't do cartwheels over no politi So many on here because of political tribalism can't even mutter a simple "that was wrong" . per law he's entitled to it once every 5 years come on man

    Just like everyone with a brain in their head that was very clear and factual.
    When UPP do wrong they get the same response from me .

  6. The #CrossRoad of Transition awaits us all, and no amount of drugs, money nor fame will take the blame, as one is corralled by HADES & the HOUNDS and marched to their eternal destiny.

  7. And they demanded cash at a time I could only receive 5000/day from the bank.

    It must be the Mafia running Antigua… where can I join?

  8. The rich will get rich by squeezing poor people and the poorwill get poorer, reality check and biblical confirmation, ya check.
    They milk poor people of the little that they have and still want more, the carnal mind of man is never contented, they will drain every last drop from us.

  9. The politicians certainly look out for themselves, don’t they? The don’t pay utilities; they can get a choice acre of land for $15,000; they don’t pay duty when they bring in vehicles; if they win their seats 2 consecutive times they walk away with a 100% pension…and the list goes on and on

    Why exactly is a politician entitled to a duty-free on a vehicle every 5 years? All of them running up and down in government vehicles (one even has a Tesla), and still want duty-free every 5 years?…while poor people have to pay the full duty on their vehicles?

    Ah wha can go so?

    PS: This is relative to ALL politicians – not just those in power now

  10. As Caribbean people, we have to learn to stop making everything about politics. As politicians, you have to make the same concessions for all citizens no matter the party or economic status. If the policy says concessions, its only right to do the honorable thing. This behavior is most prevalent in Antigua. As Antiguans it’s sad to see these stories all over the internet. There needs to be civility and professional practice towards MP’s no matter the party affiliation. These men need to grow up and learn to play marbles fairly.

  11. It’s amazing how some people think. If Trevor Walker is entitled to the concession he should get it. It doesn’t matter what political party he is part off. If Maria was entitled to the duty free she should get it. They are members of Parliament and the are entitled every 5 years. We complain about what politician do yet we keep voting for them. Do people know if we don’t like a law or policy we can all get together and have them reverse it? It’s either we become engaged and run for office or we vote for people who will listen to us. We should stop saying they all do the same so it’s ok. If we don’t change them often they become comfortable.

  12. Trevor you are a gentleman and a statesman. Just keep your head up high and stay focus. Cannot people support the PM treating you the MP and only representative from Barbuda like this . We should not be going to any politicians for concessions. If it is law then you should go directly to customs. You have to go to them to buy a piece of land , to get utility to your property, to get your children transferred from one school to a next. That leaves them with dictatorial powers. Caribbean politicians wicked and thief. Trevor don’t talk about how many Duty free his son mus a get and different baby mothers. Dictatorship! This one man deciding who running for political office in ALP – Dictatorship! Can you imagine what a good PM he would have been if policies and check and balances were in place. We the people are allowing all this dictatorship.

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