MP says “there will be no motorcade”


In response to a statement by Chief of staff Lionel Max Hurst, MP Maria Browne released the following response to Antigua News Room via Facebook.



Antigua News Room, there will be no motorcade. Note that there was not even an announcement about one. 



And this thing about “to make her presence felt” would have NEVER been the motive.



The branch wished to show last respects for Sir Lester by driving through, staying in their cars, but owing to the situation with COVID-19, have opted not to.



Instead, a statue will be placed in the constituency in Sir Lester’s honour. Please stop publishing with misleading headlines.”

This is what Hurst said on radio today:




“Last night the Rural East Constituency Branch met.

One of the decisions coming out of their meeting last night is that they’re going to hold  a motorcade in the constituency on Saturday in the afternoon.

They exactly exact time has not been agreed they want to ensure that the presence of the the Rural East parliamentary representative is felt right.

So they will lead a small motorcade throughout the constituency led by the parliamentary representative Maria who who will lead the parade.”


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  1. What a joke. After Get Bang Bout Maria say she going to make her presence at the motorcade, look what her slave master man do. No motorcade for Get Bang Bout Maria.

    What happened to world dictator traitor tyrant liar HT bully Gaston Browne now? He must be getting scared. Especially after the illegal activities on Sunday authorsied by that ignorant police commissioner.

    And I repeat, having a husband and wife representing two different constituencies should never be allowed in politics.
    We the people need to put an end to this dictatorship. What next, world dictator traitor tyrant liar thief HT Gaston Browne will get his son to run in another constituency?

    It’s time the family of Nigel Christian gets justice for the abduction, kidnapping and execution style murder of their loved one. No one including ministers of govt is above the law. Nigel Christian was murdered to cover up the underhanded dealings by govt members using “forged” signatures. The civilian, one of us was killed doing his duties and helping to stop the creative enrichment schemes plaguing our nation.

    The same goes to the kidnappers, abductors and human traffickers HT of Mehul Choksi. Again govt ministers are involved with this. Get all of them and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

    Hammer Pump needs to be investigated. World dictator traitor tyrant liar HT Gaston Browne’s former go man to do all his dirty work. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hammer Pump end up dead by “mysterious” means.

    • Oh be quiet! But then you are merely revealing your true colors! Guess there was kiting wrong back in the day when the wife of a so-called national hero actively represented the constituents in All Saints East and St. Luke’s! Gimme a darn break. Come with an honest intelligent viewpoint! Some may even listen!!!!

    • In the first place, I was flabbergasted that Antiguans voted to put her in office. She has no prior experience, she is the wife of the PM. It breeds corruption and conflict of interest. Look what Gaston did, he gave his wife land portfolio so he can control it. People please, its simple, don’t vote for Maria or Gaston Browne come election. Gaston really thinks that he owns Antigua and Barbuda. If we elect him again, our lands and freedom will be taken away. Look how he’s treating us now. Everything he is doing is to enrich himself, his son and his wife. Let’s get rid of him before it’s too late.

  2. This whole thing is starting to sound silly. Leave the Honourable Minister alone, please. She is doing a great job for her constituents. She’s a woman of dignity and high standards.

    • Is this why your name includes the word “hope”?

      Have you been in that constituency and can you list some of the good work she’s done? Other than give way money.

    • @Betty’s Hope…for some #odd #reason, you energy comes across as CErlme!

      Any which way you slice through this Maria Bird-Browne is like a #Showpiece for ABLP with little to warrant her being in Parliament.

    • @Betty’s Hope.You say,she is doing a great job for her Constituents. Could you please point to one great thing she has done. Do you know the meaning of the word “great”. Some of you are so brain washed. No more gray matters in the Brains.

  3. gaston brown and his family plan to stay in office forever if possible. The man is narcissistic. He think the sunshine out his black a h 😡

    • The Hon. Gaston Browne, silly goose, can only remain in power as long as we the people demand, through the ballot box, that he does. He is not a UPP political aspirant and this is not 2009!!!! In the meantime, please, crawl out of the gutter and express yourself in a decent manner…. if you can. Ugh!!

      • So if someone don’t share your views they are automatically deemed unintelligent? Well since you’re the brightest one under this thread why don’t you exit and leave the unintelligent people to have their opinions…you to bright for them. #educateddunceyoube

      • Next you will call yourself “the anointed One (1). You act as if you don’t know the manipulation and control of the people that these communists use to stay in power.
        The same with his comrade in SVG.
        His mustache already emulating some notorious one we know.
        Haile Gaston

        Ahh but there is a “Rock” who will crush them shortly.

  4. Maria why blame ANR when the announcement was made by HURST? Why not scold hurst for reporting the event prematurely?

  5. I see the trying to put out a fire and directing her energy in the wrong place. Go ask Hurst why he made the statement. One of you lying

  6. First there will a motorcade, now there’s no motorcade and the blame game starts and make them all look so silly. Listen, when man begins to exalt himself as if he is a God, the real God will put him to confusion before everyone’s eyes. Everything they put their hands to will be brought to confusion. Just look around and you’ll see evidence of it. I don’t worry with Gaston and his cult members. Nothing under the sun lasts forever and their end is sure to come.

  7. So once again Lionel lie no hell Hurst was caught tell lies. The man is an embarrassment. Hope that one day he will be forced to eat the shoes for real.

    • Cool Ruler, when Gaston slap he again, he will keep his mouth shut. Lionel created lies, he can’t help it. The whole cabinet is a sad state of affairs. Unbelievable!

  8. Hurst’s foibles can be blamed on his age and condition, pure and simple. However, on what can we blame the super zeal for this deliberately distorted news of a motorcade by the likes of Colin O’neal and his bunch of Johnnie’s-come-lately? Food for thought!

  9. Oh be quiet! But then you are merely revealing your true colors! Guess there was nothing wrong back in the day when the wife of a so-called national hero actively represented the constituents in All Saints East and St. Luke’s! Gimme a darn break. Come with an honest intelligent viewpoint! Some may even listen!!!!

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