MP says he was forced to resign (AUDIO)

MP Eustace Lake

The Member of Parliament for St. John’s Rural South, Eustace ‘Teco’ Lake, has said he had no hand in drafting his resignation letter.

“Someone within the capacity in the Prime Minister’s office,” wrote the resignation letter, Lake told Observer Radio.

The letter indicated Lake’s desire to not contest the next general elections due to his on-going health concerns (kidney).

Lake asserted that his letter came out of the Office of the Prime Minister. But while said it was not personally drafted by Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

“I don’t think [the Prime Minister] instructed the letter to be written,” Lake responded when asked whether he believed that the PM requested the letter to be drafted.

“Because I remember that in one of the Cabinet sessions where he was told what was in the letter.”

But the Rural South MP said he was forced to resign in an attempt to get him to resolve his ongoing battle with his failing kidney.

“I will give the PM some credit, because what he wanted was for my health to be fixed,” Lake commended.

Despite all indications that the Gaston Browne-led Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) had already pegged its newest Senator, Daryl Matthew, as its choice for candidate in Rural South, Lake maintains that “I don’t know about my position being filled, I didn’t lose my seat.”

“With Daryl coming on board, it appears that the PM has some institutional knowledge of why he would like to be in the position to contend in this election and is utilizing that to the fullest capacity to get him elected.”

With regard to the support for Matthew possible contention of the Rural South seat, Lake says that, “I will not endorse him.”



  1. Better for you Teco. You get to spend more time with your wife and children, family and friends. It was Jesus Christ who saved you, not Hiram Abiff. give him thanks and praise. Some people never come back from surgery.

  2. Study your health big man….. leave the job to healthy knowledgable ppl….. No offence but all this man did in his 4 years as MP is help the Syrian & Arab community…. Apart from that he wasnt doing any good for the country…. Clearly he doesnt want to let go of power…. BUT the good ppl of ANU no longer wants you as there MP…. Give God thanks for life n Go To Pita Pocket or The one on old Pahram rd b4 M&M gas station to Look A Work…. See if dem want u around nw you cant clear there goods or waver there stuff they bring in…..AHOLE

  3. ANR you can do better than that. Here is MP Lake denying much of this article

    This is a Public Announcement from the pen of MP Eustace Teco Lake.

    Dear Residents of St. John Rural South and the wider Antigua and Barbuda. It has come to my knowledge of a misleading headline in the Antigua Newsroom dated January 30, 2018 “MP says he was forced to resign.”

    I categorically reject the reports of the news entity as erroneous and overly sensationalizing such an important issue.

    While I may not have had a hand in my participation in the elections for 2018-2019 the good people of St. John Rural South must be adequately and efficiently represented in the House of Parliament and as a result of my illness I was not able to provide same. Therefore, the Prime Minister and Leader of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party felt in his best judgement that I should focus on my health.

    Therefore the Newspaper’s suggestion that I was forced to resign is simply not true. It was in the best interest of the Constituency that I have come to love so dearly and my health.

    The Prime Minister and Party Leader also went ahead to select a candidate in the person of Mr. Daryl Matthew to represent the people of St. John Rural South.. I felt that that decision should have been left to the people to decide in whom they want to represent them. That has always been the singular issue I have with Daryl’s selection to succeed me. Notwithstanding, when the need arise, I shall be well able to endorse his candidacy as I felt that the good people of St. John Rural South will find in him a good representative

  4. What is really going on in Anu? I don’t know Mr. Lake personally, and don’t care to but, I find that the good people of my dear country are idiots. The man won his seat, he was elected by the people and the people should decide whether they want to continue with him or not! The prime minister of Antigua Mr. Browne , who I refuse to refer to as honorable. He’s a chauvinistic piece of shit. I have never voted in my life and never will because all politicians are the same. Why are human beings so dumb? I ask myself that question every single day. Vote for what and for whom? It doesn’t matter what party you vote for. Things will always remain the same.

  5. God have pity on ignorance. Mr lake. With all respect . Your health forced you to resign . No need for this explanation. You were forced to resign. It is what it is. Wether it was the pm himself who wrote the letter or not. It is in your best interest to resign. It’s not good to be forced but thank the pm. And work with candidate selected.

    Move on bruv. Live to fight another day. This politiks thing can kill.

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