MP Pringle salutes ‘Super Seven’ teachers for innovation and initiative


Hon. Jamale Pringle, Leader of the Opposition and Member of Parliament for All Saints East and St. Luke, is commending seven members of the teaching profession for their technological initiative and commitment to educating the children of Antigua & Barbuda.


Today, May 14, 2021, MP Pringle, a former teacher at the Irene B. Williams Secondary, Pares Secondary, Princess Margaret and Clare Hall Secondary Schools, will join faculty, staff and students across the Nation as they recognize the dedication and diligent work of these educators at their respective institutions.


Kathlyn Cornwall from Clare Hall Secondary School, Onica Lamouth and Catherine Xavier from Antigua Girls High School, Latoya Reynolds from Sir Novelle Richards Academy, Michelle Toussaint from the All Saints Secondary School, Aubreyann MillerRalph from Potters Primary School and Sharon Clifton-Kelsick from Princess Margaret School all came together to ensure that their students were prepared and ready for the Google Classroom.


Last year, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, students were required to engage in remote learning. Selecting the best teaching platform was critical, and the Google Classroom seemed to be the most efficient. So, with the support of Mrs. Jonah Green, Deputy Director of Education, these teachers rolled up their sleeves and went to work.


Without funding or technical support, they created the Google Classroom platform for the students, amalgamating over 1,300 email addresses in the process, so that communication could be established.


And even as the United States of America was struggling to ensure that its students were set up on this platform, these seven teachers were already up and running in Antigua. Knowing that CSEC examinations were just around the corner, the Super Seven invested long hours and sleepless nights in this initiative.


They could not disappoint the students. Page 2 of 2 Over the past several months, while many front-line workers — nurses and policemen and even government officials – were being honoured for their bravery and sacrifice, “not a drum was heard” about the painstaking work these teachers had put in. However, during the presentation of certificates today, Friday, MP Pringle will be sending a personal message to each of these heroes in the education system, as part of Teachers Week 2021 and “Teacher Appreciation Day.”


Additionally, he will be extending this gesture of appreciation, on a more formal level, after the conclusion of his quarantine.


MP Pringle hopes that, in moving forward, the Nation will stop and take note of the sacrifices that teachers make on a daily basis. They do not only teach; they serve as counsellors, advocates and even parents amidst these trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Teachers’ Lives Matter also! –

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  1. Pringle talking again shhhhhhhhhh wait for it…….

    Pringle and teacher in the same sentence wow…..

    • He is an EMBARASSMENT to the teaching profession. Grammar, comprehension, subject verb agreement, common sense et al are some of the areas he is severely lacking.

      • Looks like you don’t like the way he speaks. Hmmm. Pringle talks like the common man, and common people want that kind of representation. This isn’t a whole speaks “the Queen’s English best”. Get a life. You just degraded most of the people in this country. You are severely lacking. Respect the common people. You’re not all of that yourself!

      • Did you read the message or you are just quick to degrade the young man..
        but you with your small mine only see it fit disrespect the young man.

        Why U nah say a things like that, the disrespect and lack of appreciation towards teacher is the problem..

      • Lovell, the has been, is NOT the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. Pringle is the one and only recognized Leader of the Opposition. Lovell isn’t even in Parliament. Stop playing games.

        • SEKUNDA X I have this discussion on several occasions on this very medium ANR about the respective positions of Pringle and Lovell. Yes, Pringle is the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. For clarity, Pringle is the leader of the opposition in Parliament, he is not the leader of the UPP. The leader of the UPP is Lovell. Pringle has his role to play in Parliament and Lovell has his as the political leader of the UPP. Please note that despite being leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, Pringle does not wield more power in the UPP than Lovell. These are just simple facts in government, politics and constitutional law that has nothing to do with either Pringle or Lovell.

  2. To Melshadick or whatever your name is. Why are you being so desrespectful? You feel free to redicule behind a username. I wonder you are human enough as to comment using your own name, the Oxford dictionary may not have enough terms to link your name and character with many negative things Thank you Mr. Pringle for honouring those teachers. And readers. does Melshadick go hand in hand with cunumunu?? I shake my head at the stupidity of some who grow balls under psedonyms.

    • Caribbeanlady, you making joke or something???? You are also hiding “behind a username”. Are you “human enough as to comment using your own name”????? Chuptz.

    • Says the person who is not woman enough to use their name but instead chose to hide under the name “Caribbeanlady”. If you are really a natural born lady. Kettle calling the pot black.

  3. Salute to the ‘Super Seven’ teachers and all other teachers who perform extraordinarily in this horrific pandemic of COVID-19.
    Ms Sacha Mills, 1st grade teacher at TN Kirnon primary school was publicly recognized in the local media.Refer to ANR article dated April 16, 2020:’First Grade Teacher Designs Website For Her Students’.Also a video from ABS TV Radio dated April 15, 2020 was released.
    Stay healthy, safe, committed and inspired!

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