MP Michael reportedly offered 100 acres of Crown land near Devil’s Bridge to walk away from the St. Peter seat


REAL NEWS: Embattled MP Asot Michael reportedly is being “incentivized” to abandon his fight for a place on the Antigua Labour Party (ALP) ticket in the next general elections. CLICK HERE TO JOIN WHATS APP GROUP

A well-placed source alleges that 100 acres of Crown land, located in the Devil’s Bridge area, is on offer, as the ALP tries to persuade Michael not to contest the St. Peter seat and allow Rawdon Turner to run unchallenged.

The inside source tells REAL News that Prime Minister Gaston Browne has become desperate, given Michael’s victories in the court, to date, and the time restriction stipulated in the ALP’s revised constitution.

Accordingly, the source alleges that the ALP is prepared to use Crown land as currency ahead of the next polls in an attempt to bolster Browne’s chances of retaining the government.

Weeks ago, REAL News Correspondent George Wehner reported that Utilities Minister Sir Robin Yearwood had acquired 31 acres of Crown land near Devil’s Bridge at $2 per square foot. There has been no denial or contradiction of that report.

Meanwhile, a legal source reminds REAL News that, through a Cabinet decision, private land in Gambles Terrace recently was acquired by the Browne Administration, apparently to ensure that Information Minister Melford Nicholas could keep his Branch office on that site.

No details of either payment or an exchange of land have since been made public, the attorney notes.

Meanwhile, concerns continue to mount about the Browne Administration’s disposition of Crown lands to settle debts.

One resident tells REAL News he fears that a US$12 million loan from the Peace Love and Happiness developer will be settled in this manner.

Despite repeated promises to bring that loan agreement before the Parliament, Finance Minister Browne has failed to do so – giving, instead, oral assurances that the debt will be set off against future payment of taxes and duties.

However, the concerned resident says he does “not believe a word” of Browne’s explanations. “It’s all about the land,” he says, “so Barbuda people and Antigua people had better watch out.”

PM Browne’s wife, Maria Bird Browne, is the Minister of Lands. — REAL News

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  1. This cannot be true and if true it cannot happen. An act like this justifies revolutionary action by the masses. How could Crown land be used in such a despicable and corrupt manner. I can understand Crown land being used for a housing project or for some kind of productive investment, but to give Crown land to a politician as a quid pro quo to prevent him from running in an election is not only criminal but absolutely insane. This has to be an empty rumour because NOTHING TALL CAN GO SO.

    • Tabor, my sentiments. The last time I checked, Antigua was not a private island owned by Gaston “Dictator” Browne. Gaston need to stop bribing people using crown lands as pawns. The first thing he did when he step foot in office was give lands to his wife so he can control it. Creating conflict of interest, nepotism and corruption. All of this must come to an end sooner than later.

      Let desperado take his corruption elsewhere. People, time to see the back of Gaston. Enough is enough.

      • Strange that his wife only came into government in the second administration. Yet you claim it was the first thing he did.
        When you guys want to lie do not make it so obvious.

        • @From The Sideline… is that your takeaway from this whole situation? Is that what upsets you that the commentor is telling and “obvious” lie? Think about it, if the story is true what do you think about the allegations. Comment on that and not some inconsequential comment made by a poster. I am trying hard to be objective and not call you names.

    • I know you are smarter than a fifth grader and know what to believe and what not. If you want to believe that, then I can sell you anything. Even building a bridge to Barbuda.

      • Sideline, of everything else that I wrote, that’s the only thing you saw. Ok, let me correct myself, this amateur just step foot in office and was given portfolio over lands so Gaston can give away to his son, and exes and investors where he has special interest. First administration, second administration, don’t make it any better. CORRUPTION, NEPOTISM, CONFLICT OF INTEREST, BRIBERY, DECEPTION, still stands. If you want to find fault, check out the past 7 or 8 years of Gaston’s failed policies and administration.

        • Watch your timeline. The issue with giving and to his son came about the first term. So how can you now explain that? As I say when you want to lie, make sure that your story adds up. Since Maria was mad Minister of Lands and Housing look at how many homes have been built. baseless accusations won’t work. You know what nepotism is? Harold Lovell being Minister of Finance and putting his wife as chairwoman of the Board of Medical Benefit, and Project Manager of the ADOMS building and I just forgot the third. And then turn around and borrow money from Medical Benefit with the consent of the board. You think the meeting was held in the bedroom? Maria was not appointed as parliamentarian by Gaston. The people of her constituency chose her. And she one big time. And everyone serves at the pleasure of the prime minister. Therefore, it does not matter which ministry she is appointed to, it would still be her husband and PM that must appoint her. Unlike in Lovell case, he had a choice to choose someone else to the post of the chair and also as project manager of the ADOMS building project. And someone told me she also did consultancy work for the PDV Caribe office. And I will not mention her fees.

          • @From The Sideline
            Gaston is trying to pick who he wants, Rawdon Turner, to run and not follow his party’s constitution just like he parachuted his wife to run in the constituency without following the party’s constitution. Well Asot has money and the knowledge and is letting Gaston know that the Labour Party does not belong to him. Is Maria Browne on the West Indies Oil board?

          • Sideline, you are talking about term and timing. The fact remains that Gaston put his wife in charge of lands so he can abuse it. So many people on waiting lists to get lands but only certain people in certain positions get lands. This is not royalty, where Gaston’s family is entitled to duty free, the best lands, farm lands, government contracts, collecting money for selling passports, getting paid for sitting on boards and oppressing the good people of Antigua and Barbuda. That’s not what the people voted for. It’s time to end the oppression. By the way, these homes that you spoke of built under Maria’s watch, who are the beneficiaries? Did the workers who worked for months without getting paid, get their money yet? Are the houses complete? Are they being distributed fairly or used as bribes? Did they build five hundred houses in 500 days. Please inform since you are the informer.

            You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.

  2. Charles Tabor, if I was in your position I would not even comment on that news item. I don’t believe it one bit!

  3. I hope this article is wrong. It would be hell to pay. They have taken away Long Bay. My number one Beach inna Antigua. One of these days all hell is going to break loose. Antigua would be no more as we have known it.

  4. This is shocking and has more than a strong smell of corruption about it.

    Antigua now has to introduce several codes for ministerial conduct in public life.

    Here’s a good start:

    1) SELFLESSNESS: Minister’s should act entirely in the publics interest.

    2) INTEGRITY: No financial obligations should be accepted if they could undermine the Minister’s position.

    3) OBJECTIVITY: When making appointments, decisions should be based on merit.

    4) ACCOUNTABILITY: All public office-holders are accountable, and should co-operate with all scrutiny procedures.

    5) OPENNESS: All decisions should be justified, and information should be restricted only when necessary for the public interest.

    6) HONESTY: public office-holders are required, by duty, to be honest in all their dealings and business.

    7) LEADERSHIP: The principles should be supported and upheld by Leadership and example.

    These Ministerial Codes should be introduced and used by all our political parties. FORTHWITH!


    • @Brixtonian…😂😂We’d be living in Utopia/Nirvana/Zion, “FORTHWITH,” and not Antigua, Barbuda & Redonda.

      Ras Smood aka Jumbee Picknee
      Son of Mami_Wata & Papa_Elegba.

      • Ah, @ Ras Smood, but what you do not realise is that Antiguans now have a reputation – globally – of accepting bad practices and poor governance from our politicians.

        Surely, you can’t be happy that the likes of you and me are seen as weak and not standing up for good standards from all of our political parties?


        • @Brixtonian…please don’t get me wrong! I’ll have a great Flip Wilson, Richard Pryor, George Carlin or Martin Lawerence laugh.
          But, believe me, many like you and me have being “Blowing The #Conch_Shell” for decades, regarding the need for ACCOUNTABILITY within the public sector.
          I can only point out #stupid from my perspective, I can’t change #stupid.
          I’m sure you know, The Serenity Prayer!

          Ras Smood aka Jumbee Picknee
          Son of Mami_Wata & Papa Elegba.

        • No one can beat Trump when it comes to bad practice and governance. Just look at his many scandals and bribes. And the biggest was the January 6 insurrection. Watch CNN and MSNBC tonight prime time.

          • @From The Sideline…plain and simple, what the rass_clath does Donald Trump have to do with Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA, malfeasances in our Parliament.

            The reason why, Asot is not rolling over, to be ploughed under by the ABLP shit_cart wagon is that, he Asot, not Donald Trump, helped to design, fund, build and steer the ABLP shit_cart_wagon, which he used to stink up our Nation. Now, because of his filthy ways, Gaston Browne wants to get rid of him.

            Asot, release the fresh set of IHI Tapes, and let’s get this SHIT straight.

            Ras Smood aka Jumbee Picknee
            Son of Mami_Wata and Papa_Elegba.

          • @From The End Of Time Lines:What the “F” Donald Trump has to do with bad practice in Governance in Antigua. Donald Trump was Voted out.So would be Gaston Browne and his gang of Merry Men,Old Renegades.Cannot wait to see them garne a yard.

  5. What I’m reading CAN’T be true. this is utter BS!

    Crown land is MY LAND and YOUR LAND, and you can’t take up my offing land to settle your debt, and I’m here not getting a cent!

    Any selling of crown land to anyone is to be sold at market value and that money placed in the treasury.

    this can’t be true!

  6. Avatar photo ANR amazing job : Are there no laws against this type of behavior in office or no one in Antigua has the balls to bring a charge against this Tyrant ? Can a Prime Minister do whatever he wants with total immunity in Antigua apparently yes.

    OMG a clear and illegal bribe for favor..
    I almost fell back over my chair thank goodness I was sitting down when I read this article.
    Alot of countries he would’ve been investigated and probably asked to resign.
    In Antigua the norm is do nothing, lay down, play dead and it’s the opposition fault..
    Where are all the fools that are always spreading the same propaganda on this platform over and over.
    They always have a way of slithering back under the rocks when the headlines doesn’t favor Gaston.

  7. Now I know nothing of politics, except that if elections changed the system, the politicians would make them illegal.

    We don’t need a revolution of the masses, that would be a disaster and in the long run, achieve nothing.

    What we definitely need is a fair and transparent method of releasing Crown lands to private ownership. In many Commonwealth countries, this is done through public auctions and/or tenders. That would be infinity better than what we have now.

  8. Tell them u nar tek um. You a run fu u seat.

    Trouble in the making. I see plenty trouble. So much that STONE can’t able. Gastone, I say Gastone. You have plenty trouble.

  9. The intelligence bar is set real low on this platform.
    Keep saying fake fake news all day and even using different moniker names to see if it’ll make it fake.
    Politicians depends on dumbasses like some of you to stay in power.

  10. I get the feeling the reds are not as confident as they would like to be. This is going to be an interesting election

  11. You know these clowns here think they can just bash Antigua and Barbuda name internationally without any evidence whatsoever. And call our politicians corrupt. But in the big USA where everyone has now seen how corrupt the entire government is, they give a pass with excellence. Hope they watched the house hearings last night.

    • @From The Sideline…we know the ‘great’ USA has being built on diabolical policies, since, its inception. However, there are enough checks and balances, woven into its fabric to bring criminals in high places(presidents to mobsters to judges to even some of the lawmakers, who walk and set policies, on Capitaline Hill.
      Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA have no such “checks and balances,” and the little which the Nation has are useless. I learnt this from the BLOOM COOPER INQUIRIES involving Vere Bird II to the gun running cartel which operated out of Antigua to South America and parts of Africa.

      The reason why ABLP wagon smells like a #Shit_Cart, the amount of rotten red herrings which you’ll use to through the people off, has become so rancid, its rancour has morphed into the smell of
      the Shit_Cart which collects and empties shit tubs in St. John’s.

      Ras Smood…aka Jumbee Picknee

    • Brethren(sideline) you playing in the grave yard, time to leave it to the mourners and the dead. Think back to the last days of Caribarena. We have too much to celebrate and much more to accomplish. I gone

      • Please do not remind me of Caribarena. At least that was a real INDEPNEDENT Website. But as the real story goes, they had to run for their lives, because of threats made by Mr. Michael as he didn’t want them to report on the IHI story. I miss Ofer and his wife Tamara.

  12. Oh yes, so many checks and balances. Trump was twice impeached, however his party member voted not to convict him. And today they cannot touch him for the instigating of the January 6th insurrection. Some people in the USA government system remain untouchable.
    Even though they want to tell you that no one is above the law. The justice system there is very political. Check how they appoint their Supreme Court Judges. All along party lines. Not on merits. Our system here is far more independent. No politician ever appoints a judge.

    • @From the Sideline… stop deflecting and obfuscating. Nobody cares about the USA. We are fully aware of corruption, bigotry and such in that system. Let us concentrate on what is happening in little LA. The stink from the current crop of politicians here is unbearable. Let us focus on the beam in our eyes.

    • So much fact free US Democrat rubbish in a single post. Take a bow.

      Back to the matter in hand. If there is any truth in this land transaction, the persons involved, regardless of rank, need to be stripped of their offices before going to jail for a long time.

      And don’t think it can’t happen. I’m old enough to remember what happened to Gough Whitlam.

  13. Sideline,, stop the distraction. This is about ABLP, Gaston , his cabinet members, their corruption, failed policies and incompetence. Not about the USA and Trump. How do you feel when you are outnumbered trying to defend the indefensible?

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