MP Maria Browne Lauded for Leadership and Impact as Minister

MP Maria Browne and hr Princess of Wales

Maria Vanessa Bird-Browne has received strong support from her colleagues.

Sir Molwyn Joseph praised her impact as Minister for Housing, Works, Lands, and Urban Renewal, despite the ministry’s challenges.

He lauded her intellect, articulation, and reasoning, noting her potential as a young leader.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne highlighted the improved support from workers and her methodical approach since she took over.

Bird-Browne, the youngest lawmaker in Antigua and Barbuda and the youngest female MP in the Commonwealth, comes from a distinguished political family.

She is also the first lady of Antigua and Barbuda, with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Phoenix.

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  1. I think she has potential to do useful things in the right circumstances. Thought she studied law though?

  2. You all note the politics at play with the picture used. Anyway they say opposite much for a waste.

  3. @Ok
    Her tertiary education has nothing to do with her role as a minister. She has been placed where the PM believes she can best serve. She has many more certificates and diplomas but it is not necessary to mention them all here.
    The point of the article is to suggest and inform how well she’s being rated by her colleagues and those who work with and around. She’s bold and takes on any challenge presented to her.
    A young leader in the making.

  4. Being articulate or well schooled does not make you a good leader. So even though those are great individual achievements,being a great leader comes with a whole lot of compassion.

    Also it’s the people, the general public who determines a great leader, and so far I do not see where the people of Antigua lives have been improved, as to how terrible the roads and infrastructure has been.

    Way way way more work to be done before y’all start pelting accolades all over the place.

  5. I question whether she is running things but just does what her husband tells her to do. He controls the treasury and she controls all the public works spending and lands in Antigua. I am sure I heard her husband on his radio station say she has substantial assets. As far as being from a distinguished political family, we should ask Sean Bird about this. This is a lady who had done nothing of substance before her husband parachuted her into a safe constituency.

  6. However @ Dave Ray, you forgot to mention the TWO crucial things that got Maria Browne to where she is today:

    1. She is MARRIED to the Prime Minister (and I know of a handful of Antiguans – especially in housing and road works and planning who are more than capable of doing a better job).

    2. One word … NEPOTISM!!!

    She has had more than enough time to prove herself in her Ministerial position; and Maria Browne promised more housing for Antiguans – what happened wid dat?


  7. … look how she enjoying HOBNOBBING with a member of the royal family, when her husband informed the Antiguan public, that he wants to loosen the ties with the UK monarchy.

    I don’t know how old this archived photo is of these two, but the “double-speak” coming from these – out of touch – ABLP members of Parliament needs interpretation – and quick, quick double quick!

  8. @ DAVE haggard RAY oooohhh it’s so embarrassing seeing you always coming to her & Gaston aid in the comments section YOU NEVER FAIL

    Dave is being paid for every comment he makes here defending the BROWNE”S & ALP on a whole…. He really thinks he’s in Gaston good graces NOTTTT

    It really doesn’t matter if she a lawyer from an online college and there’s no need to mention it cas it AINT HAVARD LAW SCHOOL.

    Bcos she’s married to the current PM he has made sure his wife gets ALL the necessary attention and position that we all know she has no QUALIFICATIONS for ……. The ppl who works daily at lands knows she ONLY shows face once a mnth

    Praises coming from useless Molywyn or any kids arese in ALP means nothing absolutely nothing

    It ddnt come from the future queen of ENGLAND …. ONLY WHAT MARIA IS GREAT FOR AND KNOWN FOR …… OPTICS aka PHOTO OPS….

    We all know Gaston wants her to be ANTIGUA 1st female pm to continue the enrichment program.

  9. @@Brixtonian:
    Do you know the real meaning of Nepotism, sir? The definition is generally lending a helping to family members in order to put them at an advantage to many other deserving individuals.
    Hon. Maria Browne presented herself to serve in public office and was twice duly elected.
    As quiet as it is kept, the good lady is a force with
    which to be reckoned behind closed doors. She’s no easy push over. The PM has to give her the utmost respect as she is rather assertive and strident in her opinions.
    Don’t be fooled by soft spoken demeanor. Law & Psychology make for a strong combination.
    She is doing the work with a team that is motivated by her leadership.

  10. Maria…… it’s really nice being YOU isn’t it?

    You brought nothing to Gaston but you receiving everything oh that’s right you brought him your entire youth and he rewarded you with his last name put you in a position you couldn’t get on your own….

    Thanks to that person who told him it’s not appealing for a man of his age to be introducing you as his woman so wife you so he looks respectable……

    Most of the cabinet MP’s actually laughs at you and only play nice in public but truly hates you & Gaston BOTH…. trust….

    The staff at housing & land despise you but plays nice YOU REALLY HAVE NO CLUE DO you but then again why should you care look who your married to.

    Maria is hardly at her office and when she’s there she is useless always wanting smady to do this n that then Tek the praise for herself

    How do Antiguans really feel about MARIA?

  11. ‘She has been placed where the PM believes she can best serve’. No honest person would ever challenge that statement because it is so pronounced. We witness the commonplace land grabbing, swapping and land flipping and the same with government owned buildings. Molwyn is swiftly heading down the highway to meet Amnesia so he probably doesn’t remember what he said, if he can recall that he actually said anything at all. UPP needs to prepare itself for a by-election in that constituency also.

  12. Hi @ Dave Ray, I always look forward to your erudite responses; unfortunately your first paragraph made my point about NEPOTISM perfectly – thanks for that 👍🏾

    BTW sup, I responded to your comment about unitarian, and was very surprised that you didn’t reply as you said you would.


    It’s not like you at all Dave, because I highly respect your opinion, unlike the uncouth verbosity of other ABLP supporters, who normally cannot string two sentences together.


  13. To say she’s placed where she can better serve is truly an understatement

    Gaston over finance =money all the money that comes into the country whether it’s by CCB IMF GRANTS & LOANS he manages it

    Maria over lands …. the selling ….flipping… gifting …… of prime lands to prospective buyers / investors ….

    Which 2 things go hand in hand money & land they are in direct correlation to each other

    So spare us the FUKKERY DAVE RAY bout placed where she’s best served nigga before being a MP where has Maria worked or placed ?

  14. Yall people so fetching chupit. Yall allow Gaston Browne to run control two constituencies in Antigua. Yall just ignorant no wah. Which other country ever let a husband and wife ever run in different constituencies and that’s a rhetorical question.

    We done know Maria does exactly what she told to do in she constituency otherwise …..for she. Instead of citizens calling out this bullshit in our democracy, yall go long with it. Now the dictator have more power to do as he like including more creative self enrichment schemes.

    Yall vote all this shit in and now yall go deal with all the fallout from your ignorant voting. All them bribes for Christmas shit and free driver’s licenses you tek and was it worth it? Now you go deal with the results of the votes you give way.

    Just remember dem two nar starve and a eat good food while you can barely afford bread and cheese to get by. Plus dem drive fancy car, have big screen TV and plenty nice things and live in big nice house while you have what? Not a damn ting.

    We have bad roads all over the place that mash up our vehicles and who have to pay to fix them? If anything, tax dollars pay to fix up the dictator vehicle dem. When SIDS reach ya, look how dem fix up the road quick to impress all them foreign man that don’t live ya and don’t have vehicle to mash up ya and fix. The dictator tek care of outside people before he tek care a we.

    So go head and keep give way your votes dem. Go head and keep on kissing the dictator batty. You get all what you deserve.

  15. Is this about Pixie? Come on! We know these are all lies and deceptions. Please point to ONE thing she has done since the DAWG gave her our lands ministry? Every government building is mold infested, the roads, the smooth as a baby’s bottom, ” ones, become ponds when it rains,in need of a drainage overhaul. The people in her constituency haven’t seen her since election and the place is filthy.
    If this woman has a law degree, I have some swamp lands for sale if you’re that stupid.
    Besides, if she is so competent in law, let her join Cutie in legal affairs.
    What a place this Antigua and Barbuda is! Next thing they’ll be telling us is we’re Eden.

  16. Leader of exploitation in the making,a dat kind a leader dem a chatt bout, she a learn from the best

  17. Does anyone know if Mrs B has Indian ancestry? I guess I would have to ask Vere Bird to see how that relates to the Birds. The boy does look sort of Indian like too.

    What I know is that in countries where you have husband and wife dynasty in government, it never ends good. For both them.

    If they say she has a Law Degree and a Psychology degree, it will not hurt to show them to those who question her. After all, even Barack Obama had to produces his papers when the public asked him for them.

    When will we see yours, Mrs B? And when will we see your husband’s Masters degree? Is obvious lying a family conditions?

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