MP Lewis: Fully Investigate the EBook Scandal Before Re-Engaging Fortuna Pix

Richard LEWIS

MP Lewis: Fully Investigate the EBook Scandal Before Re-Engaging Fortuna Pix

I call on Prime Minister Gaston Browne and Minister of Education, Daryll Matthew, to fully investigate the unresolved EBook Scandal before giving any consideration to re-engaging Fortuna Pix, or to hiring any other provider.

The last time the Indian IT firm Fortuna Pix was engaged by this government, we ended up with the EBook tablets being dumped at Cooks Landfill.

Despite the revelations of overspending, mass wastage, gross incompetence and blatant violations of our tendering procedures, no meaningful investigations were conducted.

Consequently, there were no published findings or recommendations for improvement, and no Minister was ever held accountable.

Inking a second deal with Fortuna Pix, without fully investigating what went wrong during their last contract, would be a slap in the faces of the tax-payers of this country.

The results of an investigation would inform corrective measures that could prevent a second EBook Scandal.

I also call for the full publication of all new EBook contracts.

In 2017, the Government signatories to the contract failed to read the fine print, and unknowingly committed the tax payers of this country to a $13 million annual user fee.

Full ventilation of future contracts will ensure that our people, and our students in particular, are getting value for money this time around.

I further call on the Government to declare whether or not the new EBook contract will be going to tender, unlike the last time. And if not, what is the justification for that?

Finally, I recommend that a pilot EBook project be conducted to ensure that all challenges are addressed before a full rollout.

Richard S. Lewis MP

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  1. Richard Lewis !! You are a BIG failure. D GISEL ISAAC kicked you to the Curb. You are still trying to be relevant. You will never win another election. This is your last chance to make noise.

  2. @ SHARL

    So if he’s a BIG failure then WHY pay him and his writings any attention?

    Richard is right: FORTUNA is A BIG FRAUD. You must be a drinker from the trough like all the others at PFM.

  3. I long concluded that RL is dull:

    “The Ebook Devices shown are over 6 (six) years old and after many iterations of repairs, upgrades, and salvaging of parts for other devices, these e-book devices have been deemed to have outlived their useful and technological lives, and have been rendered irreparable.” see Ministry of Education says discarded e-books had passed their time
    May 26, 2022, ANR

  4. I see every day why we are regenerating. We have people amongst us who are always willing to support corruption and theft simply because they support a political party. This behavior seems almost like a culture of our society. This Sharl proves to be just that; what ever it means.

  5. Well highlighted your Honourable Richard Lewis.

    If Gaston Browne thought that you were going to disappear QUIETLY after the recent UPP leadership contest, he better think again.

    I’m proud of your PATRIOTIC commitment for honesty and transparency for the citizens of this great country of ours.

    ABLP want you to vanish or hide yourself away from scrutinising them – keep digging away sir.

    PS: Keep up your pursuit of the FOIA from the ABLP as well.

    Mr Lewis your time of global recognition will come…


    Shut your damn mouth. You always back LOSERS. You will back UPP in Opposition for the next 20 years. Loser BRIXTONIAN.

  7. @Tinman, kissing a$$ to support an obvious case of corruption, just to support a party. @Rovi, add him to your list with SHARL.
    No electronic device expires Tinman. They come with a built-in prompt whenever updates are available
    With the rapid advancement in technology, they may be outdated, but NEVER expired.These devices were no good from the start. My kids had them and they NEVER worked. How in God’s name do you spend 75 million on devices that are irreparable ” in SIX years? Dumb, just plain dumb. Unless, there were kickbacks. involved.
    One has to wonder why? Was this a money laundering scheme disguised as an investment? All of this WILL be investigated and sooner than later

  8. @ SHARL

    You would be spot on about being in opposition for 20 years, because all people like you and Gaston do is steal elections either by buying voters cards, bribery including giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars and gifts or simply transferring voters. U GUYS HAVE NO SHAME NAR YAMPEE IN R U EYE.
    That’s why there should be complete re-registration- democracy has no price, not when you guys blowing hundreds of thousands of dollars on the Alfa Nero and all the other enrichment schemes. Find the money to finance the re-registration.

  9. @SHARL, you nah ready for Brixtonian (just ask @ Tenman, From the Sideline and Say What, and even Dave Ray has to be on his p’s and q’s when trying to take me on😁), just like the rest of you Gastonites, acolytes and ABLP shysters.

    I’ll give you a FREE pass this time, however next time …

    🎶”Wheeeeeel …”🎵🎤

  10. I have never heard Jamale Pringle or any of UPP Member of Parliament commented on CLIMATE CHANGE. They DO NOT understand the issue. All They do is to hold a placard . UPP MPS should bury Their heads in sand. Buncn of DUMP elements.

  11. Ok @ GILES, as you seem to be such an expert on climate change, when you say that “[UPP] DO NOT understand the issue …”

    Could you please explain and enlighten the rest of us with your VAST knowledge on climate change?


    Btw, here’s a riddle for ANR readers:

    What do you get if you cross a Gastonite with an ABLP acolyte?


    A person who just cannot think for themselves 😁

  12. We only have merchant politicians , nothing else they do to benifit the people, only scheming, but don’t worry about their praise teams, the narrative of a chicken feathers been pluck by Hitler and leave naked with shame which is described as poverty, Hitler decided to throw corn at the chicken and it follow and ate the corn, our people don’t have any political ideology so the politicians can give them corn and let them wear party color shirt and get praises, the thing in our head sitting between our two ears is only used for jamming and gyrating at election time, only the syrians ,the whites and Chinese have an ideology in Antigua, and that is to rule us black..


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