MoW statement on accident at Cades Bay Bridge


MoW statement on accident at Cades Bay Bridge


The Ministry of Works is aware of a vehicular accident which occurred at the construction site of the Cades Bay Bridge on August 13 during a period of increased traffc through the area resulting from the Urlings Seafood Festival.


The Ministry was relieved to know that no one was seriously hurt in the incident. Regrettably, its best efforts to prevent accidents in the area have been severely hampered by the repeated theft of barricades, cones and detour signage that are helpful to members of the driving public in navigating the construction area.


Police barricades were initially erected and were proving quite effective. Additionally, detour signs and cones were installed and erected as work on the bridge progressed but they have been removed in repeated malicious acts of theft and vandalism.

Undaunted, Minister of Works, the Hon. Maria Browne, made it her business to ensure that even more effective signage, that were custom-made and securely fastened to the ground using chains and blocks were installed. Unfortunately, these were stolen and the two additional cones put on site following the string of theft were also stolen.

Two bridge walls were constructed on July 28, resulting in the removal of the material used to block access to the site. Backflling will commence following the 21 days needed to set the aforementioned walls.

Motorists are being urged to proceed with caution in the area. More work will continue later this week and barring any further unforeseen incidents the bridge should be fully restored in an estimated nine weeks.

The Ministry is further urging those persons who are making it a practice to remove the caution signs to desist from doing so since their actions could cause harm to innocent drivers and is only slowing the pace of the necessary improvement repairs.

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  1. I don’ know who needs to hear this, but that bridge should not be sitting incomplete for so long. To the MoW and the minister, stop starting projects that you cannot finish in a timely manner. It only shows how little the safety of the citizens of this country is regarded.

  2. It seems like the blame is on everyone except the government . We couldn’t even make this stuff up any more !!

  3. Technically, concrete set in 7 days… fully cured in 28 says ACI.

  4. When will the people responsible for these failings EVER hold themselves accountable?
    How come there weren’t any mention of the alledged vandalism and thefts before this incident? I’ll stand to be corrected if someone can provide a
    news article or video clip in which these occurrences of alledged vandalism and thefts were mentioned. If not, y’all really take Antiguans for fools; but worst, Antiguans have allowed themselves to be taken for fools by constantly accepting the disrespect, lies and neglect.

  5. This the best they could come up with? Is best they try sell us the damn bridge while they are at it. Bunch of jokers. They soon blame UPP and Harold Lovell.

    • @. You say,the bridge started under the UPP.So does that mean it should not be finished by this Administration?

  6. Bridge should be completed in nine weeks
    This was also the time frame given for the completion and use of the Fort Road bridge in October last year. SMFH

  7. @Antigua First
    I have empathy with you; but these are supposed to be the people that were elected.

    They pass the buck with and blame you the public for their incompetence with things such as: “repeated theft of barricades, cones and detour signage that are helpful to members of the driving public in navigating the construction area”.

    This is the time to be an advocate for good government. Those who wait for the hand-outs aren’t easily persuaded to do the right thing.

    Beat the drum to end the corruption at the Port of Saint John’s.
    Most things you purchase on island are imported from beer to potato chip and cheese.
    You pay a Port Corruption tax in the higher cost of consumable goods of approximately 15%; and that’s before any ABST.
    The Electoral Commissioner is made out to be a patrician hack surrounded by family
    Political Party hacks are the norm; throughout the Government.

    There are some exceptions; the planes land safely.

  8. Really Maria Browne. You blame the Antiguans for your incompetence? That’s low. Fix the dam bridge before somebody dies excuses excuses.. what have you done for the country in all the Yeats you’ve been minister?? Hmmm nothinggggg.

  9. Anyone hurt on that thing of a Bridge.Get together and contact an Attorney and file a lawsuit against the Administration and the Ministry of Works.That bull-chit has been going on for too long now.It is time for action.

  10. Buoy was stolen fron English Harbor.Now signs were stolen from Cades Bay Bridge according to Picksy.Lie,you hear,lie.

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