MOU to be signed for $200m hotel as Jolly Beach Resort is demolished



The Cabinet invited to its meeting an investor who has three additional partners interested in purchasing the Jolly Beach Property, and to build a new hotel that will cost up to $200,000,000.00 USD, with 150 rooms and several villas.


The investor estimates that it will employ more staff per head than the old Jolly Beach did, and it will not be an all-inclusive property.


An MOU is to be signed within months; and, the demolition could be completed by April 2023, and the replacement hotel and villas will take three years to build.

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  1. Here we go again.
    WHO is the investor & partners?
    Names of people please, not companies.
    Thank you.

  2. I’m hoping that all the people involved, have done their due diligence and homework regarding this new development.

    There are still too many “unfinished” building eyesores dotted around Antigua 🇦🇬, that also had grand plans for our citizens and island.

    Beware, because, on many occasions in the past its been a case of jam tomorrow, jam yesterday, BUT NEVER JAM TODAY …

  3. Another MOU like Yida, like Callaloo Cay, like all those other ground breakings that amounted to ZERO!! This is just an election ploy intended to try and influence voters.

    • Hope this is not another MOU MOU ground faking. Sometimes I wonder if any investor wants to do business with this government.

      • Probably not, when we were there in 2006 there was a massive hospital built by American investors, but remained unused to corruption!

  4. All of a sudden Water is Critical
    All of a sudden They want to hear us
    All of a sudden All kinda investor a show up
    All of a sudden Politicians acting like they care
    All of a sudden People getting hired to fill non existent positions
    All of a sudden Numerous real estate plans for low income people appears

    Politics is what keeping us back. We are doing the most just because its Election Season.

    Then, afterwards it will be years of silence until Election Season Again.

  5. What about severance owed to staff that has not yet been paid? Has this been accounted for in the MOU? When will staff receive their severance after no updates in months ?

  6. Not only the names of the investor/investors are important, but the caption of the article is very misleading since it gives the impression that the Jolly Beach Hotel is being demolished already but no MOU has been signed. Lord help us in this country.

  7. The beach at jolly is the best on island so push down that elephant plz. Idc if another is built

  8. Jolly beach most definitely needs to GO. I am speculating that this investor has been with us for a long time and is no stranger. He does not build stupidness. Jolly Harbour staff got paid off and so would be Jolly Beach staff. The entire Jolly Harbour area was going down to nothing. Now we are seeing properties renovated in style, new interest in doing business in the area, the best laid out golf course in the region has been cleared up quite nicely since the new owners , just need watering and go back to 18 holes. The shopping arra in Jolly Harbour should to be pushed down and a modern day one built Mr. Investor. Then a new town is born.
    However please encourage the investors to hire Antiguans. I mean black picky head Antiguans like yourself PM. Our people have gone to study in all parts of the world and are more than capable of handling any position. So time to see our architects, our engineers, our builders / contractors, Landscapers, hotel managers , Human Resources managers, maintenance managers, food and beverage managers, restaurant managers, chefs because executives.
    When we sign there agreements and we give duty free concessions and tax exemptions Mr.Pm and Mr.investor our people should benefit for this our investment. Also with good negotiations you attach a community development program. Bolaños sport field and primary and secondary schools for example. Is that too hard an asking? All the best Mr.Investor and I wish this project all the success.

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