Motorcade Scandal: Supporters clamour for more money


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  1. “For the love of money is the root of all evil which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith and pierced themselves through with many sorrows”. 1 Tim 6:10.

  2. A government is so desperate for power will do anything to stay in power. A track record for corruption like the leader

  3. What is this for news? Malicious reporting. The recorder of this audio has no ethics. He still got money. Fuel money is what most constituent received. It’s not a secret. These guys are workers on the loudspeakers that traverse the constituencies. RED IS BREAD…

    • Dave Ray, what is malicious is the intent and action of the ABLP representative. So you’re telling me when Gaston Browne dancing around with wads of money bribing people, that is ethical? Dave Ray, if you know better, do better. The last time dem promise you something you never got it. You singing loud for your supper? You still not going to get the red bread. Don’t be selfish! Think about the country and the people and not just yourself.

    • Red dead you joker. Just like Hilary lost after jokers like you were asking people to vote for her, is so ALP go lose don’t care how hard you campaigning for them.

    • Dave Ray, you are belittling yourself by making such ridiculous and nonsensical comment. You would’ve sounded better if you said nothing .

    • Jolly Harbor should Have Bank
      All their Money in GAS. Tank
      Empowerment That..
      WASHY Read Mind.
      Motley Sane Kind
      Put wASHY in de 9
      Can Be 6 anytime..
      Rastocracy u Never EMBODY
      Lean Back on 👑 CHARLIE..
      15 grammes a JOKE
      4 Trees 🌳 😍 ♥ ❤ 💙 💕 * DENOTE
      Murder MURDOCH she WROTE
      Nothing LESS
      Men Wearing Dress…Budah Bless

    • I can’t Read book alone
      O Read Mind.
      The Players of that Video
      Could be More Refined..
      It’s Apalling & AMAZING
      Materialized Mind

      • Comrade very Well Defined.
        Public Sector Mimed Mind
        MIRAGE. Sabotage Mazie Mayzoo.
        It’s Horrendous Magnamanous Medevial
        What Gastonomics has Done..
        Hard Core EVERYTHING Offshore.
        PLH & More… 3some 🇦🇬 🍒 unending

  4. Red is dead some of the people that support this party only concerned about their pocket $500 for 5 years, thats 100 per year which work out to be cents for a day. If they offer you a portion of your tax money and you take it make the right choice and vote them out. Corrupt leaders kill to stay in power .
    Red is dead

  5. Dave Ray you’re a political prostitute. If it was the blue side doing this you’d have the world to say. You labourites sick my stomach

  6. I am A wicked man that oppresseth the poor and act self righteous, but is guilty of numerous corruption. Who am ?

    I am scared to loose the election because I might end up in jail for my wicked deeds. Who am I?

    • God of God’s of WAR.
      Waring With KNIGHTS & LORDS.
      Same Pied Piper
      Kissing Kousins
      A Dime a DOZEN..
      How Great thou Art GB.
      Who nar Chat Articulate.
      Cutlery Now Necessaries
      Wow Universities..

  7. @Dave Ray. “Fuel money”? Can 4 people drive 1 car at the same time? Add some water to your Kool-Aid. The mixture is too strong

    • @ Ital



  8. Dave Ray! Spin it all you want.

    So they were given $100 ea x 4 = $400 for gas. That’s Kool with you.
    Listen the tape again. Did you hear transferring to another constituency mentioned?
    Now, they want $800 for transferring to another constituency.
    Let’s ask Lorna Simon, and the DPP if that’s illegal.

  9. There you have it. The ABLP has to pay people to join a motorcade.
    Unlike the UPP where the people are happy to join without having to be paid.

  10. If the tape is authentic, plain and simple, the Representative has admitted to a crime and should be investigated by the relevant authorities.
    It’s proof, that these politicians are buying votes which is buying the election. Yea, they all do it, but these actions lead to other criminal activities.

    Tenman the Chameleon loves to reference America and their culture. Tenman, once a politician does shot like what this representative has done, law enforcement, the judiciary would be working to bring charges, prosecute and sentenced once found guilty.
    This is a problem #BRIBERY in Antigua, Barbuda and REDONDA facilitated by our politicians. It’s time to change and prosecute these criminals.

  11. This cannot be legal. Only in Antigua. How selfish and greedy people really are in this country! $800 dollars to commit an illegal act? Wow! An Tintin, where is this million dollars coming from? Our country is a sordid mess of bribery, corruption, scandals, traitors, greed, and it has to stop. The world looks on with alarm, I’m sure. These guys will stop at nothing to steal this election, and we cannot allow it to happen. For the sake of ourselves and our children.

  12. @Smood .. USA:George Santos, no go hide in a corner. As far as this altered tape. the rep is speaking about gas money. Now if you think persons would attend the motorcade, spend some 10 hours motivated by just gas money, then you are a more ignorant than I thought. I expended more than 100 in gas yesterday. I attended and it was the biggest motorcade in A&B history. Must hurt your feelings knowing that UPP is about to get a worse defeat than they did in 2018

    • I can guarantee that this is the policy of the Antigua Labour Party. This guy Colin has messed up on two consecutive elections. He is very negligent, sloppy and docile. I suppose that the Mafia Boss has already dealt with him.

    • @Tenman, persons were motivated by the additional monies that’s going to be handed out as per the tape recording. How much did you get for your attendance at that motorcade? And don’t go acting like you didn’t or won’t get paid — you are no better than those culprits mentioned on the tape that willingly broke the law for a pittance. Why didn’t you address that statement of transferring to another constituency?

      Ablp slate of candidates are a bunch of rogues; the lack of integrity is contagious. No wonder the PM have no respect for them. And y’all have the nerve to be referring to these people as “the honourable” so & so…. #scoundrelstheyallare

      • @Political Criminality without Consequences. you clearly did not engage brain before you submitted that trash. You realize how many thousands of persons attended that motorcades (atleast 4 times more than UPP got)? There was atleast double that amount on the side of the road wearing red. You guys have pissed off the citizens of this county via your rubbish talk. The payment for me is to see A&B continue to progress. Your prayer for our destruction will not happen

    • @tenman…Santos will be out of Congress in short order, prosecuted and likely do jail time.
      Trump is still spending millions in attorney’s fees to keep his ass out of prison.
      Joe Biden is being investigated for his alleged handling of Classified Docs.

      Now, again the messages on the tape recording speaks to #BRIBERY, #CORRUPTION, etc. Are these the actions the youth should be emulating?

      #S.A.K. – Serial Ass Kisser is not a crime, that one can be prosecuted for by the ‘law.’
      But, one thing is certain, that #S.A.K. – Serial Ass Kisser will over time definitely punish themselves by developing or escalating mental issues to include alcoholism to drug addiction.

      Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard

      Very C. Edwards

      • @Vere you really believe what you wrote? You do realize when it was already known that he is a liar, he was still sworn in. Your interpretation of the tape shows that you have no idea what bribery is. A party providing funding to allow persons to attend a rally is not bribery. Even at the last election you had in the US, persons were given gas vouchers to attend events (reg Hershel Walker Super pack) Transferers on the list had to meet a end of Nov deadline. I know you need to believe a easily manipulated tape but you are making a fool of yourself. Knowledge of the systems in place (must reside in a constituency for atleast 6 months, scrutinizers from all sides at play to ensure persons meet the requirements..) make clear your interpretation is wrong. Guy actually watch whats happening and stop with the mirages

        • aka tenman…Santos swearing in as a Congressman does not absolve him of whatever crimes he’s being investigated for. I guarantee you, he’ll be gone in short order, even before he faces his constituents. This is not Vere Bird Jr, BloomCooper and Rural South.

          However, the recordings ain’t got shit to do with American politics, so, get rid of your #Red Herring and speak to the message being sent, the crimes committed by an ABLP Candidate.

  13. Fellow ANR commentators, can’t you see that Dave Ray is an “AGENT PROVOCATEUR” for the ABLP government and his fellow acolytes – and he’s doing a great job.

    Dave thoroughly enjoys his agitational comments, that gives more to the rise for argumentation, then his convictions for what he’s actually saying – he seems to get a real buzz from ANR readers reactions.

    Look how people struggling; Dave never reacts; cost of living gone through the roof; Dave never reacts; teargas and rubber bullets used on women and children; Dave never reacts. Very strange indeed!

    Gaston Browne is perfect in Dave Ray’s eyes … an agent provocateur indeed!

  14. @Dave Ray: You like to be the center of attention.Why the work promised to you by Gaston Browne did not bear any fruits.Did he give you a man mango tree,or a 6 for a 9.

  15. If the work was good bribe won’t be necessary, but because they have failed the people the dead red party is trying all kind of ways to stay in power not because they care for the people but because they want to enrich themselves.
    We try the Red it is ded!
    Let us try something new which is the blue because the red don’t have no clue what to do.

  16. Dave Ray tell those who don’t know you why you never filed a complaint to the police when you were shot at when the bullet graze your neck. Whose house were you caught in and trying to escape. Was it a crime of malice.

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