Mother’s Vigilance Thwarts Potential Sex Ring: Daughter Rescued from Dangerous Encounter


SOURCE: REAL NEWS – The vigilance of a mother might have uncovered a sex ring and prevented her daughter from becoming a victim.

REAL News has received information that a woman was able to track her 15-year-old daughter to a certain location, where she was expected to be picked up by an unknown person.

Apparently, unbeknownst to the teenager, the mother had installed a tracking device on her daughter’s phone – to ensure her safety and to verify she was wherever she was supposed to be.

After dropping the girl off to school on Wednesday morning, June 21, the mother realized the tracker was showing that the child was nowhere close to school.

Accordingly, she immediately decided to follow the tracker.

Reportedly, it took her to Heritage Quay, which was to have been the child’s pick-up point, and there she met her unsuspecting daughter and the man.

The mother, however, had already contacted the Police, alerting them to the situation.

As a result, a source says, officers were able to get to the area in time to detain the man.

Further reports say the suspect, the teenager, and her mother were taken to the Langfords Police Station, where, up to press time, the man was being questioned by the Police.

Reportedly, the mother also intercepted certain compromising photos of her daughter on her cell phone, and these had been sent to a particular group.

This heightened the woman’s suspicion that her daughter might have been targeted for a sex ring.

It was only last Thursday, June 15, that a 14-year-old Bathlodge girl went missing after leaving home for a supermarket on the main road.

Her family feared that she had been kidnapped, but she her returned home early Monday morning, June 19.

She was said to be assisting the Police with investigations into her disappearance.

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  1. Great crime-busting and investigative work by this mother. Wow, this is one super mom!

    Police Commissioner Rodney sign she up quick, quick double quick, because you need all the help you can get.

    • I agree. Parents please be vigilant. The predators are rampant in this place.

  2. even before clicking to read the story details, already knew it was from “Real” news. These types of National Enquirer type “journalism” are also promoted heavily on the Facebook page of “TURKS LEE”. More gossip style “journalism” from “journalists” who are “trained” in nothing but rumours. Facebook laptop gangsta and former drug addict

  3. Great work, mom. You saved your daughter’s life. As technology gets more advanced, parents and guardians need to utilize this strategy to prevent these criminal acts from happening. Prevention is always better than cure.

    We are living in some really EVIL times and all methods must be used to protect our young people from predators and criminals.

    Education must start at home.

    I wish our cops would be trained to use the AI technology also to fight crime. However, too often are the cops involved in these criminals acts also.

    Lets stop all those perverts and criminals from infecting our young people.

    Pray that more young people who know about these sex rings would come forward and tell all.

    I pray for the young girl’s safety .

    Time to teach the perverts a lesson.

  4. wen will these kids learn smh she lucky she mother stop her she would a get w****d till she weak kmt I dnt understand these teenagers dnt they watch ness see the things happening around yet still they make themselves become victim

    • Ikr. Way the back side u a go meet ppl… chups. They are dating guys who are using them also. Those boys work for Dons . Smh they are seeking love all over.. parents love them at home please. Let them know what real love is so that they don’t have to look it nowhere else.

  5. Sad but tree it doesn’t matter if the person is a drug addict or not she is helping and doing a wonderful job that you are not doing but just chatting.
    These young girls need to put under control and these old men must know they ring nonsense stick with your all wife or get woman your all age group.

  6. There are still responsable parents out there. Kudos to mom for “invading her daughter’s privacy”
    When you are a child under my jurisdiction those words do not exist.
    Mothers,Fathers ,Guardians take careful note! She used technology to protect her child. Get knowledgeable and see its benefits.
    A phone is not only for fun and games but a valuable life line.

  7. Turks lee doing s damn good job give the woman a blasted break she is doing a much better job than some

  8. Turks lee is doing a damn good job give the woman a blasted break she is doing a much better job than some

  9. Former drug addict love to be keyboard warrior. They must get some kind of rush from it to substitute the crack.

  10. I applaud this mother!! Great job in monitoring your child

    My first reaction was that, if I were in that position, I’d Murder that child, but then we got to realise that they’re young and need protection from the jackasses in our society.

    Talk to her, and provide PROFESSIONAL counseling. Hopefully she’ll learn from this event.

    To the young man, I hope they lose his dumb ass in prison!

  11. Shouldn’t this be coming from the CID? ie police earlier today might have busted a sex ring, where under age girls are being targeted. A mean this is Headline News in this country, or is it another BVI, St.Thomas, African kind a story? You’ve made your point though and the mothers heard you, “put a tracker on your young daughter’s phone”.

  12. Mothers and daughters must have solid relationships base on love and trust that become barriers against all predators and I am sure they will xisit in our communities some daughters trust their parents on a whole to discuss everything and it comes back to responsible parenting make it happen with your daughters tracking devices can have a blow back effect on your relationship have more conversations, spend more quality time enquire about their feelings and let them know you deeply care about them some girls tell their mothers everything making it difficult for predators.

  13. Kudos to the mom. When we can’t rely on the police, we have to take matters in our own hands. All credit goes to you lady and not to the police.

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