Mother’s Hope Endures as Son Remains Missing for Six Years After Antigua Vacation


Six years later, Marina Bezborodova clings to hope for her missing son, Roman Mussabekov, who vanished during his vacation in Antigua.

In May 2017, Mussabekov arrived in Antigua and stayed in the Hodges Bay area.

The following day, he reportedly took a taxi to English Harbour, disembarking near the Antigua Yacht Club Marina, according to the taxi driver who spoke with Bezborodova.

Unfortunately, he disappeared after that ride, leaving his family desperate for any information that could lead to his whereabouts.

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  1. Oh my gosh the ache in your hearts must be awful.
    I hope you can find peace and that your son can be located❣️

  2. It does
    My siblings an i ..Our mother
    Nalda Joseph from skerritts pasture
    It’s still remains in our soul an bring tears over 20 yrs

  3. When a loved one dies, those who remain are usually able to accept the death, find closure and with the memories move forward.
    When a loved one goes missing….that is an altogether different reality. One never gives up hope, whether it be hope to find them alive and well and able to be reunited or to accept the inevitable, mourn and grieve in order to move on.
    In a missing person’s case there is the grief underlying the hope.
    I pray for all who have missing loved ones that they may find comfort.

  4. Antigua police very lazy .. something needs to be done I our force, a sonthem corrupt..they found evidence of vincia in the northsound area an no search party no dogs nothing .. I do hope the family finds peace and he is still safe

  5. Six years later ! Wow !
    Still no clues… leads ? Have the police been doing any investigations at all?

    It is strange how the local police system in Antigua seems to be very out of touch with modern day methods of fighting and solving crimes; and other investigative issues. One must wonder as to the type of training that the officers are given.

    A simple thing as finger printing seems to be way above the pay grade of the police system in Antigua. Forensics in even its old fashion format seems not even to be a common thing here.
    Apparently the ONLY training the cops seemed to have received is that for locating and confiscating illegal drugs. And oh yes…thanks to the canine cops who actually do that job.

    It is too small of a nation for all these issues of MISSING PERSONS going unresolved and never any closure to the cases.
    Up to this day, the case of the Christain young lady on Jabberwork beach still remains a mystery. Then there are countless number of other cases. Just recently an 18 year old young man vanished without a trace. I am sure if we just start the check: we will come up with close to 100 persons who would have been murdered or just vanished; over the past 30 years. No resolution.
    Something is definitely not right here.
    In this day of high tech : Artificial intelligence …GPT and the likes…. are our police officers being trained to manipulate the technology or are they stuck in the 1970’s ? The latter seems to be the case.

    Time for some serious wake up call.
    In real countries, the police services give the public weekly update of crime situations including long standing unsolved cases ( without disclosing any info that could jeopardize the chances of capturing the criminals). This is absent in Antigua.
    The police only respond to the biding of politicians in power.
    There needs to be a separation of the two. Both are corrupt and when you add two corruptions together….that gives a MAJOR CALAMITY.
    The people need answers to all these unsolved criminal acts in Antigua.

    WORLD “CRYSIS”: 6 YEARS MISSING and police still in government boots: Its joke they making.

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