Mother worries about safety of 12-year-old Glanvilles Secondary schoolgirl who has been missing since Friday


REAL NEWS: A mother is expressing concern about the safety of her daughter, who has been missing from home for several days now.

The Newfield Village woman reported the matter to the Freetown Police Station, requesting officers’ assistance, after not having seen the 12-year-old since last Friday, January 20.

Reports say the child – a student of the Glanvilles Secondary School – left home at about 6:30 a.m. that day; but, up to the time of her mother making the report, she had not been seen or heard from.

Further reports are that, on Thursday, January 19, the woman scolded her daughter and confiscated the child’s tablet.

Reportedly, the following day, the girl got dressed in her white uniform shirt, a pair of black jeans, white Air Force sneakers and a dark grey hooded shirt – since it was Mod Day – and left on the school bus.

According to the mother, her daughter would usually return from school between 2 and 2:30 p.m. However, when that time came and went and she did not see her daughter return home, the woman began to phone various people, including the child’s father.

Reportedly, however, all her efforts to locate the girl were unsuccessful.

The Police also made several attempts to contact the child’s father via land line and cell phone, but efforts proved futile, initially.

Allegedly, this is not the first time the 12-year-old has acted in such a manner after being disciplined.

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  1. I do hope she is found safe. The person harboring her,if not a relative should be arrested and be charged. There are too many of these cases going on in Antigua. Where by older men engaged with little girls. It has been going on in Antigua for decades now. Some of those men need to be shot and or be castrated.

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      If U Have BIG Name
      White Colllar Crime
      Joy RIDEs.
      It’s a ROULETTE ..
      Chinie or Russian Aspect..ARSON
      All examples of DISREspect.
      Extremophies Pediophiles
      Running Wild So Much Guile
      Hurts One’s Intellect

    • They need to check the father and grand mother house. Search their house about midnight. After she was discipline she ran away and I believe she gave her outside family a different story as to why she was discipline. If they call the father both on cell phone and land line and didn’t get him I believe he know the where about of the child.

  2. Hope it’s not a case involving someone like the CONVICTED PEDOPHILE growing a nasty grey beard to prey on people children after he leave UPP Crusader Radio station

  3. UPP still have the CONVICTED PEDOPHILE on Crusader Radio mercyyyyyyyy

    “The court was told that the violation had impacted the young victim so severely, she wanted to end her life and had engaged in self mutilation. In this case, Hughes, who was 50 years old at the time, touched the child’s breasts and tried to force her to kiss him more than once, while they were in his vehicle.”

  4. Hmmmmmm
    ABLP still have the real pedophile who married his daughter still running the country

    • ‘Magic’ JAILED for sex crime. UPP Frontman/Radio host
      ‘Magic’ JAILED for sex crime. UPP Frontman/Radio host
      ‘Magic’ JAILED for sex crime. UPP Frontman/Radio host
      ‘Magic’ JAILED for sex crime. UPP Frontman/Radio host
      ‘Magic’ JAILED for sex crime. UPP Frontman/Radio host
      ‘Magic’ JAILED for sex crime. UPP Frontman/Radio host
      ‘Magic’ JAILED for sex crime. UPP Frontman/Radio host

      “Former sports reporter Ian “Magic” Hughes has been convicted of indecent assault ”
      Poor child was 13 years old
      Poor child was 13 years old
      Poor child was 13 years old
      Poor child was 13 years old
      Poor child was 13 years old
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      • @Hmmmmmmm
        Pull the files of the following leaders.
        VC Bird
        Lester Bird
        Gaston Browne

        Now, you ever hear Spencer name associated with any underage girl?

  5. There are some Politicians in Antigua. They like little girls,some marry young women 24 years their junior.That has been the norm for a very long time now.I remembered a Politician in Antigua.He fathered a child with a child in Grays Farm.Nothing was ever done about that.They went to Parliament and changed the legal age Law.

  6. I see we’ve strayed far from the problem and gone to politics, oh well…..the problem is we as parents needs to be more careful with our children. Some of us like to wait until these girls are going through puberty to start the “talks”.no one Should be trusted around our children…why are we trusting old men or family friends with our girls? Nonsense.

  7. @Oh boy: What I have written is a fact. I am pointing out what is a known fact in Antigua. What I have written is not hear say. I am hoping this little girl is found safe and untouched. Those who interfere with minors should be charged with Statutory Rape and be given very long Prison sentences,in 1735.


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