Mother who protested Social Security Finally gets paid


Letter to the Editor:

My name is Onesha Elvin and I picketed the Social Security office yesterday with my 10 month old baby.

I would like to thank all who called or messaged to congratulate me for standing up for what is duly mine.

I was called to come and collect my cheque this morning from the Social Security office.

I am truly grateful for the swift action that management took with resolving my issue.

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage other mothers to do the same if they are still waiting on their cheques.

A few mothers would have messaged me to say their child is 1 year old and they have not received their benefits.

Hopefully this serves as a catalyst in resolving future issues.

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  1. I hope you are so energetic to get financial support from the one who got you pregnant. So many single mothers blaming the government which was not in bed with them.

    If it was that good he would have put a ring on it.

    • Why should not receive what you’re paying for? That was such an idiotic statement to make. It is hers to receive isn’t it? Y’all need to commend this woman for standing up to social security when even the pensioners have to wait to receive the benefits that they’ve already paid for. Others should do the same. Pressure buss pipe.

    • You are poor in spirit and in mind!! You are also disrespectful and. And you are also wrong! You think SS doing her a favour??? Both she and the man contribute to social security and she is getting the benefits she is owed!!!!!!! Thats what it is for. How sad and silly we are as a people to let party colours coulour every damn thing!!!! You didnt come from a woman. You dont have a woman? You dont have children? You dnt pay SS? Do you even understand what SS purpose and objective is??? Wow i weep for my people and my country

    • @Dildo from All Saints: What a ridiculous comment!
      The woman is entitled to her monetary benefits from social security because of her previous contributions to the scheme. She should not have been made to wait so long than she had to make a public outcry in order to get what’s owed to her.

      Jackass much?

    • @ Bilbo this is an idiotic statement and you’re probably saying this because she is not with your friend from All Saints anymore.

    • You are a real bilbo. I am sure you are a labour supporter. I can see why the Labour Party stayed in power so long with ignorant people like you supporting them. You don’t even realize that she is asking for what is hers. This government has no respect for Antiguans and you are too stupid to realize this.

      • @disgraceful is so they stay . If ignorant waso person it would be dildo , yes dildo.

    • @dildo you are a bitter bitter soul. She was not begging Government for anything. She work hard and made her contribution to social security. It’s her money not Government money. So get it right. That’s why this place is the way it is because of people like you.

    • I hope to God you are not a woman. Your comment is so assinine that I am lost for words. So many black Antiguan women are single mothers. If you are a woman, maybe you are one ten times over. This woman sounds so articulate, and is willing to fight for what she believes in, that I applaud her. Some of us have on rings and they are burning our fingers. A big laaang duuttty stuups to Bilbo from all saints.

    • You sound so stupid. the money was hers . Who said she is a single mother ? It’s her money she didn’t had to wait that long for what is rightfully hers. Everything is abt politics with you ppl

    • A who u really?? I hope u have that same sentiment when it time to collect ur pension and they don’t pay you

    • So damn dunce she’s right to protest for what’s hers. Hope ur maintaining yours on time once u have n stop being bitchy. DRINK WATER AND MIND U BUSINESS

  2. Billbo you are despicable and Nasty and should be ashamed of yourself.

    Blaming or asking for what is hers , it’s her money, her benefit

    I hope you find God’s grace quick, nasty person you are

  3. Good for you Ms Elvin. What a shame that Social Security insists on wasting people’s time and dragging their feet to give them what they have earned.

  4. Thank God she got what is duly hers. Every body get paid except civil servant retirees who retired since 2020 and up to now cannot get their gratuity. Tired of going to the treasury and cannot get my money and it seems like am going into another year without my money after working for 34 years.

  5. The thing is the PM blindly believes all he is told by the director that they are up to date and that things are fine. This lady is just one that had enough and stood up for her right. But believe me there are many more. When the day comes that the shit hits the fan the PM will realize that what I was telling him is no joke. He needs to do an internal audit of Social Security. Stop listening to the Board and the Director. They tell you what you want to hear.

  6. Why do you guys have to get so nasty on these issues? You hide behind these pseudo statuses to say hateful things. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you are not the ones committing crimes around the island hiding behind a mask.
    Step up the game and have more positive things to say.
    I wish Ms. Elvin well moving forward. I’m happy that you can smile this Christmas.
    I apologize for your long wait as we had some financial challenges. We’re doing our endeavour best to meet the expectations of our community.

    • @Dave Ray:Could you tell us.Why you are apologizing for Social Security? Are you on Social Security Board and living in New York? We the people need answers,now.I am looking at the last paragraph of your utterances.You Labor Party supporters are always after the money by any means necessary,BOBOL.

  7. When I go down to Treasury and ministry of education to picket for my holiday pay from since 2020 I hope I get it as fast. I want my money now. I work through COVID night shift and day shift and can get my holiday pay. I worked all of the holidays that year while others were at their homes. And don’t bring politics in this I have things to do, bills to pay. I am an ABLP supporter, just letting you all know so you all don’t say I have things against Government. I just need my money I work for it.

  8. So very glad that you have received your NI benefit … Perseverance seldom fails. Trust that the NI Department do right by the other outstanding claims and make sure claimants receive their benefits. Stay focused and positive and ignore the haters and bad-minded people who have shallow minds and attitudes … Take care of yourself and child and keep holding your head up high … God bless you and your family and Season’s Greetings and Blessed 2023

  9. When this lady stood up for what is hers. HER RIGHTS!! Many of you in this medium chopped her head off. Based on your dirty responses towards her for standing up for what is rightfully hers. Now that she got her rewards. What do you spineless, no scrotum people have to say. No one should have to wait 12 months to get a Maternity check or any other checks from Social Security,inna Antigua and Barbuda.

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