Mother terrified of sexual predator who threatens to abduct teenager: Complains police of no help


REAL NEWS: A mother of two girls is so terrified of a sexual predator that she has not allowed her daughters to attend school this week, and she is getting little help the from the police, she says.

On Monday, April 26, sources told REAL News about several sex rings in operation and their recruitment of young girls, several of them recent runaways.

Having received confirmation of this, the woman says one of her daughters has been targeted by a 38-year-old man who has threatened to abduct the girl and to harm her, the mother.

The woman says she has identified the man and reported his threats to the police. However, she says there is little cooperation from the officers and no move has been made to stop him.

Other sources tell REAL News the man has lured away other young girls – at least one of whom is only 14 years old.  Reportedly, the girl was used to recruit others in her age group, who are then moved between rental properties and guest houses where sex parties are held.

The children are released and allowed to return home after police bulletins are issued, since “the heat is turned up and the public is looking for them,” the sources say.

The complaining woman confirms that her daughter was released in such circumstances; but with efforts underway to lure the girl back, the mother fears she will be abducted if the predator gets the opportunity.

A well-placed person says at least two women in their 20s work as procurers for these sex rings. The informer alleges that the females are known to the police; that the Youth Intervention is aware that such trafficking is taking place; and that the ring leaders enjoy the protection of persons in law enforcement.

As evidence of this, the informer referenced a 2019 statutory rape case that involved two 13-year-old girls and an adult male.

When the case was called, however, the children told the Court they had claimed to be 18 years old; and although they had spent the night on the man’s premises, they further claimed he had not touched them.

The matter was dismissed and the alleged offender walked free.

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  1. For starters somebody needs to beat their ass. Then these damn perverts and pedophiles need to be castrated. They cannot be cured. Ship them all to Redonda as a life sentence. In Mother Africa they’d all be stoned. Time to get these creeps into detention. They are sickos, a blight on the nation. These are sensible suggestions, but we’ll let the courts decide. Pedophiles and perverts do not do well in Her Majesty’s Prison. (You know what I mean.) Redonda is where they belong. The ancestors would be pleased.

  2. Typical in Antigua, a man stealing groceries to feed his family in a pandemic gets 4 yrs, and a man sex trafficing, or rapng his nice gets six months. Wake up people and judges, these are our children!!!!

    • 4 or 5 years ago we had a mother, a business man and a girl between 13 and 15 yrs old. It was making headlines for 5 days, up to now we can’t hear nutten mo. If we got some justice then maybe we would not be facing this right now.

  3. What I am reading here has to be a fairytale. This man walked on a technicality. However, a man got 6 months in Prison for petty larceny of food items. To the mother of the girls. Keep going to the Police and engaged the services of a Lawyer.

  4. How many times have I said that. Ah Paradise view dem deyyyyyy. All big name businesses man. That is why they don’t help you. And people ah say what has Antigua come to….this is a DECADES old issue. Same people all along !

    • There better not be any “big name businesses man” involved in this wicked and rotten pedophelia. Name them. The court could order them to be casterated. Some might say, “Let them bleed out”. I don’t know about the “bleed out” part, but they need to be exposed.

  5. Why does it always appear like poor people never get real justice in certain incidents and against certain individuals in this place?
    These people don’t have mothers, sisters, daughters or they were created in a lab?
    Shame of them.
    Years ago , Similar songs were sung. It seems like these tyses of people know when to operate.

  6. This mother alone is fighting. Where is the father of the girl?. He can meet the man face to face. Crime can never be solved when those who know remain quiet.

  7. This is too simple to be handled so carelessly. Antigua is too small for this to happen under our nose.

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