Mother Of Jahhym Says She Was Also Attacked By One Of Her Son’s Assailant


Odiel Furlong, mother of seventeen-year-old Jahhym Azoo, alleged that she was attacked by one of the perpetrators who had initially gone to her children’s school.

Furlong said despite multiple reports, the police have yet to arrest all of the alleged perpetrators.

“The police not doing their work. Every time I go to the station, they tell me they can’t find the pickaneerga and them and I am wondering why they can’t find them. I would really like to know what’s going on because this nah sound right. It frustrates me now; sometimes I chip out. This na right to me.” she said.

The police, to date, have arrested and charged two minors with assault with intent to commit murder and have said that there was no indication that there were indeed five boys who attacked and injured Azoo.

However, Jahhym and his mother insist that it was five boys.

Seventeen-year-old Azoo was severely beaten earlier this month in the vicinity of the Greenbay Primary School. The Dominican native was given a 50 percent chance of survival and medical practitioners were flown in from Trinidad to perform surgeries to repair the damage to his face and to stop the bleeding on his brain.

The teenager, however, beat the odds and is now at home recovering.

Furlong appeals to the public for assistance in getting liquid food and medication for her son.

Anyone wishing to assist the teenager could do so by contacting his mother at 724-8851.



  1. Lady go back home and do what the other family did for a dead body in a coffin to fall out a hurst while traveling

  2. This curel to you enen my grandson is missing 10 months now and the police have not done nothing all the do is take statment and ask us a lot of questions plus my bag with all my money i sell for the carnival get snatch from a bunch of youths and up to now i take the police to the boys home because i knew all of them and up to now no arrest everytime is statement and questions i am frustrated i sell because i owe ppl their money i barrow i cannot get no justice up to now BUT GOD SEE MY TEARS and he will answer at the right time because WHAT EVER A MAN SOW HE WILL SURELY REAP i tell my story everyday to GOD

    • I’m so sorry about your unfortunate ordeal. It must be so frustrating and stressful at times. I don’t know what on earth the police are doing to get their salary each month. Please continue to hold strong. Almighty God neither slumbers nor sleep. You will get your justice. Hold strong.

    • I understand your pain of your Grandson been missing,but i dont know if you can blame the police for that at all.They may be incompetent but that in no way is their fault,dont think they know where he is..

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